10-6-16 US & Canadian Leaders Attack Fossil Fuel (Note: Both liberal policies increase consumer prices, decrease jobs, increase national debt, depress economies with no verifiable improvement in a conjured climate change narrative. -dh)

BREAKING NEWS! ConocoPhillips Alaska today announced it has signed a contract with Doyon Drilling Inc. to build a new Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) Rig. The rig will initially target development of Fiord West, a field northwest of the main Alpine pad discovered in 1996. The ERD rig represents the third new-build drilling rig ConocoPhillips has contracted for since SB21 was passed in 2013.   READ COMPLETE ANNOUNCEMENT HERE! Oil Glut? Here Comes Some More!  Good for Alaska! BY CLIFFORD KRAUSS Oil finds in Texas and Alaska come at a [...]

9-15-16 Kish Returns To Capitol Hill

We are delighted to note that one of Washington's most knowledgeable energy analysts is joining the office of House Speaker Paul Ryan.  We think our Alaskan, Canadian and Lower 48 readers will be grateful that such an advisor will be in such a position to improve energy decision and policy making in Washington.  -dh GOP Energy Veteran Kish To Ryan's Office: As Playbook readers found out this morning, Institute for Energy Research Senior Vice President Dan Kish is headed to Speaker Paul Ryan 's office as a new policy adviser for energy, environment, [...]

6-24-16 According to EPA: Plowing A Farm Is Polluting

Yesterday we focused on Federal overreach.  Last night former RDC Executive Director Paula Easley sent us this fresh example wherein a farmer is denied the right to plow his field because it is a 'polluting activity'.  Read more below. Plowing is polluting? Wheat farmer loses clean water case Defending Agriculture Judge finds attempt to grow wheat is violation of Clean Water Act Published on: June 23, 2016 Judge Kimberly Mueller on June 10, 2016 in the U.S. Eastern District Court of California found that John Duarte, a nursery [...]

6-21-16 The Socialist Cabal Attacks Nuclear, et. al.

Wildrose blasts NDP over climate plan advertising, Calgary Herald ... per-capita greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate warming and to help the province win outside support for stalled pipeline projects ... NGP Readers: be aware that as the enviro-industrial-governmental cabal continues (i.e. via protests, confrontation, litigation, statute and regulation) to vilify and outlaw OCS activity, oil, pipelines, coal and nuclear energy projects, more reliance will fall on natural gas power generation.  Now, the cabal is targeting nuclear but also natural gas.  So when the inevitable market and political winds [...]

6-16-16 Canadian Community Fights For LNG/Pipeline Project

ACTION ALERT Five-Year OCS Lease Sale Plan, deadline today! PLEASE RESPOND TODAY: HERE’S HOW Here's the pat on the back you'll receive when you submit your comment: "Your comment was submitted successfully!" Mining by Dean Pelkey.  Canadians Stand In Support Of Pipeline/LNG Project! Platts.  Alaska and North Slope producers are discussing possible new ownership structures for the large Alaska LNG project.... We always value the wisdom and information transmitted by our Ak-Headlamp friends and today is another illustration of why this is so: Alex Epstein, a recent speaker at [...]

6-6-16 An Alberta Energy Editorial Tailor Made For Alaska

From one of our heros: Chris Nelson, a writer who provided this commentary to the Calgary Herald. With a few word changes, we could produce a commentary just like this for Alaska...or, North Dakota or California or Texas or Pennsylvania or New York or Colorado, etc.    -dh According to a respected federal think-tank, Alberta’s on a slippery slope to having little energy industry left as the world turns instead to renewable sources of power. The scenario sounds like David Bowie’s epic Five Years, except we apparently have three times [...]

5-23-16 By Increments We Can Lose A Nation’s Liberty

Energy Is The Very Foundation Of North American Freedom Eco-socialist Strategists Know That The Means, Transportation and Distribution of Energy Production Can Come Under Their Control Via Government Expropriation And/Or Regulatory Power by Dave Harbour Today we ask our readers to recognize the dots that connect socialism and eco-activism to the undoing of free energy markets and freedom itself. We will demonstrate why this transformation is not merely the natural swing, back and forth, of a political pendulum. Our readers can surely agree that: Freedom can be eliminated by eliminating free enterprise. [...]


Reminder to our Alaska readers: AOGA 50th Anniversary Conference - On May 25, the Alaska Oil and Gas Association will hold its 50th Anniversary Conference.  Aside from supporting our friends in the oil patch, the agenda holds some terrific energy speakers like Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, and so much more. More here!    "Wake Up Consumers: Government Regulation Is Making You Poorer!" Commentary by Dave Harbour  "First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Socialist.           Then they [...]

5-7-16 Old Canadian/US Softwood Issue Resurfaces

Old Softwood Issue Resurfaces: Could Affect Alaska; Will Affect Canada We continuously try to 'connect the dots' for our readers! by Dave Harbour We drew attention to the US/Canadian controversy over softwood lumber trade agreement issues years ago, as it affected an Alaska to Midwest gas pipeline (8/2001, 11/2001, 3/2002, 4/2002, 5/2002, 8/2002, 11/2002, 2015) The softwood  issue surfaces again as BC Premier Christy Clark interprets Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks about NAFTA, poor trade deals and stopping illegal southern border immigration to softwood issues. Bear in mind [...]

5-3-15 New England Joins The Herd To Self-Hoist With Its Own Petard

New England's Karma Our friend, Shakespeare, perfected the vision of one, “hoist with his own petard”.  It reminds us of the more modern term, “Karma”, wherein a robber accidentally shoots himself in the foot or a bicycle thief crashes or the predatory alligator on Youtube is grabbed and carried off in the jaws of a powerful leopard. Today, our Mid Atlantic energy advisor friend describes how global warming mania run amok is destined to ruin the economy of those so disillusioned -- in this case, New Englanders. Meanwhile, we remind our [...]

Alaska And Alberta Struggle To Save Oil Patch Economies – Scroll Down For Today’s Commentary, “U.S. & Canadian Environmental Laws/Regs Have Moved Beyond ‘Reasonable’ To Becoming Weapons Against Capitalism”

Calgary Herald/CP.  Canada’s environment minister won’t say if the country can meet its climate change commitments and at the same time green-light new pipeline projects.  Catherine McKenna told reporters.... Larry Persily, former Alaska gas pipeline federal coordinator. NGP Photo. See Larry Persily's just released energy links, mostly dealing with Alaska's LNG competitors.  Meanwhile, we urge readers to absorb the wisdom in the AK-HEADLAMP report below: Increasing oil & gas taxes in a low price or any environment is not a strategy that will attract investment [...]

Big Alaska OCS Hearing Schedule Kicks Off Tomorrow In Anchorage

KTUU Television.  Oil production in Alaska increased ... during the last 12 months, the first year-over-year production increase the state has seen since 2002. See Alberta Job Losses, Bottom, Column Right From the Anchorage Office of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) we received this note over the weekend from Michael Haller: Good Afternoon Dave: I haven't seen you in a while, but wanted to pass personal thanks for getting our info up on the NGP website for all to see and be aware of. These are important meetings [...]

Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis Is All About Irresponsible Spending and Responsible Natural Resource Development

Alaska's Fiscal Crisis: Irresponsible Spending vs. Responsible Resource Development  *     *     * i.e. Socialism vs. Free Enterprise *     *     * Socialism seeks to control the means, transportation and distribution of production.  Two socialists are competing for the Democrat presidential primary.  One of those socialists has been endorsed by Alaska democrats.  Alaska's democrats are in a partnership with Alaska's "independent" governor.  The Governor wants equity control over a gas pipeline project and exercises bureaucratic control over a potential gas distribution [...]

Alaska & Canada Both Suffer From Political Obstacles To O&G Prosperity

Canadian Press — Canada’s environment minister won’t say if the country can meet its climate change commitments and at the same time green-light new pipeline projects. Catherine McKenna told reporters today after a luncheon speech to the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations that Canada needs to de-carbonize its economy but stressed it won’t happen overnight. The Canadian government has come under increased pressure to explain how it can increase development of Alberta’s oilsands and also meet its ambitious greenhouse gas emission targets. Quebec and Canada are reviewing TransCanada’s Energy East [...]

Help Hilcorp Today!

Hilcorp Alaska, LLC is currently pursuing the necessary permits and authorizations to develop the Liberty reservoir several miles offshore the central North Slope.  The first major step in this process is the approval of the Development and Production Plan (DPP), which Hilcorp recently filed with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). BOEM has extended the public comment period on the preparation of a draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) to Monday, March 28, 2016.    Click here to provide comments. Then click on the "Comment Now" button. [...]