1-9-17 Honest Energy Folks Should Beware of Socialists

Dear Friends: Our long term readers know that this webpage was born over 15 years ago, when certain special interests sought to demonize some Alaskan and some Canadian energy interests.  One of our secondary goals has been to facilitate greater diplomacy and understanding among citizens of both countries -- in support of both separate and joint energy projects.  Hopefully, the sort of blog entry we have today will lead us ever closer to greater understanding among citizens of the two countries.  -dh   "...because that's where the [...]

12-28-16 Valuable U.S. Transition Counsel: Rightsizing Government Employment, Programs & Rules Is Critical To A Viable Energy Industry … And All Free Enterprises And Jobs And National Security

How Trump can reduce the federal workforce and drain the swamp by Robert Romano The private sector nationally -- and in Alaska -- has responded to the need for efficiency. The federal, public sector is long past due for a reality check...a complete reorganization, to include elimination of the majority of functions added recently and without Congressional budgetary oversight. -dh Republican presidential candidates the past many years have spoken of plans to reduce the federal workforce and rein in the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. Rudy Giuliani in [...]

12-23-16 Alaska LNG: Now Is Not The Time

All about Alaska's gas project ... and its fiscal crisis Korean agencies spent over $75K on Gov. Walker and officials on Asia trip New milestone in the gas line project: The state is taking over Board for Alaska gas line project to miss another deadline AGDC officially takes over AKLNG Oil industry prepares to fight to keep tax credits alive in 2017 State receives AK LNG work, land issue still unresolved Our editorial yesterday Regarding our "Naive" editorial yesterday Courtesy: http://tinyurl.com/hjs5l85     Our Commentary: [...]

12-22-16 Conquering our naïveté to save capitalism!

Killing Wealth Producing Energy To Kill Capitalism Requires Our Naïveté by Dave Harbour Courtesy: http://tinyurl.com/hjs5l85 Honest folks can be naive.  They assume the best of everyone but, ironically, treacherous ones among us require our naïveté to attack our way of life, as when the United Nations climate change Czar affirmed that the goal of environmental activism is to kill capitalism. President Obama's winning campaign slogan has been, "Change we can believe in", though the word "change" only became fully defined with systematic efforts to 1) increase constituent reliance on democrat largess [...]

12-19-16 Alaska/Feds at odds over land selection

State opposes BLM use of unproven technology for state land entitlement (Anchorage, AK) – A decision issued today by the federal Bureau of Land Management to terminate a critical agreement with the State of Alaska and abandon the proven method for surveying the State of Alaska’s land entitlement reneges on promises made in the Alaska Statehood Act, according to Natural Resources Commissioner Andy Mack. The BLM and the Department of Natural Resources have worked together for 53 years under a memorandum of understanding that guides the transfer of federal [...]

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12-9-16 Murkowski Energy Bill Fails, Blames House; Canada’s Energy Policies Fail With Rising Global Warming Hysteria

Earlier this week, we wondered if Alaska's governor, Bill Walker was rational when, in a letter to ExxonMobil, he cautioned one of his state's major investors to subdue its Constitutional right of free speech.  Today, our Argus Media friends reminded their readers of this blundering statement: "Please do not take steps to thwart Alaska's ability to monetize our gas," Walker wrote. Argus also focused on another gas project blunder. "Alaska governor Bill Walker has told ExxonMobil that the state does not need to provide the producer fiscal certainty on the massive [...]

12-6-16 Trump Would Be Right To Reverse Obama’s Political Pipeline Decisions —— Should the President-elect Reject An Interior Secretary Candidate Who Supported EPA Overreach?

Trump Vows Prompt Review of Rejection of Dakota Pipeline ... Donald Trump: GOP Leader Inquires About Keystone Pipeline - Fortune Governor feuds with ExxonMobil re: take over Alaska LNG project  -  We've agreed with Tillerson that, Alaska Is Its Own Worst Enemy Exxon Mobil CEO emerges as State Department candidate  Our Personal Pearl Harbor Remembrance Standing Rock Commentary By Dave Harbour Sunday, we alerted readers to Presidential interference with due process and how the venerable U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had been led to reject a reasonable right of [...]

12-4-16 PIPELINE HALTED: Feds block proposed route of Dakota Access pipeline after protests

Governor Jack Dalrymple. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour Commentary: We see the federal action, described below, as a violation of due process and, by extension, the rule of law. The Corps of Engineers consulted all potentially interested/affected parties and after a constitutional operation of due process approved the pipeline route's right of way easement on July 25th. Does not the political action to block the proposed route violate the constitutional guarantee of due process and the record that supported the Corps' decision on the record? [...]

11-26-16 Trump’s Interior Department Appointments = Pluses & Minuses

Choosing An Interior Secretary Parnell Sullivan       Cronin Two potential Alaskan picks for Interior Secretary offer both advantages and disadvantages.  Bob Gilliam, below, has used his wealth to support anti-development activism that injures the constitutional guarantee of 'due process'.  Sarah Palin created a predatory oil tax and applied it retroactively, injuring Alaska's investment climate for nearly a decade.  We doubt either has the management capacity to 'drain the swamp' of eco-extremism in the Interior Department.  If an Alaskan is to be chosen, a better choice [...]

11-21-16 Alaska Conference Presentations Bring You State-of-Art Energy Status

Here -- for your current and future reference -- are last week's Resource Development Council for Alaska video and slide presentation archives: Wednesday, November 16th 7:00 a.m.   Registration/Check-in/Exhibits Open Eye-Opener Breakfast in Exhibit Area – Sponsored by Wells Fargo 8:00           Opening Remarks Eric Fjelstad, RDC President, Managing Partner, Perkins Coie LLP Alaska Economic Trends: 2017 Outlook Neal Fried, Economist, Alaska Department of Labor video slides Alaska Industry 2016 Year in Review and 2017 Outlook video Mining: Karen Matthias, Executive Director, Council of Alaska Producers Fisheries: Glenn Reed, President, Pacific [...]

11-18-16 Anti-Job Regime Continues To Lock Up Alaska & Cripple U.S. Economy

From 2007 - 2010 your author coordinated this national study, sponsored by NARUC and IOGCC to determine the cost to America of NOT developing oil & gas resources...of maintaining drilling moratoria.  We believe that this study, using the federal government's EIA energy modeling system, could be quite useful in determining how the new Trump administration will identify the wealth producing energy potential his campaign targeted.  (See video below right)  -dh                                         [...]

11-8-16 Election Day 2016 Will Determine The Future Of U.S. Energy Policy, etc.

Let us listen critically and consider this: Which person will bring to the United States renewed prosperity, energy independence, more jobs, stronger national defense, defense of constitutional freedoms, etc.  Scroll down for videos.   -dh Edward Itta remembered for balancing two worlds.  Former North Slope Borough Mayor Edward Itta died Sunday in Utqiaġvik, formerly known as Barrow.  (Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour) CNN.  ... In one of the more intense interactions Clinton has had on the trail, Copley -- growing emotional at times -- pressed Clinton [...]

11-7-16 The Handwriting Is On The Wall

We've Been Pointing To The Handwriting On The Wall For The Last 8 Years: Tomorrow, November 8, 2016 Is The Day of Reckoning.  -dh Today, Town Hall summarizes the links connecting Hillary Clinton, George Soros, John Podesta and the decades-long strategy to socialize the United States. Those links clearly extend to the activist enviro-political movement opposing use of wealth producing fossil fuels by the world's leaders ... while supporting transfers of wealth from those countries to the non-developed world.  That grouping, accordingly, can be depended upon to vote as [...]

11-3-16 Critical Readers Consider Both Sides of the Dakota Access Pipeline Project

If Dakota Access pipeline were to move, where could it go?  CBC.ca   The Dakota Access pipeline uses a nearly identical route as the natural gas pipeline to cross Lake Oahe near the Standing Rock reservation. Privately Owned Pipelines = GOOD Publicaly Owned Pipelines = BAD  ...  LIKE VENEZUELA (Read below) AK LNG transitions to state leadership.  Kenai Peninsula Online.  The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation is finishing up its negotiations to take over the leadership role on the gasline megaproject, negotiating ...     The truth about the Dakota [...]

11-1-16 The Truth About The So Called Peaceful North Dakota Pipeline Protesters

Dear Friends Despite being held hostage by protesters amid threats of violence - we didn't let their threats and intimidation stop us from practicing real journalism and finding out the truth about the Dakota Access Pipeline. You can watch our interview with a local farmer here. His neighbors have lost scores of cattle and horses and they have reported incidents of trespassing and intimidation. Those protesting the development of the pipeline claim to be peaceful but up close it is clear they are the very opposite when challenged by [...]