3108, 2016

8-31-16 Big Prudhoe Bay Decision Tomorrow: Free Enterprise or Socialized Enterprise?

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ExxonMobil Withdraws from Proposed LNG Facility in Alaska, U.S. supermajor, ExxonMobil Corporation XOM, has decided against ... stake through the state-ownedAlaska Gasline Development Corp (“AGDC”).  Yahoo Finance Exxon Backs Out of LNG Project in Alaska, The Founders Daily.  The energy corporation decided not to invest in the next stage of the ... stake through Alaska Gasline Development Corp—a state-owned company. Oil discoveries at 70-year low signal supply shortfall ahead.  Explorers in 2015 discovered only about a tenth as much oil as they have annually on average since [...]

8-17-16 Who Wants To Invest In Cook Inlet?

Those interested in gas supply for Alaska's largest population center will want to note our commentary on this subject, 2012.   We would also observe that the Administration's desire to supply gas to Fairbanks from what may well be a [...]

8-11-16 World Knows What Alaska’s Governor Won’t Admit: NOW IS NOT THE TIME For An Expensive 800 Mile Pipeline/LNG Export Project!

Our Aussie Energy Analyst friend evaluates the Alaska LNG project: NOW IS NOT THE TIME. We have long observed that Alaska's governor and legislature would be wiser to focus their energies on enabling Alaska to live within its means, rather [...]

8-9-16 Feds Continue Alaska Lock-Up

CALGARY HERALD.  Calgary-based Inter Pipeline Ltd. said Monday that it’s buying the Canadian assets of the Williams pipeline companies at a steep discount — and will take on its massive petrochemical project in Alberta — for $1.35 billion. KTUU/AP.  FAIRBANKS The federal government's [...]

8-7-16 Don’t forget the Alaska LNG CO2 Cost Burden!

CNEB hearings on Energy East Pipeline set to begin in Saint John Steve Butt, Alaska LNG project. NGP Stock Photo by Dave Harbour ADN by Alex DeMarban.  The Alaska LNG megaproject has a $10 billion problem other gas [...]

8-5-16 Feds Attack On Alaska Is Unrelenting

Murkowski: FWS Rule Is Unwarranted Takeover of State’s Rights Agency Uses Regulatory Process to Seize Control of Wildlife Management in Alaska Refuges U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski. NGP stock photo by Dave Harbour. U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today [...]

8-4-16 Alaska Gasline CFO Calls It Quits

  AGDC finance VP quits; Walker vetoes bill to put legislators on board Bruce Tangemon, AGDC's Departed CFO. (Note: we have always considered Tangemon to be a man of high principles.) NGP File Photo by Dave Harbour. Alaskajournal.com [...]