712, 2016

12-7-16 Alaska/Alberta Investment Climates Face Similar Challenges

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Alaska and her Canadian provincial sister, Alberta... ... both face similar economic/political challenges.  1) Both have an overdependence on volatile petroleum income, though Alaska's dependence is greater.  2) Both have liberal leaders who understand the importance of natural reource revenue; but, some of their major constituencies actually oppose natural resource development and support higher energy taxes.  3) The Governor of Alaska and Alberta's Premier both preside over large bureaucracies whose funding has been slashed by a two-plus year energy price decline.  4) Meanwhile, energy competitors all over the world are [...]

12-4-16 PIPELINE HALTED: Feds block proposed route of Dakota Access pipeline after protests

Governor Jack Dalrymple. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour Commentary: We see the federal action, described below, as a violation of due process and, by extension, the rule of law. The Corps of Engineers consulted all [...]

12-1-16 Outlook: Texas LNG Exports & LNG Demand

  Demand for U.S. natural gas exports via Texas is set to increase by close to 6 Bcf/d over the next few years.  At the same time, Texas production has declined more than 3.0 Bcf/d (16%) to less than 17 [...]


Green and Jackson: Pipeline approvals are a victory for those who care about the environment.  Calgary Herald.  Growing pipeline capacity is critical to helping unlock the full value of ... transporting oil and gas than the alternative mode of transportation [...]

11-28-16 Does Ak-Headlamp speak for all citizens?

Today, we explain why Ak-Headlamp really does speak for all Alaskans -- in our opinion Commentary.  When we old timers earned our Journalism degrees we were taught that the reputation and even the Constitutional protections afforded the 4th Estate were based [...]

11-26-16 Trump’s Interior Department Appointments = Pluses & Minuses

Choosing An Interior Secretary Parnell Sullivan       Cronin Two potential Alaskan picks for Interior Secretary offer both advantages and disadvantages.  Bob Gilliam, below, has used his wealth to support anti-development activism that injures the constitutional [...]

11-25-16 Energy Bill Has Bipartisan Support From Murkowski & Cantwell

After being Petroleum News Alaska readers since its founding, we continue to be amazed at both the array and depth of its outstaning Alaska-Canadian energy content. Check out this Friday link right now for an impressive selection of important, weekend [...]