12-6-16 Trump Would Be Right To Reverse Obama’s Political Pipeline Decisions

Trump Vows Prompt Review of Rejection of Dakota Pipeline ... Donald Trump: GOP Leader Inquires About Keystone Pipeline - Fortune Governor feuds with ExxonMobil re: take over Alaska LNG project  -  We've agreed with Tillerson that, Alaska Is Its Own Worst Enemy Exxon Mobil CEO emerges as State Department candidate   Standing Rock Commentary By Dave Harbour Sunday, we alerted readers to the Presidential interference with due process and how the formerly venerable U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had been led to reject a reasonable right of way easement following [...]

11-28-16 Does Ak-Headlamp speak for all citizens?

Today, we explain why Ak-Headlamp really does speak for all Alaskans -- in our opinion Commentary.  When we old timers earned our Journalism degrees we were taught that the reputation and even the Constitutional protections afforded the 4th Estate were based on a bedrock of integrity.  How we then interpreted the word "integrity" seemed obvious.  We've generally believed: When writing news stories, be consistently and reliably objective.  When writing commentary, make sure the reader knows the piece merely reflects the opinion of the publication's editorial board or columnist.   (When we [...]

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11-26-16 Trump’s Interior Department Appointments = Pluses & Minuses

Choosing An Interior Secretary Parnell Sullivan       Cronin Two potential Alaskan picks for Interior Secretary offer both advantages and disadvantages.  Bob Gilliam, below, has used his wealth to support anti-development activism that injures the constitutional guarantee of 'due process'.  Sarah Palin created a predatory oil tax and applied it retroactively, injuring Alaska's investment climate for nearly a decade.  We doubt either has the management capacity to 'drain the swamp' of eco-extremism in the Interior Department.  If an Alaskan is to be chosen, a better choice [...]

11-25-16 Energy Bill Has Bipartisan Support From Murkowski & Cantwell

After being Petroleum News Alaska readers since its founding, we continue to be amazed at both the array and depth of its outstaning Alaska-Canadian energy content. Check out this Friday link right now for an impressive selection of important, weekend reading!  -dh   Our readers recall that on election day the Washington Times ran our Op-ed on how this generation is stealing from our children.   On Thanksgiving Day, yesterday, there was quite a lot of commotion about North Korean hostility, South Korea's leadership crisis, American military capability and Trump transition [...]

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11-23-16 Good News!

On Being Thankful For The Good News and the Bad As Well....   We are thankful for the good news of an incoming federal administration that more heavily values our Constitution, the rule of law, the proven value of wealth producing natural resources, the importance of properly defending U.S. liberty and the simple but eternal truth symbolized by the greeting, "Merry Christmas". Dr. Scott Goldsmith, Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour Our hopes spring eternal for good news on the Alaska and Canadian energy scenes [...]

11-21-16 Alaska Conference Presentations Bring You State-of-Art Energy Status

Here -- for your current and future reference -- are last week's Resource Development Council for Alaska video and slide presentation archives: Wednesday, November 16th 7:00 a.m.   Registration/Check-in/Exhibits Open Eye-Opener Breakfast in Exhibit Area – Sponsored by Wells Fargo 8:00           Opening Remarks Eric Fjelstad, RDC President, Managing Partner, Perkins Coie LLP Alaska Economic Trends: 2017 Outlook Neal Fried, Economist, Alaska Department of Labor video slides Alaska Industry 2016 Year in Review and 2017 Outlook video Mining: Karen Matthias, Executive Director, Council of Alaska Producers Fisheries: Glenn Reed, President, Pacific [...]

11-20-16 US/Canadian Activists Threaten North American Economies and Way of Life

We observe that US-Canadian socialists/anarchists/enviro-activists use similar techniques and that negative effects of such professionally organized demonstrations include increased family utility costs along with destruction of capitalism and of the North American way of life.  -dh Note our Friday commentary... ...showing how the U.S. Administration is following an activist environmental agenda against vital, wealth producing energy projects.  Without a more logical, incoming Trump Administration America's economic survival would be much more doubtful.  -dh Today we add this Calgary Herald report: Thousands march through Vancouver to protest Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.   Calgary Herald ... Thousands [...]

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11-11-16 A Glorious Week Ending With A Glorious Veterans Day!

Veterans Day Commentary by Dave Harbour My Dad, Col. Dave Harbour, and Mom conceived me late Saturday night in Honolulu on December 6, 1941 -- before all hell broke loose the next morning. By the end of the month, Mom was on her way to Coleman, Texas where I was born on Septembeer 4, '42 with help from Dad's folks.   Within days of that "day of infamy", Dad shipped out and was flying an Army Airforce fighter from a New Guinea base, successfully surviving years of WWII dogfights [...]

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11-10-16 Supporters Demand That Elected Officials Act Responsibly

Important Advice To Alaska Legislators Facing A Fiscal Crisis From our friends at Ak-Headlamp “Promoting a Favorable Business Climate” has been the number one goal of the Alliance for more than 30 years, and for good reason. Every Alaskan reaps the rewards of a favorable business climate: Solid private sector jobs More tax revenue for the state A catalyst for diversifying our economy These are just some of the benefits. So today, we ask ourselves not who will do what, but rather, who has the courage to do what [...]

11-9-16 With A New President We Look Again At Intergenerational Inequity

We have elected a new president and couldn't be more delighted.  We supported the man throughout the campaign and when circumstances were darkest, urged our friends and colleagues (i.e. and America's elected leaders) to "keep your powder dry".  We also believe our successor generations will look back, remember and thank our Creator for the miracle of events that produced the result of a government designed to, "Make America Great Again!"  While the platforms of both candidates largely appealed to the hopes, dreams and special interests of voters, neither candidate precisely focused [...]

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11-8-16 Election Day 2016 Will Determine The Future Of U.S. Energy Policy, etc.

Let us listen critically and consider this: Which person will bring to the United States renewed prosperity, energy independence, more jobs, stronger national defense, defense of constitutional freedoms, etc.  Scroll down for videos.   -dh Edward Itta remembered for balancing two worlds.  Former North Slope Borough Mayor Edward Itta died Sunday in Utqiaġvik, formerly known as Barrow.  (Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour) CNN.  ... In one of the more intense interactions Clinton has had on the trail, Copley -- growing emotional at times -- pressed Clinton for [...]

11-4-16 Alaska Headlamp, Craig Medred, & Must Read Blogs Also Shed Light On Energy Issues

Stark warning for Canada - TransCanada sells U.S. assets to pay for Columbia Pipeline - A transition ahead for US Arctic - Progress slow for IEP - When it comes to Alaska LNG project, the big elephant in the room is cost - Inter Pipeline expects decision on petrochemical plants   Medrid Today: It’s hard to make multi-million dollar business decisions in an unstable economic environment, and there is no doubt that Alaska’s constantly shifting tax structure – particularly its desire to squeeze another dollar out of the golden goose of oil any time a budget problem arises – makes [...]

11-3-16 Critical Readers Consider Both Sides of the Dakota Access Pipeline Project

If Dakota Access pipeline were to move, where could it go?  CBC.ca   The Dakota Access pipeline uses a nearly identical route as the natural gas pipeline to cross Lake Oahe near the Standing Rock reservation. Privately Owned Pipelines = GOOD Publicaly Owned Pipelines = BAD  ...  LIKE VENEZUELA (Read below) AK LNG transitions to state leadership.  Kenai Peninsula Online.  The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation is finishing up its negotiations to take over the leadership role on the gasline megaproject, negotiating ...     The truth about the Dakota [...]

10-31-16 Can Oil Rebound Save Alberta? An Alaska Lesson. Energy and the Impact of Illegal Immigration.

Today: Alberta - Alaska - US Elections - An Illegal Alien Organizer -It's all related and we'll show why- -We hope you'll submit a thoughtful comment at the bottom of this page- Please review our commentary, column left.  Then skim the email sent today by an illegal alien on SEIU letterhead, in the right column.  The illegal immigration warriors are out of the closet and active.  What about those supporting lawful immigration, logical policies and the rule of law: are we as willing to be heard?  This whole complex [...]

10-27-16 Economist Roger Marks Fact Checks Lawyer’s “Fair Share” Cliché

Beware of False Oil Tax Prophets by Dave Harbour Roger Marks, Senior Oil & Gas Economist. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour (Scroll down to Ak-Headlamp report for Marks' reference.) Regarding our piece yesterday about one lawyer's advocacy for higher oil industry taxes, we provide (BELOW)  Ak-headlamp's comment today.  We would only add that the lawyer proposes a "fair share" oil tax policy without definition or rational.  He simply opines an assumption that a "fair share" of oil wealth for the bureaucracy should be "one-third of gross"... not one-third [...]