2410, 2016

10-24-16 Hilcorp Is Working To Grow In Both Northern & Southcentral Alaska

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Hilcorp Energy is here to grow.  Hilcorp Energy is one of the companies bucking the trend among those in Alaska’s oil business.

10-20-16 Kenai Citizen Laments Ak-LNG Slowdown

"Experience is a dear teacher...."  B. Franklin/W. Shakespeare (See Alaska Public Media story, right column.) We would only point out that certain longtime advocates of strong state participation in an Alaska LNG project have experienced a personal reality lesson. [...]

10-18-16 As Alaska’s Governor Chases A 40-year Uneconomic Pipedream, His Economy Falters

Breakenridge: NDP's bid to diversify oil and gas industry doesn't make sense, Calgary Herald Alaska's Governor Goes "Bulworth"? Opinion by Andrew Jensen, Alaska Journal of Commerce “Going Bulworth,” if you don’t know, is an expression for politicians who say [...]

10-16-16 Point of Personal Privilege

Point of Personal Privilege Today is the 27th birthday of a great, young Alaskan.  -dh


We’d love to see you tonight in Anchorage! -dh Mead Treadwell Dr. Forrest Nabors Dave Harbour

10-11-16 The New President Will Bring Alaska (and America) To Energy Based Prosperity Or Poverty

We'd love to see you tomorrow night in Anchorage!  -dh Let's Keep Our Eyes On The Prize: One Presidential Candidate Will Support Reasonable Energy Policies That Build Prosperity And The Other Will Support Unreasonable, Impoverishing Energy Policies.   Dear Readers: [...]

10-11-16 Join Us Tomorrow (Wednesday) 6 p.m.!

ALASKA WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL SOCIAL EVENT (MORE INFO HERE) Join us at 5:30pm for a social mixer with our guest speakers prior to the program start at 6:00pm. Beverages will be available for purchase during the event and social hour. [...]