8-23-16 Gas Transportation Tops Alaska’s Agenda This Week!

This is a big week for Northern Gas Pipelines: we address the World Trade Center on Wednesday.  On the same day, Alaska State Senate Resources Committee Chairman, Cathy Giessel kicks off two days of hearings that probe the Administration's scheme to put Alaska at risk by assuming control over an economically unproven, $55 billion gas pipeline/LNG project.  -dh Alaska's Pipe Dreams | Dave Harbour | August 24 WORLD TRADE CENTER ANCHORAGE Meet & Brief Luncheon August 24 Speaker: Dave Harbour Publisher Northern Gas Pipelines Topic: Alaska's Pipe Dreams Date: August 24, 2016 (Wednesday) Time: [...]

8-20-16 For Next Week’s Calendar: ALASKA’S PIPE DREAMS

Alaska's Pipe Dreams | Dave Harbour | August 24 WORLD TRADE CENTER ANCHORAGE Meet & Brief Luncheon August 24 Speaker: Dave Harbour Publisher Northern Gas Pipelines Topic: Alaska's Pipe Dreams Date: August 24, 2016 (Wednesday) Time: 12:00 - 1:00PM Location: WTC Conference Room Cost: $30 members / $35 non-members (includes lunch) About Dave Harbour: Dave Harbour is publisher of the Northern Gas Pipelines blog, created 15 years ago. He has served as director or vice president of public, governmental or external affairs for the 26 member Arctic Gas Consortium, Northern Natural Gas of Omaha, Atlantic [...]

8-18-16 Will Alaska (and Alberta) Go the Way of Venezuela and Argentina: Never Say Never!

(See our mid-Atlantic energy analyst friend's Venezuela commentary next story below) With Competent Leadership Alaska's Future Could Still Be Prosperous by Dave Harbour Alaska brings in less than half the price for oil needed to have a current balanced budget.  Up to 90% dependent on oil revenue, the state has worked itself into a $3-4 billion annual budget deficit. State leaders seeking the 'easy way out' are funding the deficit by taking money from the next generation.  How?  They are depleting savings accounts and passing on tax credit obligations to [...]

8-15-16 Alaskans and Canadians Will Ignore The Need To Be Competitive AT THEIR PERIL

We are indebted to our anonymous, Mid Atlantic energy advisor for providing the important analysis below.  It demonstrates why some producers may be subsidizing continuing operations to support cash flow demands -- on the hope that prices will rise in time to rebuild the financial strength of those producers. One notes with concern that Alaskan and Canadian oil and gas operations have special difficulty with low price environments.  Most of their competitors operate in areas closer to markets, with lower labor costs, lower transportation costs, lower logistical costs and lower [...]

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8-10-16 Alaska’s Governor Adds Advisor Costs To Deficit Spending

Deficit Spending Governor Hires More High Powered "Advisors"  (We join Ak-Headlamp in expressing respect for economist John Tichotsky, but disappointment in a governor who ignores the meaning of "Hiring Freeze".  -dh) Two's company. Gov. Bill Walker hired former chief economist John Tichotsky and former commercial analyst with the state's natural resources department Ed King as economic advisors. "John kind of ran the economic staff kind of like a think tank — which was great when we had the money for it," said Randy Hoffbeck, the state revenue commissioner. Tichotsky's [...]

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THIS MORNING FROM ALASKA HEADLAMP: Bill Popp, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. NGP File Photo by Dave Harbour All in our heads? According to Anchorage Economic Development Corp. CEO Bill Popp., "It's easy to get caught up in the emotions" of Alaska's economy right now. At an annual three-year economic outlook presentation, Popp said that the current slowdown may not be as bad as it seems. Citing net job losses, housing and population developments, Popp said there is much to work with in Alaska. That being said, Popp concluded [...]

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7-22-16 Japan’s LNG Buyers Should Be Cautioning Alaska and Canada About Pending, Expensive, Risky LNG Projects

Our Commentary: Today our Aussie O&G energy analyst friend focuses his astute observation on how LNG prices are being reviewed -- to the benefit in a buyers market -- of buyers.  This observation would tend to support Alaska producers' and Shell's (BC) more cautious approach to North American LNG projects targeting major Asian markets.   Of course, Alaska's socialist leaning governor is not deterred, continuing to move toward more state control of Alaska's energy industry, and the multi-billion dollar risks to his citizens which accompanies such Venezuela-like behavior.  -dh Aussie Oil & [...]

7-19-16 Alaska’s Governor Made A Good Personnel Decision, Perhaps, But Continues A Hugo Chavez-like Assault On Free Enterprise And The Oil & Gas Industry

We have mixed reactions to Governor Walker's latest decision! John Hendrix, NGP stock photo by Dave Harbour Yesterday, Alaska Governor Bill Walker appointed former Alaska manager for Apache Oil to a newly created position, chief oil and gas advisor.  That assignment is a cabinet level position that invades traditional turf of the Commissioner of Natural Resources, his Director of Oil & Gas and the governor's special assistant for natural resources (i.e. that has traditionally included oil and gas policy issues). At first glance, this looks like an important improvement [...]

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7-15-16 A Little Sign Of Alaska Gasline Ethics Traps….

   (Note: readers may submit comments on this story below.)  ALERT - ALERT - ALERT NOTICE THIS AFTERNOON.  BOEM releases draft Environmental Impact Statement for Potential Cook Inlet Lease Sale: Agency Seeks Public Comments through Sept. 6 Potential Gasline Ethics Warning In late 2015 we warned Legislators to get rid of any gas line public funding for many reasons, including a litany of conflicts of interest likely to emerge.  (Read below, column right) Commentary: Alaska's Quixotic gasline governor is intent on risking hundreds of millions of public, EQUITY dollars on a gas pipeline/LNG project -- even without [...]

7-14-16 This Governor’s Anti-Investor Actions Should Not Surprise Alaskan Citizens

The incumbent Alaska governor's anti-free enterprise, anti-investor actions should not surprise citizens for one minute: this is who the man is.   For important reference of our readers, we provide the following link to our commentary and analysis nearly a year ago: Alaska's Governor Issues Bombshell Gasline Report This is who a majority of Alaskans elected a couple years ago: read the analysis and weep.  Then mobilize to stop the insanity!  -dh COMMENTARY: Veto of tax credit payments damages Alaska By: Benjamin Johnson Guest commentary Posted: Wed, 07/13/2016 - 10:40am [...]

7-13-16 Alaska’s Governor Prods For More ‘Revenue’; Legislature Balks

Just Received: Alaska Governor throws down the gauntlet; legislature won't be intimidated (Read two sides below).  The implications for oil and gas investment in a state of self-imposed chaos is significant for the future of an Alaska North Slope gas pipeline, as well as future O&G capital investments.  Meanwhile, our readers know that 90% of Alaska's operating budget and over a third of its economy rests on the shoulders of robust, confident, continuing and secure O&G industry investments.   Unfortunately, Alaska has not shown itself to be a place [...]

7-12-16 Fiscal Crisis & Gas Pipeline 2001, “Lest We Forget”

We have a special treat for Alaskans and their Legislature today -- and, our Canadian readers.  Scroll down for two commentaries, Christmas 2001, re: gas pipeline and fiscal crisis issues.  "Lest We Forget"  -dh Is our quotation from 2001 -- in response to Senator Dave Donley -- still applicable today?  Comment:  "Such is the nature of political struggle as governments become highly dependent on resource revenue or government grants, when resource prices fall and/or when rates of production and/or national revenues diminish.  In such situations, political leaders should beware of becoming too [...]

7-10-16 “Alaska Is Their Own Worst Enemy” -Rex Tillerson

Brennan, Anchorage Daily Planet: State line wouldn’t have tax-happy partner The notion of a state-owed gas pipeline conjures visions of an 800-mile-long grain elevator sitting financially high and dry, too expensive to ship gas at a price the market will accept. That is a very real and realistic worry. State governments generally don’t do those things well — and the state’s record on publicly owned and managed properties is horrible. Think the grain elevators built to support Mat Valley farmers, the railroad passenger terminal at International Airport, the Point [...]


ALERT ALERT ALERT HERE IS THE DOI LINK YOU'LL NEED HERE ARE THE ACTUAL NEW ARCTIC OCS REGULATIONS Cautionary note: The email alert we issued today indicated that we would have more to say in coming weeks about these Arctic OCS regulations.  Our initial scanning of the regs today, did not lead us to immediate judgment.  We deeply respect the work of Congressman Bishop (below) and his predecessor, Doc Hastings.  However, on this issue of the Arctic OCS regs, study is required before reaching final conclusions.  A respected friend with one of [...]

7-6-16 Alaska’s Crisis of Leadership

Alaska's Crisis of Leadership (Also see Representative Lynn Gattis' column on what she calls the state's "budget crisis" coming up on July 8.) While today we address Alaska, note that our cousin, the Canadian province of Alberta is also in the hands of a liberal government presiding over stunted production, low oil prices, a protected bureaucracy, lack of pipeline infrastructure, and an unsustainable spending policy.  -dh by Dave Harbour Dr. Scott Goldsmith, University of Alaska - Anchorage Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER). Goldsmith has been the [...]