12-14-16 Trump policies could benefit all kinds of Alaska/Canadian energy projects

Rosetta Alcantra Rosetta Alcantra, Vice President of Communications for the Alaska Gasoline Development Corporation (AGDC), will present a brief overview, “Who is AGDC?”  (Monday, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce) ________________________ Did you receive yesterday's Email Alert (You read it here first) Canada Says Goodbye to Coal Generation by 2030 EIA Says U.S. oil and natural gas proved reserves decrease: lower prices ____________________________ 3 legislators look to next session.  Kenai Peninsula Online.   Chenault said one of his concerns will be the uncertain future of the Alaska [...]

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11-26-16 Trump’s Interior Department Appointments = Pluses & Minuses

Choosing An Interior Secretary Parnell Sullivan       Cronin Two potential Alaskan picks for Interior Secretary offer both advantages and disadvantages.  Bob Gilliam, below, has used his wealth to support anti-development activism that injures the constitutional guarantee of 'due process'.  Sarah Palin created a predatory oil tax and applied it retroactively, injuring Alaska's investment climate for nearly a decade.  We doubt either has the management capacity to 'drain the swamp' of eco-extremism in the Interior Department.  If an Alaskan is to be chosen, a better choice [...]

9-15-16 Kish Returns To Capitol Hill

We are delighted to note that one of Washington's most knowledgeable energy analysts is joining the office of House Speaker Paul Ryan.  We think our Alaskan, Canadian and Lower 48 readers will be grateful that such an advisor will be in such a position to improve energy decision and policy making in Washington.  -dh GOP Energy Veteran Kish To Ryan's Office: As Playbook readers found out this morning, Institute for Energy Research Senior Vice President Dan Kish is headed to Speaker Paul Ryan 's office as a new policy adviser for energy, environment, [...]

6-21-16 The Socialist Cabal Attacks Nuclear, et. al.

Wildrose blasts NDP over climate plan advertising, Calgary Herald ... per-capita greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate warming and to help the province win outside support for stalled pipeline projects ... NGP Readers: be aware that as the enviro-industrial-governmental cabal continues (i.e. via protests, confrontation, litigation, statute and regulation) to vilify and outlaw OCS activity, oil, pipelines, coal and nuclear energy projects, more reliance will fall on natural gas power generation.  Now, the cabal is targeting nuclear but also natural gas.  So when the inevitable market and political winds [...]

6-18-16 PLF: Our Unsung (Enough) Heroes

In Praise Of The Pacific Legal Foundation We deeply appreciate the work of the Pacific Legal Foundation.  The precedents for which it is responsible are not restricted to the adjudicated case in question, but, rather apply to the improved environment in which all natural resource industries operate. So on this day, we celebrate the PLF heroes whose praises are not enough sung.  Scroll down for the latest PLF report. Dave Harbour Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines On June 15, PLF D.C. Center Executive Director Todd Gaziano joined Paul J. Larkin Jr. [...]

5-31-16 Another SCOTUS Win: Private Property Rights Over Corps of Engineers Overreach

Today we are pleased to celebrate the latest Supreme Court victory by one of our public service sponsors over the federal government's overreaching authority under the Clean Water Act.   Please review the details below.     -dh Statement on PLF’s Supreme Court victory in Hawkes Washington, D.C.; May 31, 2016: Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) won a precedent-setting victory for property owners’ rights today when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in our favor in the PLF case of United States Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes. The groundbreaking decision accepted PLF’s arguments that [...]

4-20-16 Murkowski Scores for Alaska and U.S. – PLUS – Does Alaska’s Legislature Have the Moral High Ground From Which To Seek “More Revenue” Before Serious “Cutting”?

BREAKING NEWS.  U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today led the Senate’s approval of broad, bipartisan energy legislation that contains a wide range of provisions vital to Alaska’s future. The bill, the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2016, was authored by Murkowski and.... (More) Senate Unanimously Approves Murkowski’s Major Lands and Water Package for Energy Bill Alaska U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (NGP File Photo) NGP File Photo Washington, D.C. – On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved two amendments offered by Senator Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo) to [...]

2-11-16 Supreme Court Reins In EPA On Carbon Dictates

TODAY'S Gas and LNG Pricing Comments From Our Aussie Energy Expert   Mining.com.  The IEA just came out with their monthly report... headline - grabbing sentence that they had in there was that oil markets might "drown" in over-supply due to rising inventories.  Oil & Gas Journal Report Applies to Alaska and Canada: “Given the cost of restarting production, many producers will continue to take the loss in the hope of a rebound in prices,” says Robert Plummer, WoodMac vice-president of investment research....​  (How long can this possibly go on, we [...]

2-10-16 More Evidence: Alaska Can Learn From Canada

Comment: On Monday, as well as Last week we wrote of how Canada's liberal Alberta and Federal governments are communicating positively with the Canadian oil industry -- about ways of providing the investors and the economy with support during this low oil price environment.   We continue this theme below by appreciating today's Globe & Mail Op-Ed by former Alberta Premier James Prentice (NGP Photo).  -dh Jim Prentice lives in Calgary and is a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center’s Canada Institute in Washington. His book Canada, Energy and the Environment will be [...]

2-9-16 Announcing Calgary Conference

See EIA's "Short Term" Energy Outlook Released A Few Minutes Ago! Alaska House To Consider Only Budget Legislation Until Budget Is Passed, Re: Alaska Fiscal Crisis!  ADN by Nathanial Herz. Senator Lisa Murkowski  Makes Kenai LNG Facility Announcement Today! "Hot Off The Press HERE": U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today released a report prepared by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) raising key questions about President Obama’s proposal to levy a new $10-per-barrel tax on oil. *   *   *  Also see this House Resources Committee statement, just released! Having Chaired the Calgary O&G Symposium when the Alaska overland and [...]

2-5-16 Can Alaska And Washington Learn From Alberta and Ottawa?

Can Alaska And Washington Learn From Alberta and Ottawa? Yes.  But Are They Likely To Learn.  No. 1.  Calgary Herald by James Wood.  As Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Notley hosted a roundtable meeting (Video) in his first visit to Calgary since becoming prime minister, he told a group of top energy executives the government wanted to hear ways Ottawa “can be a better partner in helping you through this difficult time.” 2.  Alaska Headlamp.  ... Rep. Mike Hawker, asked why Governor Bill Walker wants the Legislature to completely reverse its tax credit policy. A Senate working [...]

1-23-16 Lisa Murkowski On Energy Policy – Sarah Palin On The Donald – DiCaprio And Trudeau

Yesterday was Robert Dillon's (NGP Photo) last day of service to Senator Lisa Murkowski's Senate Energy Committee.  He was thoughtful enough to share his news with regular correspondents and we pass it on, here, for some of you who know Robert well and wish to remain in touch with him.  (Other Murkowski staff changes noted here at APM.)  -dh WASHINGTON, D.C.–In the Weekly Republican Address, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, discusses the Energy Policy Modernization Act, the first broad bipartisan energy legislation to be [...]

10-1-15 Comment TODAY On Hilcorp’s Liberty Prospect Plan

BOEM Seeks Public Comment on Hilcorp's Liberty Prospect Development and Production Plan NGP Readers, please comment on Hilcorp’s Liberty DPP.  The DPP can be viewed at: http://www.boem.gov/Hilcorp-Liberty/.​  -dh ANCHORAGE, Alaska: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announcement: A Development and Production Plan (DPP) received from Hilcorp Alaska, LLC (Hilcorp) relating to oil and gas development on the Liberty Prospect was deemed “submitted,” – or deemed complete to move forward in the government’s review process – initiating a 60-day period for the public to review and comment on the DPP. This announcement does not mean that [...]

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9-7-15 BLM Cleanup Progress: Thanks to an Alaska Senator and Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

BLM completes Cape Simpson cleanup work - 09/06/2015 (Login to read Full story) The federal Bureau of Land Management said Sept. 1 that it has completed cleanup of Cape Simpson legacy well sites in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. BLM said it facilitated removal of surface debris through an inter-agency agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The corps contracte.... Read the 'rest of the story', beginning in 2012 and long before....  -dh

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9-1-15 President Obama Visits Alaska

See a broad array of Presidental visit news and feature items in today's (9-1-15) Alaska Dispatch News Comment: President Barack Obama dined last night at the Anchorage home of Alaska Dispatch Publisher Alice Rogoff (NGP Photo).  We hope that in addition to climate change issues, Alaska's major publisher was able to also discuss other matters.  Read other national and international news accounts of President Obama's Alaska visit, here.   We provided additional links, yesterday, here. Alaska's dependence and constitutional reliance on natural resources largely rest upon Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) sustainability. [...]