9-26-16 Alaska Public Media’s Gasline Series

Tim Bradner: NGP file photo by Dave Harbour Petroleum News Update by Tim Bradner: "The exodus of experienced personnel from the department has now become a concern within industry and the state’s business community."  Alaska Journal of Commerce by Tim Bradner: "ConocoPhillips and Alaska’s state-owned gas corporation, Alaska Gasline Development Corp., say they are negotiating on a joint-venture organization to market North Slope natural gas as LNG." Ak-Headlamp.  Following last week's Prudhoe Bay plan of development announcement and subsequent tension between the state and the big three [...]

9-19-16 “Do Alaska’s Citizens SERIOUSLY Want A Government Owned, Politically Controlled Gas Pipeline/LNG Project? Really?”

Honoring another dearly departed friend, Father Norman Elliott From Ak-Headlamp this morning: AGDC president Keith Meyer challenged the idea that Alaska LNG isn't the best path forward for the state in an Alaska Dispatch News op-ed. According to Meyer, "Everyone wants to monetize their gas, but we want to open the project to broader market participation. AGDC welcomes producer investment but also recognizes that investing in the project assets as an equity owner may not generate the return they need. Setting up a transparent tolling structure allows the [...]

9-12-16 Father Elliott: Dearly Departed – State Fiscal Crisis & Gas Pipeline Confusion Continue

From Must Read Alaska: FATHER ELLIOTT TAKES HIS LEAVE Beloved to many Alaskans, Father Norman Elliott passed away on Sept. 9, 2016. He was 97. Father Elliott was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II. He was heading to seminary when he joined the Army in 1942, after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Elliott fought the Germans in France, Luxembourg, Germany, and England. In an interview, he said in 2013: “I remember good times, I remember bad times.  I remember times where I barely escaped by the skin [...]

9-2-16 Either Way, Alaska’s Investment Climate Is Damaged

Commentary Is Alaska's bureaucracy about to take control of both the great Prudhoe Bay oil & gas field and one the world's largest, most remote, highest cost pipeline/LNG projects without proven economic feasibility?  Alaska Governor Bill Walker. NGP file photo by Dave Harbour Since taking office nearly two years ago, Alaska's governor, has been marching toward accumulation of 100% equity and management control over what may well be the largest construction project in the history of North America, the Ak-LNG project; it is currently, not proven to be economically feasible.  Today, we'll review [...]

7-1-16 Much Alaska gas pipeline/LNG food for thought over the Independence Day weekend!

Yesterday we commented on the overall chaos enveloping Alaska  as it seeks fiscal stability. Fiscal stability is a critical risk for big investments -- like a multi-billion dollar energy project.  If fiscal stability does not exist, savvy energy investors must cease or postpone projects until risks become less threatening. Alaska Governor Bill Walker In such a caldron of multi dimensional issues, we see great political/emotional support for construction of an Alaska gas export project. However, the realities of world energy prices, high and unpredictable Alaska tax policy, a run-away spending history, and democrat leaders [...]

5-21-16 Alaska Gas Project: When Does One More Straw Break The Camel’s Back?

Tim Bradner, NGP Photo by Dave Harbour 5-13-11 Tim Bradner of the AJOC brings us another Alaska gas monetization reality: wetlands mitigation (Story below).  Higher but unknown additional mitigation/litigation costs cannot improve feasibility of AGDC's (https://www.agdc.us/) government investment in the Alaska LNG project (http://ak-lng.com/).  Nor can such open-ended future expenses make the state's socialist equity investment in Alaska LNG more beneficial to citizens. This is precisely the type of uncertainty that leads project proponents to add additional contingency requirements to Financing Plans: uncertainty requires hedging as greater assurance of "project completion" to satisfy [...]

5-12-16 How The Federal Government Stole Alaska’s Statehood Birthright

Even if the federal government were to restore the natural resource birthright it has stolen from the 49th State, Alaskans would STILL remain challenged.  For when its citizens enjoyed what seemed to be unlimited oil wealth 3-4 decades ago, it taxed more and spent more and more -- until it had developed an unsustainable lifestyle.  So, we do hope that great leadership can free Alaska of the federal overreaching jurisdiction and violations of due process described below.  But then, equally great leadership -- with disciplined citizen support -- must establish sustainable government services [...]

5-7-16 Old Canadian/US Softwood Issue Resurfaces

Old Softwood Issue Resurfaces: Could Affect Alaska; Will Affect Canada We continuously try to 'connect the dots' for our readers! by Dave Harbour We drew attention to the US/Canadian controversy over softwood lumber trade agreement issues years ago, as it affected an Alaska to Midwest gas pipeline (8/2001, 11/2001, 3/2002, 4/2002, 5/2002, 8/2002, 11/2002, 2015) The softwood  issue surfaces again as BC Premier Christy Clark interprets Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks about NAFTA, poor trade deals and stopping illegal southern border immigration to softwood issues. Bear in mind [...]

Alaska & Canada Both Suffer From Political Obstacles To O&G Prosperity

Canadian Press — Canada’s environment minister won’t say if the country can meet its climate change commitments and at the same time green-light new pipeline projects. Catherine McKenna told reporters today after a luncheon speech to the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations that Canada needs to de-carbonize its economy but stressed it won’t happen overnight. The Canadian government has come under increased pressure to explain how it can increase development of Alberta’s oilsands and also meet its ambitious greenhouse gas emission targets. Quebec and Canada are reviewing TransCanada’s Energy East [...]

11-23-15 Can A “Business As Usual” Attitude Overcome Alaska’s Financial Crisis?

EIA: U.S. proved oil and natural gas reserves rise in 2014 Comment: Premier Notley, like President Obama is taking actions that can be touted at the upcoming Paris Climate Change Conference where the top UN climate change official has said the true goal of environmental activism is to "destroy capitalism".  -dh See today's Alaska Headlamp Today, in the United States Supreme Court, nine Alaska organizations filed an Amicus Brief .... Calgary Herald by Stephen Ewart.  Alberta Premier Rachel Notley effectively put the first limits on unchecked growth in the oilsands — through a 100 mega-tonne annual cap on greenhouse gases.... [...]

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11-21-15 AGDC President Resigns

AGDC Accepts President’s Resignation; Approves TransCanada Acquisition State of Alaska Full 25% Equity Partner in Alaska LNG Export Project November 21, 2015 Anchorage, AK – At a special meeting held today, the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) board of director’s accepted the conveyance of TransCanada’s interests in the Alaska LNG export project and authorized a payment of $64.6 million to TransCanada for those interests. The board also accepted the resignation of AGDC President Dan Fauske (NGP Photo) who tendered his resignation prior to the start of this morning’s meeting. More On AGDC [...]

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11-21-15 More AGDC Shake-ups!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   No.. 15-151 Contact: Katie Marquette, Press Secretary – (907) 269-7447 Aileen Cole, Deputy Press Secretary – (907) 269-7458 Governor Walker Appoints Former Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor to AGDC Board November 20, 2015 ANCHORAGE – Governor Bill Walker announced his new appointments to the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation Board of Directors today. Luke Hopkins of Fairbanks will join the seven-member board, which oversees the agency’s efforts to build a natural gas pipeline and liquefaction plant in Alaska. Mr. Hopkins is the former mayor of the Fairbanks North Star Borough. He will [...]

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9-28-15 Supplement: Clarification of AGDC Mission

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Miles Baker, VP External Affairs & Government Relations (907) 321-8650 AGDC Clarifies Status of ASAP Project Federal Environmental Work on In-State Gasline Project Ongoing September 28, 2015 Anchorage, AK – The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) released a statement today clarifying the status of the Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline (ASAP) project. In the last few days, several media outlets have incorrectly reported that the corporation’s board of directors took action to suspend work on the ASAP project during their September 23rd meeting in Anchorage. In a prepared statement, [...]

9-25-15 Alaska’s Governor Issues Bombshell Gasline Report

Gasline from Alaska Governor Bill Walker on Vimeo. YOU READ ALASKA GOVERNOR BILL WALKER'S ANNOUNCEMENTS HERE FIRST, YESTERDAY     BELOW IS TODAY'S UPDATE  (Scheduled for completion this weekend) Reader comments: Dave, Dave: "... appreciate your efforts greatly, as do a lot of folks." -From an energy industry journalist. Hi Dave:   Did you ever read the Bizarro World comics??     We are living such in real time I'm afraid.   Cheers!!   Ron Arvin  I always enjoy your newsletter, but your recent re: the NG issues one is special. [...]

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4-19-15 Pipeline Right of Way Bill Passes

Governor Bill Walker today applauded the House and Senate for passing his Gas Pipeline Right-of-Way bill with unanimous support. Once signed into law, SB70 will authorize the issuance of a right-of-way lease for a natural gas pipeline through a corridor in the Denali State Park, Willow Creek, Nancy Lake, and Captain Cook State Recreation Areas. “I want to thank the legislature today for passing this important piece of legislation,” said Governor Walker. “This right-of-way is a necessary component to building a future natural gas pipeline in Alaska. By setting the [...]

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