1-6-17 Gas Pipeline Logic

Today's Headline From Argus: "State Agency Takes Over Troubled Alaska LNG Project". Today's Logic: if some of the largest energy investors in the world (i.e. BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil) believe now is not the time for an Alaska North Slope [...]

12-28-16 Valuable U.S. Transition Counsel: Rightsizing Government Employment, Programs & Rules Is Critical To A Viable Energy Industry … And All Free Enterprises And Jobs And National Security

How Trump can reduce the federal workforce and drain the swamp by Robert Romano The private sector nationally -- and in Alaska -- has responded to the need for efficiency. The federal, public sector is long past due [...]

12-25-16 Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS...GOOD NEWS: From Our Canadian "Climate Change" Expert (Our actual Christmas message posted yesterday) Hi,   Politicians continue to embrace the media’s torrent of global-warming/climate-change/emission-reduction propaganda. This propaganda wrongly vilifies “carbon” (i.e. carbon dioxide, “CO2”), thereby facilitating the [...]

12-23-16 Alaska LNG: Now Is Not The Time

All about Alaska's gas project ... and its fiscal crisis Korean agencies spent over $75K on Gov. Walker and officials on Asia trip New milestone in the gas line project: The state is taking over Board for Alaska gas [...]

12-22-16 Conquering our naïveté to save capitalism!

Killing Wealth Producing Energy To Kill Capitalism Requires Our Naïveté by Dave Harbour Courtesy: http://tinyurl.com/hjs5l85 Honest folks can be naive.  They assume the best of everyone but, ironically, treacherous ones among us require our naïveté to attack our way [...]

12-20-16 Alberta & Alaska Continue Economic Struggles

Varcoe: Alberta's troubling contradiction for 2017: Jobless recovery.   Calgary Herald.  It will be years before pipelines are constructed, oil and natural gas prices are fickle, and producers aren't adding staff after the painful downsizing of ... _______________________ Obama prepares [...]