2-15-17 Should The Attorney General Be Authorized To Support Any Project It Wishes Before The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission?

Below We Have Today's Anticipated Response To The Breaking News We Provided In Our Sunday Column: "Sunday Night: The Quiet Before The Storm" (See the right-hand column for our remedy to the news of the "new" competition)  Supporters push for more consideration of Valdez LNG site Larry Persily. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour By Larry Persily lpersily@kpb.us Feb. 15, 2017   (This update, provided by the Kenai Peninsula Borough mayor’s office, is part of an ongoing effort to help keep the public informed about [...]

2-14-17 Happy Valentine’s Day!

More Gas Pipe/LNG Entrigue We noted that YESTERDAY the Alaska governor sought to increase the statutory reach of the Department of Law's Attorney General, so that he (i.e. and various attorney friends of the Administration as well, we presume), could participate in tribunals presided over by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Here is the bill he submitted to the Legislature. Please review our Sunday night observation and consider that in testimony today before the Senate Finance Committee the President of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) said that he was aware [...]

2-3-17 Overtaxing Is As Bad As Overfishing – Also Alaska/Alberta Fiscal Crises

Overtaxing Is As Bad As Overfishing Alaska Journal of Commerce by Andrew Jensen Dating back to before statehood, Alaskans know that overfishing is a bad thing. Stopping overfishing of salmon and regaining control of the resource was in fact one of the driving forces in the effort to become a state. What we know about sustainability of our vast fisheries resources is worth applying to yet another debate over another immense asset — our oil — and the means by which that resource is taxed. Get ready for more [...]

1-25-17 Trump is right. Dakota trespassers are wrong.

Trump’s move on Keystone XL, Dakota Access outrages activists.  The Trump administration is pushing forward on plans for two major oil pipelines in the U.S., projects that sparked nationwide demonstrations and legal fights under .... Our comment:  Obama disapproved Keystone for enviro-politics after State Department recommended approval. So called Dakota Access "activists" include enviro-activists and are trespassing on federal land. Pipeline ROW is not on Indian land. Pipeline ROW is on private land. This is about the public interest and rule of law vs. private interests and anarchy. -dh

1-24-17 President Trump Trumps Obama’s Pipeline Blocks

Courtesy: The Des Moines Register Video Alert: President Trump plans to sign executive orders reviving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, which had been stalled under the Obama administration.... ______________ Oh...and we note that on the Canadian side of the border the pipeline access challenges drag on as special interests seek advantage at the expense of the public interest.  -dh Métis protest construction of northern Alberta TransCanada LNGpipeline ___________________________________________________________

1-9-17 Honest Energy Folks Should Beware of Socialists

Dear Friends: Our long term readers know that this webpage was born over 15 years ago, when certain special interests sought to demonize some Alaskan and some Canadian energy interests.  One of our secondary goals has been to facilitate greater diplomacy and understanding among citizens of both countries -- in support of both separate and joint energy projects.  Hopefully, the sort of blog entry we have today will lead us ever closer to greater understanding among citizens of the two countries.  -dh   "...because that's where the [...]

1-6-17 Gas Pipeline Logic

Today's Headline From Argus: "State Agency Takes Over Troubled Alaska LNG Project". Today's Logic: if some of the largest energy investors in the world (i.e. BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil) believe now is not the time for an Alaska North Slope gas export project, why would a state bureaucracy (i.e. Governor) enmeshed in fiscal crisis hang on for dear life to an economically infeasible, multi-hundred million dollar, risky, volatile, commodity-based, private-sector energy project -- when consumer-friendly, low LNG/gas prices and over supply continue to dominate gas markets?  "Hope" is often the [...]

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12-24-16 Early Christmas Eve Post

Dear readers: Most importantly, Merry Christmas, and may we all take time to remember the reason for the season.  After all, where would we be without the founders of our nation and the framers of our Constitution who attributed creation of the United States of America to the Creator of mankind? And why would we be gathering tonight for dinner, presents and celebration without primarily celebrating the birth of God's Son who became the Savior of the world, if only we would accept Him?    *     * [...]

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12-8-16 Let’s circle the wagons on the Dakota Access Pipeline issue

Our Native Friends We'd like to circle the wagons again, around the Dakota Access Pipeline issue -- following our Tuesday commentary -- and make sure the issue doesn't devolve into a racial epithet crossfire wherein no one is safe and many are left with wounded feelings. To start, we have many Native friends and our first reaction to the Standing Rock tribe's Dakota Access Pipeline protest was that local folks might be mistreated.  We know that the Sioux Nation has had a troubled relationship with the federal government for [...]

12-7-16 Alaska/Alberta Investment Climates Face Similar Challenges

Alaska and her Canadian provincial sister, Alberta... ... both face similar economic/political challenges.  1) Both have an overdependence on volatile petroleum income, though Alaska's dependence is greater.  2) Each has a liberal leader who understands the importance of natural reource revenue; but, some of their major constituencies actually oppose natural resource development and support higher energy taxes.  3) The Governor of Alaska and Alberta's Premier both preside over large bureaucracies whose funding has been slashed by a two-plus year energy price decline.  4) Meanwhile, energy competitors all over the world are [...]

12-6-16 Trump Would Be Right To Reverse Obama’s Political Pipeline Decisions —— Should the President-elect Reject An Interior Secretary Candidate Who Supported EPA Overreach?

Trump Vows Prompt Review of Rejection of Dakota Pipeline ... Donald Trump: GOP Leader Inquires About Keystone Pipeline - Fortune Rex Tillerson Governor feuds with ExxonMobil re: take over Alaska LNG project  -  We've agreed with Tillerson that, Alaska Is Its Own Worst Enemy Exxon Mobil CEO emerges as State Department candidate   Our Personal Pearl Harbor Remembrance Standing Rock Commentary By Dave Harbour Sunday, we alerted readers to Presidential interference with due process and how the venerable U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had been led to reject [...]

12-1-16 Outlook: Texas LNG Exports & LNG Demand

  Demand for U.S. natural gas exports via Texas is set to increase by close to 6 Bcf/d over the next few years.  At the same time, Texas production has declined more than 3.0 Bcf/d (16%) to less than 17 Bcf/d in the first half of November from a peak of over 20 Bcf/d in December 2014, and any upside from current levels is likely to be far outpaced by that export demand growth. Much of the supply for export demand from Texas will need to come from outside the [...]

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Gov’s veto forces loan modification for Inlet producer.  BlueCrest Energy is asking state borrowers to amend the terms of a $30 million oil project loan after the state failed to pay tax credits the company was expecting. Armstrong Oil and Gas has high hopes for another North Slope find this winter.  As the amount of oil flowing through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System declines, big new finds on the North Slope are kindling a lot of excitement in Alaska.  Deadline nears for Murkowski energy bill.  Time is running out on one [...]

11-23-16 Good News!

On Being Thankful For The Good News and the Bad As Well....   We are thankful for the good news of an incoming federal administration that more heavily values our Constitution, the rule of law, the proven value of wealth producing natural resources, the importance of properly defending U.S. liberty and the simple but eternal truth symbolized by the greeting, "Merry Christmas". Dr. Scott Goldsmith, Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour Our hopes spring eternal for good news on the Alaska and Canadian energy scenes [...]

11-21-16 Alaska Conference Presentations Bring You State-of-Art Energy Status

Here -- for your current and future reference -- are last week's Resource Development Council for Alaska video and slide presentation archives: Wednesday, November 16th 7:00 a.m.   Registration/Check-in/Exhibits Open Eye-Opener Breakfast in Exhibit Area – Sponsored by Wells Fargo 8:00           Opening Remarks Eric Fjelstad, RDC President, Managing Partner, Perkins Coie LLP Alaska Economic Trends: 2017 Outlook Neal Fried, Economist, Alaska Department of Labor video slides Alaska Industry 2016 Year in Review and 2017 Outlook video Mining: Karen Matthias, Executive Director, Council of Alaska Producers Fisheries: Glenn Reed, President, Pacific [...]