2505, 2016

5-25-16 Just What Canada Needs: Carbon Taxes In A Low Oil Price/Government Deficit Environment

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The Ranks of Crony Capitalists Grows As Companies Trade Political Support -- And Their Integrity -- For Unattainable "Peace For Our Time With Enviro-activists And Liberal Politicians" Commentary by Dave Harbour Neville Chamberlain, "Peace for our time." Here we bring you more news of eroding prosperity and freedom in Canada: increasing 'carbon' taxes that further the decline of business voters in Canada. But while liberal politicians may be foolish enough to bargain away their children's prosperity, they are also crafty.   Higher energy taxes may provide a quick economic fix [...]

5-24-16 Still No Oil Price Crystal Balls … But We Can Still Study Trends

Below, our Mid Atlantic energy analyst friend makes two points that seem contradictory.  First, he demonstrates through history what we have always known about recovery of shale oil and gas: that the productive lives of [...]

5-21-16 Alaska Gas Project: When Does One More Straw Break The Camel’s Back?

Tim Bradner, NGP Photo by Dave Harbour 5-13-11 Tim Bradner of the AJOC brings us another Alaska gas monetization reality: wetlands mitigation (Story below).  Higher but unknown additional mitigation/litigation costs cannot improve feasibility of AGDC's (https://www.agdc.us/) [...]

5-19-16 Oil Price: A Tale Of Two Analysts

Please scroll down to read today's unusual Sunday commentary: "Afraid New World" Alaska Governor Bill Walker (NGP File Photo) BREAKING NEWS, THURSDAY AFTERNOON: ALASKA'S GOVERNOR CALLS LEGISLATURE INTO SPECIAL SESSION TO DEAL [...]

5-18-16 Alaska Is Lucky To Have This Leadership!

(See today’s CBC story.  As we have reported extensively herein, Canada has a similar set of energy challenges: dependence on fossil fuel and the enviro-governmental-business special interests that want to subjugate an ill-informed constituency [...]