3004, 2016

4-30-16 The World Sees Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis

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Wall Street Journal: Alaska’s Folly: Politicians Contemplate a State Income Tax Republicans in Juneau would sock the state economy rather than tap a $51 billion reserve fund. By STEPHEN MOORE April 29, 2016 5:54 p.m. ET The first and only state to ever abolish an existing income tax was Alaska. It happened in 1980 when the oil boom in Prudhoe Bay and the construction of the Alaska pipeline brought gushers of windfall-drilling royalties and fees into the state coffers in Juneau. The combination of high-paying energy jobs and the lure [...]

4-29-16 Alaska Gas Pipe/LNG Project Schedule Slips

Alaska LNG to delay filing of FERC application for project Platts ... agency, said Miles Baker, spokesman for the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. the state gas corporation that is part of the project with North [...]

4-28-16 Alaska And Its Democratic Socialist Look-Alike, Venezuela

THE HILL: Energy will play a major role in at least five races that could determine control of the Senate next year.  President Obama’s controversial climate policy is looming large in Ohio and Illinois, [...]

4-27-16 Alaska Headlamp: A Source of Economic, Political and Intellectual Light In The Land Of The Midnight Sun!

Today's Alaska Headlamp Is An Example Of Useful, Practical Commentary Crunch time, industry at risk. Under a rewrite of HB247, currently pending in the House Rules Committee, current oil and gas tax credits in Alaska [...]

4-26-16 Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis Continues. Later This Week, We Explain Why And How The State Can Prosper Again!

Juneau Empire.  The Alaska Legislature is being evicted. Kevin Meyer, NGP Photo By May 1, renovations to the Alaska Capitol will force lawmakers to a new location for continued work to fix [...]