7-5-16 Meanwhile…on the Washington, D.C. front

  (Note: as we have observed for about 15 years, now, Alaska and its natural resource based Constitution and economy face two major opponent groups: 1) Alaska based environmental and social activists (primarily democrat operatives), and 2) Washington D.C. activists (Primarily a progressive democrat administration supported by a well organized environmental/socialist political network).  Today's report reflects the continuing work of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance and the state's Congressional delegation to fend off Alaska's federal adversaries.  -dh) Rebecca Logan, General Manager, Alaska Support Industry Alliance, NGP file photo by Dave Harbour Date: July [...]

7-4-16 Celebrate The Fourth: Rededicate to God, Country, Free Enterprise and Energy Independence

Steve Moore's New Book precisely reflects the philosophy of this webpage for the last 15 years--and your publisher's philosophy as a member of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska: Deregulate where we can; regulate where we must.  In this way we protect the public interest in general and consumer interest in particular by enabling the private sector to provide the greatest volume of energy responsibly...for the lowest possible cost. From Amazon: "In Fueling Freedom, energy experts Stephen Moore and Kathleen Hartnett White make an unapologetic case for fossil fuels, turning around [...]

6-15-16 BP’s Statistical Review Of World Energy Continues to Impact Energy Dialogue

ACTION ALERT Five-Year OCS Lease Sale Plan, deadline tomorrow! PLEASE RESPOND TODAY: HERE'S HOW BP's Annual Statistical Review of World Energy.  A week ago, we drew a number of conclusions from BP's annual statistical energy review, linked here if readers missed it.  Below are other perspectives our readers will appreciate, though the writers didn't focus as much attention on the serious financial impact alternative energy subsidies pile onto family and business consumers worldwide. The BP report paints a realistic world portrait of energy price and demand volatility: the enormous energy supply [...]

5-27-16 Trump On Energy: A Work In Progress We Can Support!

Headlines For Our Special Interest Readers: Alaska Oil Producers Respond To Low Oil Prices; Yedlin: PwC energy forum renews need for urgency on energy exports; EDITORIAL: Lack of leadership on display from Gov, Legislature; Braid: A Trump welcome for a Notley ally; Legacy wells need full clean-up: Government wells still polluting Alaska, funding running short; Walker's repackaged tax proposals land with thud in the Legislature Trump In N.D. Yesterday Addressed Fracking, Keystone XL and Alaska The man is a work in progress that the energy industries can support by Dave Harbour Donald [...]

5-23-16 By Increments We Can Lose A Nation’s Liberty

Energy Is The Very Foundation Of North American Freedom Eco-socialist Strategists Know That The Means, Transportation and Distribution of Energy Production Can Come Under Their Control Via Government Expropriation And/Or Regulatory Power by Dave Harbour Today we ask our readers to recognize the dots that connect socialism and eco-activism to the undoing of free energy markets and freedom itself. We will demonstrate why this transformation is not merely the natural swing, back and forth, of a political pendulum. Our readers can surely agree that: Freedom can be eliminated by eliminating free enterprise. [...]

Anchorage-Fairbanks Wind Farms Court Partners

ADN by Rosemary Shinohara.  In months of trying, backers of the Fire Island wind farm haven't been able to sign up any utilities as customers.  Jim Posey (NGP Photo), head of city-owned Municipal Light and Power, says ML&P can get a better deal elsewhere, even if it comes down to importing liquefied natural gas to spin its generator turbines.  Chugach Electric Association is seriously negotiating for a wind contract, say officials of Cook Inlet Region Inc., sponsor of the Fire Island project. Chugach officials, saying their negotiations are confidential, declined [...]

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ANGDA Hosts Two Useful Energy Events – CIRI Wind Moves Ahead Despite Backdraft – Salazar Announces Lease Sales

1.  Last Friday, Chairman Mary Ann Pease (NGP Photo-r) conducted a Commonwealth North Energy Action Coalition meeting to hear a thorough briefing by the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative's (AVEC) Meera Kohler (NGP Photo-l).  The briefing occurred at the offices of the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority (ANGDA).   AVEC serves 7,500 facilities with 78 employees and 95 village technicians in 53 villages covering a population of 22,000 comprising what would be Alaska's 4th largest city after Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.  The AVEC customers comprise 44% of Alaska's village citizens.  Contributing to [...]

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Scroll down to interesting commentary on WIND POWER and the Southcentral Alaska energy crisis!

7-13-09 (Weekend and Monday News & Comment).   PNA.  Cook Inlet Region Inc. said June 30 that it has received key permits for a proposed wind farm on Fire Island near Anchorage.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has approved permit applications for Wind Energy Alaska’s Fire Island wind farm and related electricity transmission infrastructure and the project is on track for startup in 2011, CIRI said in a statement.  The wind farm will provide commercial-scale renewable power in Southcentral Alaska.  (Comment:  This little wind project will be a historic diversification [...]

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