2-9-17 U.S. Congress Tries To Correct Obama Attack On State Land Use Control

To our Canadian & U.S. marketers Note from our Mid-Atlantic energy analyst guru: "...the market will not see a further meaningful increase in crude oil without some weakening of the dollar.   Also, natural gas will be hard pressed to move with conviction until the cost of capital (as indicated by the rate on the benchmark ten-year bond) rises." From our Southeast Alaska friend Denny DeWitt comes this letter requesting the Alaska Delegation to use the  Congressional Regulatory Review Act (CRA) to stop implementation of the new ROD for the Tongass Management [...]

5-9-16 Congress Should Kill Funding For President’s Unlawful Ocean Policy Initiative

The Congress should kill direct AND indirect funding of the White House's illegal ocean policy initiative that 1) avoided Congressional authority; 2) sidestepped proper Congressional fund authorization and 3) is causing the private sector untold millions in new and potential compliance costs while 4) potentially keeping even more American Great Lakes, Oceans, Rivers, Tributaries, Ponds areas off limits to traditional and multiple use activity.  -dh We hope the private sector -- supported by local government elected leaders and Members of Congress -- will testify IN DROVES NEXT TUESDAY at the [...]

Action Alert: Testify Today!

Dear Readers:  Please review our OCS hearing post yesterday...right here.  Below is an RDC alert dispatched today, on the same subject! Dave   TODAY'S OCS HEARING ALERT FROM RDC: The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is holding public meetings in Anchorage (Tuesday, April 5) and Ninilchik(Wednesday, April 6) on the new five-year Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) oil and gas leasing program for 2017-2022. The program evaluates 13 potential sales in six planning areas, including three potential sales off the coast of Alaska. We need to defend the Alaska lease sales and show Alaskans [...]

Big Alaska OCS Hearing Schedule Kicks Off Tomorrow In Anchorage

KTUU Television.  Oil production in Alaska increased ... during the last 12 months, the first year-over-year production increase the state has seen since 2002. See Alberta Job Losses, Bottom, Column Right From the Anchorage Office of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) we received this note over the weekend from Michael Haller: Good Afternoon Dave: I haven't seen you in a while, but wanted to pass personal thanks for getting our info up on the NGP website for all to see and be aware of. These are important meetings [...]

9-29-15 More Fallout Follows Shell’s Withdrawal From Alaska’s OCS Potential

See more of yesterday's reports and reactions from U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo), various news sources yesterday, more sources today, and our commentary. Here is Tuesday's Early Report... ...in wake of Shell's announcement yesterday that after $7 billion invested and over a half decade of delay and disruption mostly caused by America's government, it is withdrawing from Arctic OCS exploration.  See statements (below) by Governor Walker, Alaska Oil and Gas Association, Consumer Energy Alliance, Congressman Don Young (NGP Photo) and American Energy Alliance.  (Search our archives for many other Shell Oil [...]

2-22-15 Feds Create Con To Coerce Cash From National Petroleum Reserve Producer

Alaska Journal of Commerce by Andrew Jensen.  The $8 million exacted from ConocoPhillips in order to receive its permit to construct the Greater Moose’s Tooth-1 project in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is a rather elegant combination of old school protection rackets and third world government kickbacks.

2-17-15 “Here’s What I Would Do If I Were President”

Personal: We join our Fairbanks friends in lamenting the passing of our dear friend, Bob Bettisworth.  -dh As Interior Secretary Sally Jewell arrives in Alaska, North Slope Borough Mayor Charlotte Brower (NGP Photo) writes that ANWR, "...wilderness proponents ... completely ignore the plight of my people, the Iñupiat."   Read more here. What Would You Do If You Were President? By Dave Harbour On Sunday, Fox News interviewed one of the wisest combat leaders of the modern era, Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, USAF-Retired (NGP Photo), co-author of Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory [...]

2-3-15 Alaska’s Challenge of Cash & Energy Shortage: Part II

CEA President David Holt (NGP Photo) was the guest on several radio interviews discussing the Arctic for All campaign, America's energy revolution, Alaska's role in domestic energy production and the importance of offshore energy resources.  Anchorage's KBYR featured Holt on the Mornings with Michael Dukes Show. He was also a guest on the nationally syndicated Radio America: Neal Asbury’s Made in America Show.   Hear the interviews here! The Hill Op-ed by Mead Treadwell (NGP Photo). ...the Obama administration is in a tizzy to solidify its Arctic strategy. January in particular has been quite busy for the [...]

1-29-15 Shell To Explore Chukchi Sea This Summer!

Shell Plans To Explore The Chukchi This Summer! Related Photo Cutline, Journal of Commerce, by Tim Bradner.  Alaska Gasline Development Corp. President Dan Fauske (NGP Photo) said the change in the Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline project to increase the capacity to a 36-inch diameter and use high-strength steel could allow up to 2.6 billion cubic feet per day to be shipped. That improves the economics of the project compared to previous restrictions that limited it to no more than 500 million cubic feet per day.  (Bradner's is one of the most [...]

12-19-14 Chevron Exits ‘Economically Uncertain’ Arctic OCS – Regulators Question Alaska’s Arctic Gas Project

Contact:  Pedro van Meurs President, Van Meurs Corporation PO Box CR-56766 # 1261 Nassau, Bahamas Phone: 1.242.324.4438 Fax: 1.242.324.4439 E-mail: info@vanmeurs.org On December 11, 2014, the National Hydrocarbon Commission of Mexico announced the proposed terms for the shallow water bidding round, consisting of the Bid Conditions and the Model Contract.  Our friend, Pedro van Meurs (NGP Photo), along with J. Jay Park, Q.C., prepared a joint commentary on both these documents. This report is available for free to interested parties.  Click Here to download the document. TODAY'S CEA ENERGY LINKS BP's Alaska Hire rate [...]

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12-1-14 Call To Action Tonight In Anchorage!

Call To Action: TONIGHT IN ANCHORAGE! Send us your comments to be preserved in our searchable archives! Our friend, Carl Portman (NGP Photo), of the Resource Development Council for Alaska (RDC) reminds us that tonight the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) will be holding a public hearing at 7 p.m. on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for Chukchi Sea Lease Sale 193. The hearing will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel, 109 W. International Airport Road.  Members and supporters of the Consumer Energy Alliance, RDC and the [...]

6-9-14 Polar Bears Are Cuddly and ‘Political Shenanigans’ Abound!

World Energy, by George Backwell.  ...a fraction of natural gas projects ... will become reality as high costs and weakening gas prices.... Alaska Dispatch, by Brigham McCown.   As political shenanigans continue to delay approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, Alaska voters hold the key to avoiding a similar fate for what could be North America’s largest pipeline project (i.e. Natural gas pipeline).   Washington Examiner by Mark Tapscott.  Another scientist has more bad news for global warming advocates who claim that Americans are killing Arctic Polar Bears....  *** Professor Matthew Cronin [...]

7-13-13 National Ocean Policy Council Update

Here is your important National Ocean Policy Council Monthly Report: I. Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body Announces Public Webinar, Membership Roster II. U.S. House Of Representatives Passes Two Bills With National Ocean Policy Provisions III. Great Lakes Boating Magazine Addresses NOP, Calls NOPC “The Voice of Boaters” IV. Petition Cites NOP As Justification For Protection Of 81 Species Under ESA V. NRC Report Calls For National Sustainability Policy, Cites NOP As Model I. Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body Announces Public Webinar, Membership Roster   In an email announcement, the federal, state, and [...]

4-17-13 – More Evidence The Administration Usurps Congressional Authority

Calgary Herald by Sherri Zickefoose.  An anti-oil pipeline art show is being sent packing from City Hall’s atrium after officials yanked the group’s permit over price tags and politics. TODAY: Witnesses Hail State Energy Policies, Discuss How Federal Red Tape Blocks Much-Needed Energy Production Yesterday we editorialized on how the Administration's persistent effort to create a new ocean zoning bureaucracy defies Congressional authority.  Over the last several years, we have documented many instances of this Administration's effort to overreach its authority and expand its jurisdiction and control over the American public.  One [...]

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8-30-12 Murkowski Lauds Feds For Shell Decision

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski's (NGP Photo) office this morning  released the following comment regarding a decision by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) to allow Shell to conduct preparatory work in the Chukchi Sea this summer.  “Today’s decision is a positive step that will allow Shell to begin necessary preparatory work, while maintaining the highest environmental standards to ensure the protection of the Arctic,” Murkowski said. “While we would all like to see a discovery this summer, the most important thing is for Shell to continue to make progress and [...]

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