2-16-17 Teamster Leader Sets Oil Tax Advocate Straight!

BREAKING NEWS, 2:40 EDT:  TRANS CANADA REFILES FOR KEYSTONE XL ROUTE Posted By RICK BOYLES FOR THE JUNEAU EMPIRE Keeping the oil industry healthy     An observation from educator/philosopher William James came to mind as I watched Robin Brena lecture the House Resources Committee a few days ago on his version of reality. “There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it,” James wrote. Well, Brena repeated the words “fair share” 40 times during his two-hour, 71-slide presentation. In Brena’s mind, “fair share” [...]

2-3-17 AMA BREAKING NEWS -also- Dakota Access Trespassers Were No Angels

Cleanup begins at Dakota Access encampment  02/05/2017 (Trouble viewing this article? Click here).  Cleanup of a North Dakota encampment where opponents of the Dakota Access oil pipeline stayed for months to protest the $3.8 billion project is expected to take weeks, a leader of the tribe that organized the protest said Jan. 31. The Standing Rock Sioux hopes to complete the work before any spring.... FERC Commissioner Colette Honorable. Northern Gas Pipelines Photo by Dave Harbour FERC won’t have a quorum after Feb. 3  02/05/2017 (Trouble viewing this article? Click [...]

2-3-17 Overtaxing Is As Bad As Overfishing – Also Alaska/Alberta Fiscal Crises

Overtaxing Is As Bad As Overfishing Alaska Journal of Commerce by Andrew Jensen Dating back to before statehood, Alaskans know that overfishing is a bad thing. Stopping overfishing of salmon and regaining control of the resource was in fact one of the driving forces in the effort to become a state. What we know about sustainability of our vast fisheries resources is worth applying to yet another debate over another immense asset — our oil — and the means by which that resource is taxed. Get ready for more [...]

1-21-17 Consultant supports gas project infeasibility we have repeatedly addressed here

Nikos Tsafos. NGP File Photo by Dave Harbour AP by Becky Bohrer.  A legislative consultant has raised red flags about Alaska taking the lead on a major proposed liquefied natural gas project, even as Gov. Bill Walker has said he is comfortable with it. In a recent report to lawmakers, consultant Nikos Tsafos outlined challenges threatening the project's potential for success. They include a competitive market and a laundry list of tasks the state will need to achieve, such as finding buyers, insulating itself from cost overruns [...]


From Ak-Headlamp. At a Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce luncheon in the Carlson Center, senior vice president of Caelus Energy's Alaska operations Pat Foley, nudged Chamber members to contact their legislators and ask for a consistent oil-tax-credit program that encourages investment in the North Slope. "It's a dour time, but I'm optimistic," Foley told Chamber members, "and I think in the next five years, we're going to see that pipeline-training facility full." Foley said the North Slope must remain a vibrant business environment for Caelus to be successful, and legislators should work toward "a tax policy that is [...]

1-1-17 Alaska’s Economic Outlook: 2017

Courtesy: Alaska Business Monthly Alaska Economic Outlook 2017 'Bright, if...' Greg Wolf, Executive Director, World Trade Center Anchorage (Serving all of Alaska) joins a couple dozen other Alaska leaders with assessments of the 2017 Economic Outlook for Alaska. Greg Wolf, Executive Director, World Trade Center Anchorage (Serving all of Alaska) joins a couple dozen other Alaska leaders with assessments of the 2017 Economic Outlook for Alaska. COMPOSITE PHOTO BY JUDY PATRICK PHOTOGRAPHY & DAVID GEIGER, ABM ART DIRECTOR ALASKA BUSINESS MONTHLY From the Editor Happy New Year! We [...]

12-30-16 Northern Energy Conversations End 2016 And Will Begin 2017

Year-end Gasline Commentary by Dave Harbour See yesterday's column Yesterday, we previewed an LNG/gas line commentary planned for next week, as the new year begins.   Today, we bring you a news release from the Alaska Government-Run LNG Project, complete with enough participant qualifications to seriously dilute the message that the project is "progressing" (Column right).     We would love for 2017 to bring Alaska and the United States economy news of a sustainable market for a feasible Alaska North Slope (ANS) natural gas project.  We must remember, [...]

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12-29-16 Government Gas Project Bombarded by Questions

Congresswoman Maxine Waters As 2017 begins next week, we'll bring readers a review of Alaska's government gas project questions.  As Argentina and Venezuela and Brazil have demonstrated, government control of energy projects brings unearned riches to politicians in exchange for corruption, poorly run projects and miserable results for citizens.   In the present era, Alaska Governor Bill Walker -- like Congresswoman Maxine Waters -- is determined to learn the painful lessons of socialized energy industries all over again.  He is falsely claiming that out of the midst of [...]

12-24-16 Early Christmas Eve Post

Dear readers: Most importantly, Merry Christmas, and may we all take time to remember the reason for the season.  After all, where would we be without the founders of our nation and the framers of our Constitution who attributed creation of the United States of America to the Creator of mankind? And why would we be gathering tonight for dinner, presents and celebration without primarily celebrating the birth of God's Son who became the Savior of the world, if only we would accept Him?    *     * [...]

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12-9-16 Murkowski Energy Bill Fails, Blames House; Canada’s Energy Policies Fail With Rising Global Warming Hysteria

Earlier this week, we wondered if Alaska's governor, Bill Walker was rational when, in a letter to ExxonMobil, he cautioned one of his state's major investors to subdue its Constitutional right of free speech.  Today, our Argus Media friends reminded their readers of this blundering statement: "Please do not take steps to thwart Alaska's ability to monetize our gas," Walker wrote. Argus also focused on another gas project blunder. "Alaska governor Bill Walker has told ExxonMobil that the state does not need to provide the producer fiscal certainty on the massive [...]

12-7-16 Alaska/Alberta Investment Climates Face Similar Challenges

Alaska and her Canadian provincial sister, Alberta... ... both face similar economic/political challenges.  1) Both have an overdependence on volatile petroleum income, though Alaska's dependence is greater.  2) Each has a liberal leader who understands the importance of natural reource revenue; but, some of their major constituencies actually oppose natural resource development and support higher energy taxes.  3) The Governor of Alaska and Alberta's Premier both preside over large bureaucracies whose funding has been slashed by a two-plus year energy price decline.  4) Meanwhile, energy competitors all over the world are [...]


Gov’s veto forces loan modification for Inlet producer.  BlueCrest Energy is asking state borrowers to amend the terms of a $30 million oil project loan after the state failed to pay tax credits the company was expecting. Armstrong Oil and Gas has high hopes for another North Slope find this winter.  As the amount of oil flowing through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System declines, big new finds on the North Slope are kindling a lot of excitement in Alaska.  Deadline nears for Murkowski energy bill.  Time is running out on one [...]

11-23-16 Good News!

On Being Thankful For The Good News and the Bad As Well....   We are thankful for the good news of an incoming federal administration that more heavily values our Constitution, the rule of law, the proven value of wealth producing natural resources, the importance of properly defending U.S. liberty and the simple but eternal truth symbolized by the greeting, "Merry Christmas". Dr. Scott Goldsmith, Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour Our hopes spring eternal for good news on the Alaska and Canadian energy scenes [...]

11-21-16 Alaska Conference Presentations Bring You State-of-Art Energy Status

Here -- for your current and future reference -- are last week's Resource Development Council for Alaska video and slide presentation archives: Wednesday, November 16th 7:00 a.m.   Registration/Check-in/Exhibits Open Eye-Opener Breakfast in Exhibit Area – Sponsored by Wells Fargo 8:00           Opening Remarks Eric Fjelstad, RDC President, Managing Partner, Perkins Coie LLP Alaska Economic Trends: 2017 Outlook Neal Fried, Economist, Alaska Department of Labor video slides Alaska Industry 2016 Year in Review and 2017 Outlook video Mining: Karen Matthias, Executive Director, Council of Alaska Producers Fisheries: Glenn Reed, President, Pacific [...]


New Alaska State House Organization Considers Fate of Previously Committed Tax Credit Incentives Bill Walker, Governor of Alaska. NGP file photo by Dave Harbour. Alaska Journal of Commerce by Elwood Brehmer.   The shakeup in state House control seemingly gave Gov. Bill Walker allies in leadership positions on fiscal issues, but the upcoming session will still be an uphill battle on the Alaska LNG Project. Anchorage Democrat Reps. Andy Josephson and Geran Tarr will co-chair the House Resources Committee, the first stop for any oil and gas tax bills [...]

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