9-29-16 Feds “Steal” 100 Million Acres of Alaska? BC LNG Fights For Survival!

Trudeau government re: Pacific Northwest LNG.  CBC.ca.   If, for instance, you attach some value to the natural habitats of wild salmon or the threat posed by greenhouse gas emissions.... What's next for Pacific NorthWest LNG project? 4 questions answered.  CBC.ca.  Green light for B.C. LNG project won't pave way for other pipelines .... Did you know that today, with the help of former Alaska Lieutenant Governor Fran Ulmer (NGP file photo), the White House may be determining the fate of Alaska's Arctic? Former Alaska Governor Sean Parnell. Northern Gas Pipelines [...]

9-27-16 Alaska’s Globe Trotting Governor Sends Non-News From The Republic Of Korea

Royal Bank of Canada CEO touts pipelines as key to transitioning to a greener economy, Calgary Herald: The head of Canada's largest bank made the case for new ... Demand for oil and gas continues to rise around the world.... Breaking News(?) From Alaska's Governor Now In Korea Following A Purchased Speech Forum In Singapore Governor Bill Walker, NGP file photo by Dave Harbour Asia may be "looking for new sources" of LNG by 2023.  But that is no guarantee that the Republic of Korea or any other Asian nation will [...]

9-19-16 “Do Alaska’s Citizens SERIOUSLY Want A Government Owned, Politically Controlled Gas Pipeline/LNG Project? Really?”

Honoring another dearly departed friend, Father Norman Elliott From Ak-Headlamp this morning: AGDC president Keith Meyer challenged the idea that Alaska LNG isn't the best path forward for the state in an Alaska Dispatch News op-ed. According to Meyer, "Everyone wants to monetize their gas, but we want to open the project to broader market participation. AGDC welcomes producer investment but also recognizes that investing in the project assets as an equity owner may not generate the return they need. Setting up a transparent tolling structure allows the [...]

9-16-16 – “Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”

When Trust Is Trussed In Webs of Abuse (Forbes: Hope For Massive Alaska Energy Project Crashes and Burns ***** Clarion: Hope springs eternal - but the money won't) Sir Walter Scott's, "Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive", contains a principle of trust essential to the survival of a free state. We have seen what a tangled web the U.S. federal administration has spun by its pattern of lawlessness and overreaching jurisdiction justified by complex alibis (i.e. IRS, Keystone, Pebble, Dakota Access, Alaska, etc.)  We have also seen a new [...]

9-15-16 Kish Returns To Capitol Hill

We are delighted to note that one of Washington's most knowledgeable energy analysts is joining the office of House Speaker Paul Ryan.  We think our Alaskan, Canadian and Lower 48 readers will be grateful that such an advisor will be in such a position to improve energy decision and policy making in Washington.  -dh GOP Energy Veteran Kish To Ryan's Office: As Playbook readers found out this morning, Institute for Energy Research Senior Vice President Dan Kish is headed to Speaker Paul Ryan 's office as a new policy adviser for energy, environment, [...]

9-14-16 Alaska’s Governor Prematurely Romances Asian LNG Markets With No Economically Feasible LNG Project, Fiscal Chaos At Home & An Unstable Investment Climate

Please note that we have always supported creation of an economic, Alaska North Slope gas monetization project.   We have also observed that continuing efforts by politicians to "do it my way" over the last 45 years have been costly, wasteful efforts to master the free market -- always unsuccessfully. We are particularly concerned that Alaska's governor has an unrealistic fixation on government control over the "means" of energy production and transportation -- regardless of market supply/demand realities.  We hope he studies the history of Venezuela and Argentina and [...]

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9-12-16 Father Elliott: Dearly Departed – State Fiscal Crisis & Gas Pipeline Confusion Continue

From Must Read Alaska: FATHER ELLIOTT TAKES HIS LEAVE Beloved to many Alaskans, Father Norman Elliott passed away on Sept. 9, 2016. He was 97. Father Elliott was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II. He was heading to seminary when he joined the Army in 1942, after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Elliott fought the Germans in France, Luxembourg, Germany, and England. In an interview, he said in 2013: “I remember good times, I remember bad times.  I remember times where I barely escaped by the skin [...]

9-11-15 Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget: 9-11 REMEMBRANCE OF GAS PIPELINES POLITICAL PIPEDREAMS: LEST WE FORGET! by Dave Harbour Maybe history teaches that political pipedreams don't work so well. Would it not be wise to learn from our past? Would it not be logical to offer support and not hostile dictates to private sector investors -- for a change -- so that they might realistically conform energy exploration, production, development, transportation, marketing and distribution hopes to the realism of private sector expertise, science-based planning, decision-making agility, competition-inspired efficiency, volatile market conditions and [...]

9-2-16 Either Way, Alaska’s Investment Climate Is Damaged

Commentary Is Alaska's bureaucracy about to take control of both the great Prudhoe Bay oil & gas field and one the world's largest, most remote, highest cost pipeline/LNG projects without proven economic feasibility?  Alaska Governor Bill Walker. NGP file photo by Dave Harbour Since taking office nearly two years ago, Alaska's governor, has been marching toward accumulation of 100% equity and management control over what may well be the largest construction project in the history of North America, the Ak-LNG project; it is currently, not proven to be economically feasible.  Today, we'll review [...]

8-31-16 Big Prudhoe Bay Decision Tomorrow: Free Enterprise or Socialized Enterprise?

ExxonMobil Withdraws from Proposed LNG Facility in Alaska, U.S. supermajor, ExxonMobil Corporation XOM, has decided against ... stake through the state-ownedAlaska Gasline Development Corp (“AGDC”).  Yahoo Finance Exxon Backs Out of LNG Project in Alaska, The Founders Daily.  The energy corporation decided not to invest in the next stage of the ... stake through Alaska Gasline Development Corp—a state-owned company. Oil discoveries at 70-year low signal supply shortfall ahead.  Explorers in 2015 discovered only about a tenth as much oil as they have annually on average since [...]

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8-30-16 Alaska Once Thought (Erroneously) It Was Impervious To Competition – Alberta Is Learning The Same Lesson

Learn From History, Not The Hard Way by Dave Harbour An oil patch can become so proud of itself that it loses the competition, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. How does it do this? A fossil fuel producing area becomes uncompetitive by jacking up taxes and royalties to the maximum.  Then it uses that largess taken from hapless investors to build great bureaucracies and entitlement systems. Politicians, socialist and environmental activists use "community organizing techniques" to form movements against big bad (wealth producing) fossil industries.  This [...]

8-29-16 Both Alaska and Canada Confront Economic Challenge

David Blackmon, NGP Stock Photo by Dave Harbour Alaska Headlamp.   Might as well wave the white flag. In another piece, Forbes contributor David Blackmon argues that the DOI Five-Year plan marks a "surrender" in US Arctic policy. According to Blackmon, "As Russia gears up to dominate the Arctic region, having created the world's largest fleet of ice-breaking ships and even going so far as to plant its national flag at the North Pole, DoD officials have let it be known that... Frasier Institute: Taxes, not basic necessities make [...]

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8-28-16 Alaska Gas Pipe Dream Demise?

State takes control of gas line megaproject; consultant warns of major risks KTOO (Photo by Rachel Waldholz, Alaska's Energy Desk) ... The new head of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp., Keith Meyer, said he's considering two ... Grim news for gas pipeline Juneau Empire (subscription) Over the past year, representatives of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation have promoted the notion that the state itself could take over total ...              

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8-27-16 More Bad Gas Pipe Dreams

Exxon Mobil Backs Out of Proposed Alaska LNG Project Wall Street Journal Bill Walker has sought to advance the long-delayed project by taking a direct stake through the state-ownedAlaska Gasline Development Corp. Legislators lukewarm on BP support of state-led gas project - Alaskajournal.com State considers taking over Alaska LNG project - Argus Media Full Coverage State takes control of gas line megaproject; consultant warns of major… Alaska Public Radio Network Keith Meyer, the new head of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp., said he's considering two major

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8-26-16 Alaska Governor’s Pipe Dream Exposed!

Our editorial on this subject coming later Monday.... Later today, we will address the subjects raised in this news release, issued yesterday: Alaska Governor Bill Walker, NGP file photo by Dave Harbour Governor Walker’s statement on this week’s Joint Senate/House Resources Committee hearing on the status of the AK LNG project: I appreciated the testimony by world renowned energy analyst Wood MacKenzie on the viability of the current AK LNG project.  This independent analysis, contracted by our producer partners and AGDC, indicated that the traditional model [...]