ConocoPhillips this morning announced a new Alaska North Slope discovery! … With Massive Subsidy The Fairbanks, Alaska LNG/Gas Distribution Project Struggles On

ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. today announced a new oil discovery in the Greater Mooses Tooth (GMT) Unit located in the northeast portion of the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPRA). Here’s a link to the full release Quick reference from the release:  The Willow discovery wells, Tiŋmiaq 2 and 6, were drilled in early 2016 and encountered 72 feet and 42 feet of net pay, respectively, in the Brookian Nanushuk formation. ConocoPhillips has a 78 percent working interest in the discovery and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation holds a 22 percent interest.  [...]

1-9-17 Honest Energy Folks Should Beware of Socialists

Dear Friends: Our long term readers know that this webpage was born over 15 years ago, when certain special interests sought to demonize some Alaskan and some Canadian energy interests.  One of our secondary goals has been to facilitate greater diplomacy and understanding among citizens of both countries -- in support of both separate and joint energy projects.  Hopefully, the sort of blog entry we have today will lead us ever closer to greater understanding among citizens of the two countries.  -dh   "...because that's where the [...]

1-6-17 Gas Pipeline Logic

Today's Headline From Argus: "State Agency Takes Over Troubled Alaska LNG Project". Today's Logic: if some of the largest energy investors in the world (i.e. BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil) believe now is not the time for an Alaska North Slope gas export project, why would a state bureaucracy (i.e. Governor) enmeshed in fiscal crisis hang on for dear life to an economically infeasible, multi-hundred million dollar, risky, volatile, commodity-based, private-sector energy project -- when consumer-friendly, low LNG/gas prices and over supply continue to dominate gas markets?  "Hope" is often the [...]

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1-1-17 Alaska’s Economic Outlook: 2017

Courtesy: Alaska Business Monthly Alaska Economic Outlook 2017 'Bright, if...' Greg Wolf, Executive Director, World Trade Center Anchorage (Serving all of Alaska) joins a couple dozen other Alaska leaders with assessments of the 2017 Economic Outlook for Alaska. Greg Wolf, Executive Director, World Trade Center Anchorage (Serving all of Alaska) joins a couple dozen other Alaska leaders with assessments of the 2017 Economic Outlook for Alaska. COMPOSITE PHOTO BY JUDY PATRICK PHOTOGRAPHY & DAVID GEIGER, ABM ART DIRECTOR ALASKA BUSINESS MONTHLY From the Editor Happy New Year! We [...]

12-30-16 Northern Energy Conversations End 2016 And Will Begin 2017

Year-end Gasline Commentary by Dave Harbour See yesterday's column Yesterday, we previewed an LNG/gas line commentary planned for next week, as the new year begins.   Today, we bring you a news release from the Alaska Government-Run LNG Project, complete with enough participant qualifications to seriously dilute the message that the project is "progressing" (Column right).     We would love for 2017 to bring Alaska and the United States economy news of a sustainable market for a feasible Alaska North Slope (ANS) natural gas project.  We must remember, [...]

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12-29-16 Government Gas Project Bombarded by Questions

Congresswoman Maxine Waters As 2017 begins next week, we'll bring readers a review of Alaska's government gas project questions.  As Argentina and Venezuela and Brazil have demonstrated, government control of energy projects brings unearned riches to politicians in exchange for corruption, poorly run projects and miserable results for citizens.   In the present era, Alaska Governor Bill Walker -- like Congresswoman Maxine Waters -- is determined to learn the painful lessons of socialized energy industries all over again.  He is falsely claiming that out of the midst of [...]

12-28-16 Valuable U.S. Transition Counsel: Rightsizing Government Employment, Programs & Rules Is Critical To A Viable Energy Industry … And All Free Enterprises And Jobs And National Security

How Trump can reduce the federal workforce and drain the swamp by Robert Romano The private sector nationally -- and in Alaska -- has responded to the need for efficiency. The federal, public sector is long past due for a reality check...a complete reorganization, to include elimination of the majority of functions added recently and without Congressional budgetary oversight. -dh Republican presidential candidates the past many years have spoken of plans to reduce the federal workforce and rein in the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. Rudy Giuliani in [...]

12-25-16 Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS...GOOD NEWS: From Our Canadian "Climate Change" Expert (Our actual Christmas message posted yesterday) Hi,   Politicians continue to embrace the media’s torrent of global-warming/climate-change/emission-reduction propaganda. This propaganda wrongly vilifies “carbon” (i.e. carbon dioxide, “CO2”), thereby facilitating the introduction of a carbon tax.   What will happen when the climate-change alarmists are no longer able to deny the current reality ofGLOBAL COOLING, especially the inevitable return of the low temperatures of the Dalton (1790-1830) and Maunder (1645-1715) Minimums? If logic were to prevail, these believers of CO2-induced global [...]

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12-24-16 Early Christmas Eve Post

Dear readers: Most importantly, Merry Christmas, and may we all take time to remember the reason for the season.  After all, where would we be without the founders of our nation and the framers of our Constitution who attributed creation of the United States of America to the Creator of mankind? And why would we be gathering tonight for dinner, presents and celebration without primarily celebrating the birth of God's Son who became the Savior of the world, if only we would accept Him?    *     * [...]

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12-23-16 Alaska LNG: Now Is Not The Time

All about Alaska's gas project ... and its fiscal crisis Korean agencies spent over $75K on Gov. Walker and officials on Asia trip New milestone in the gas line project: The state is taking over Board for Alaska gas line project to miss another deadline AGDC officially takes over AKLNG Oil industry prepares to fight to keep tax credits alive in 2017 State receives AK LNG work, land issue still unresolved Our editorial yesterday Regarding our "Naive" editorial yesterday Courtesy:     Our Commentary: [...]

12-22-16 Conquering our naïveté to save capitalism!

Killing Wealth Producing Energy To Kill Capitalism Requires Our Naïveté by Dave Harbour Courtesy: Honest folks can be naive.  They assume the best of everyone but, ironically, treacherous ones among us require our naïveté to attack our way of life, as when the United Nations climate change Czar affirmed that the goal of environmental activism is to kill capitalism. President Obama's winning campaign slogan has been, "Change we can believe in", though the word "change" only became fully defined with systematic efforts to 1) increase constituent reliance on democrat largess [...]

12-13-16 Our Canadian Friend Reminds Us That Scrooge Was Anti-Carbon

Alert: President-elect Donald Trump will name Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana to serve as Interior Secretary, senior transition sources tell Fox News.   More: Senator Cathy Giessel.  NGP file photo by Dave Harbour Sen. Cathy Giessel, chairs the Senate Resources Committee: "It bodes well for business," she said of Tillerson being nominated (for Secretary of State). "It bodes well for Alaska."   KTUU Two Texans who love Canadian oil offered pipeline-policy roles in Trump cabinet   Trump is right to keep an "open mind" on environmental [...]


Slope oil giants set to prosper as veto fallout continues Journal of Commerce by Elwood Bremer.   The consequences continue to reverberate after Gov. Bill Walker’s veto of more than $600 million owed to independent explorers and producers in the last two years. A pair of stories in the last week detail one company trying to meet its loan obligations to the state even as the state refuses to make good on its obligations to the company, and the other reveals that the major North Slope producers are now buying [...]

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12-9-16 Murkowski Energy Bill Fails, Blames House; Canada’s Energy Policies Fail With Rising Global Warming Hysteria

Earlier this week, we wondered if Alaska's governor, Bill Walker was rational when, in a letter to ExxonMobil, he cautioned one of his state's major investors to subdue its Constitutional right of free speech.  Today, our Argus Media friends reminded their readers of this blundering statement: "Please do not take steps to thwart Alaska's ability to monetize our gas," Walker wrote. Argus also focused on another gas project blunder. "Alaska governor Bill Walker has told ExxonMobil that the state does not need to provide the producer fiscal certainty on the massive [...]

12-8-16 Let’s circle the wagons on the Dakota Access Pipeline issue

Our Native Friends We'd like to circle the wagons again, around the Dakota Access Pipeline issue -- following our Tuesday commentary -- and make sure the issue doesn't devolve into a racial epithet crossfire wherein no one is safe and many are left with wounded feelings. To start, we have many Native friends and our first reaction to the Standing Rock tribe's Dakota Access Pipeline protest was that local folks might be mistreated.  We know that the Sioux Nation has had a troubled relationship with the federal government for [...]