2807, 2016

7-28-16 U.S. Chamber Honors U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski’s U.S. Energy Policy Proposal

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Karen Harbert, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for 21st Century Energy, speaks to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce July 25 as part of her trip north to endorse Sen. Lisa Murkowski for reelection and to present her the chamber’s Spirit of Enterprise Award award. Photo/Elwood Brehmer/AJOC Alaska Journal of commerce, by Elwood Brehmer.  Alaskans should take a long and holistic view of energy prices despite the immediate challenges their state faces, according to the leader of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for 21st [...]

7-27-16 Alaska’s Creditworthiness Declines Again

Alaska's Governor Bill Walker takes no responsibility for a declining credit rating as he continues to joust at the windmills of socialist acquisition of Alaska's resource wealth deterring industry investment in a low oil price environment.  Brilliant.  -dh Governor Walker’s [...]

7-26-16 “Pipe Dreams” – August 24 – Anchorage

The anti-civilization cadres are at it again, turning enviro-military assets away from TransCanada's stalled Keystone toward TransCanada's Energy East Pipe Dream.  Note the tremendous fundraising and political connections of NRDC.  -dh Energy East Pipe Dream is new target for anti-Keystone XL group [...]

7-11-16 Socialism Threatens Both Albertans and Alaskans

Our Advice To Albertans and Alaskans Q.  Why is our prosperous, fossil fuel-energized way of life under such attack? A. Because that's where the money is. Those of us who want to protect our way of life better strengthen our bleeding [...]

7-5-16 Meanwhile…on the Washington, D.C. front

  (Note: as we have observed for about 15 years, now, Alaska and its natural resource based Constitution and economy face two major opponent groups: 1) Alaska based environmental and social activists (primarily democrat operatives), and 2) Washington D.C. activists (Primarily a progressive [...]

6-28-16 ALASKA’S GOVERNOR: Clouds Of Suspicion Descend On Him As His True Motives Begin To Emerge

Is this the question everyone would like to ask? Alaska Governor Bill Walker. NGP Stock Photo by Dave Harbour. If Alaska's Governor Bill Walker were not conniving to convert Alaska into a sick, modern version of Hugo [...]

6-27-16 Four Ways The New Panama Canal Will Change The World

Change the world, yes.  But how will it affect Alaska's LNG Project? MAERSK shipping is one of the great transport support companies in the world.  Its Panama Canal story BELOW could be read as an advertisement. Bill Walker, Governor [...]