10-13-17 Unhappy Case Histories: Canadians and Americans Can Learn From Each Other

Representative Rob Bishop, courtesy Civil Services. Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced the nomination of Kathleen Hartnett White to chair the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). Chairman Rob Bishop released the following statement: “Kathleen Hartnett White is a great choice to help the administration realign priorities at CEQ. Over the past eight years, this executive office has attempted to use the National Environmental Policy Act as a tool to stonewall any project with a federal nexus. I look forward to working with her on a long overdue streamlining of [...]

10-12-17 Your Northern Energy Update

Warning: Alaska treads troubled economic waters in the middle of a fiscal storm.  Politicians are making the financial crisis worse by creating state subsidies and ratepayer risks.  The story below again reminds us of the Administration's payoff to Interior Alaska supporters via a subsidized Fairbanks gas utility (i.e. when South Central's Enstar customers paid for their own).   Not to mention the otherwise uneconomic Fire Island wind generation project and an infeasible Alaska LNG\pipeline scheme.   Note how two local politicians in the story below are discussing a strategy for squeezing [...]

10-3-16 US-Canada-World LNG Project News Abounds As The Week Begins

Oil and gas news briefs for Oct. 3, 2016 Provided by Larry Persily, Oil and gas news and Alaska LNG project updates, Kenai Peninsula Borough, 144 N. Binkley St., Soldotna, AK 99669 Petronas denies report of possible sale of Canadian LNG project (Reuters; Oct. 1) – Malaysia’s state oil and gas firm on Oct. 1 "categorically denied" a Reuters report that it was considering selling its majority stake in a proposed Canadian liquefied natural gas project. First Nation opposition to LNG project could end up in court (Globe and Mail; Canada; Sept. [...]

9-11-15 Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget: 9-11 REMEMBRANCE OF GAS PIPELINES POLITICAL PIPEDREAMS: LEST WE FORGET! by Dave Harbour Maybe history teaches that political pipedreams don't work so well. Would it not be wise to learn from our past? Would it not be logical to offer support and not hostile dictates to private sector investors -- for a change -- so that they might realistically conform energy exploration, production, development, transportation, marketing and distribution hopes to the realism of private sector expertise, science-based planning, decision-making agility, competition-inspired efficiency, volatile market [...]

6-2-16 Will free market compromisers become free market defenders … or not?

Sowell: Socialism for the uninformed Added by Thomas Sowell on June 2, 2016.  Saved under News & Commentary By Thomas Sowell Socialism sounds great. It has always sounded great. And it will probably always continue to sound great. It is only when you go beyond rhetoric, and start looking at hard facts, that socialism turns out to be a big disappointment, if not a disaster.  More... To Elected Officials In Times Of Shortage, Increasing Taxes On The Few Is Easier Than Cutting Benefits Of The Many Commentary [...]

5-23-16 By Increments We Can Lose A Nation’s Liberty

Energy Is The Very Foundation Of North American Freedom Eco-socialist Strategists Know That The Means, Transportation and Distribution of Energy Production Can Come Under Their Control Via Government Expropriation And/Or Regulatory Power by Dave Harbour Today we ask our readers to recognize the dots that connect socialism and eco-activism to the undoing of free energy markets and freedom itself. We will demonstrate why this transformation is not merely the natural swing, back and forth, of a political pendulum. Our readers can surely agree that: Freedom can be eliminated by eliminating free enterprise. [...]

Alaska And Alberta Struggle To Save Oil Patch Economies – Scroll Down For Today’s Commentary, “U.S. & Canadian Environmental Laws/Regs Have Moved Beyond ‘Reasonable’ To Becoming Weapons Against Capitalism”

Calgary Herald/CP.  Canada’s environment minister won’t say if the country can meet its climate change commitments and at the same time green-light new pipeline projects.  Catherine McKenna told reporters.... Larry Persily, former Alaska gas pipeline federal coordinator. NGP Photo. See Larry Persily's just released energy links, mostly dealing with Alaska's LNG competitors.  Meanwhile, we urge readers to absorb the wisdom in the AK-HEADLAMP report below: Increasing oil & gas taxes in a low price or any environment is not a strategy that will attract investment [...]

Obama Addresses Alaska Resources as Alaska Leaders Respond Guardedly – Truckers Speak Out – NEB Hosts Inuvik Roundtable And Pays Way For Some Guests

Today's Email Alert NEB.  Comment:  Canada's National Energy Board (NEB) will host a Roundtable Meeting in Inuvik at the Midnight Sun Recreation Centre from 10 to 16 September 2011 and reimburse certain outsiders up to $300,000 to fly in and sit at the roundtable.    We suspect that most of the subsidized visitors to Inuvik will be non-industry advocates.    We imagine the September event will merit some discussion at the Inuvik Petroleum Show next month.  -dh Opinion: American Truckers Speak Out On Energy. The trucking industry annually consumes 35 billion gallons of [...]

Governor Draws Line in Coastal Sand – NEB’s Gaeton Says Gas Production Declining – State Executive Calls Pipeline Situation Urgent – US House Passes Energy Package – Gas Pipeline Panel On TV This Weekend – Shell Submits Chukchi Exploration Plan

HQ Yellowknife.  Bob McLeod (NGP Photo) said the Mackenzie Gas Project would translate to billions of dollars for the NWT and Canadian economy, calling it a “nation building endeavour.” Calgary Herald by Dina O'Meara.  Canadian natural gas production is expected to drop by 4.4 per cent within two years on an oversupplied North American market and a shift toward drilling more lucrative oil prospects, according to a new report. ... Fevered drilling for shale gas in the United States flooded North American markets at a time when demand was soft because [...]

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Meet Chairman Caron at the Inuvik Petroleum Show If You Can! – Attend Federal Coordinator Conference on Future of Alaska – TransCanada Trades Pipeline Interest – Commentary: Some Alaska Lawmakers are Adroit

The Deadline Is Friday: For Protecting Public Use of the Oceans and Great Lakes.  Use This Webpage to Easily Comment by the Friday Deadline On Another Example Of Federal Overreach -- As Washington Bosses Seek To Zone (Restrict) Ocean Use. "Alaska's economy is overwhelmingly dependent on oil, and if Alaska is going to maintain a healthy economy years into the future it needs more oil and it also needs a gas line," said Federal Coordinator Larry Persily (NGP Photo-l). "Without billions of dollars in new investment, the longevity of the oil [...]

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Bromwich Behavior Unbecoming – Canadian Editor Expects NEB To Make Up For Joint Review Panel Delay and Audacity

recommendations clearly indicates the governments were justified in their responses and the JRP travelled well beyond the scope of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline project.  Many of the recommendations the GNWT turned down had the potential to nullify any bargaining power the government has in its dealing with aboriginal governments for future land claims and land use agreements. For those agreements to be fair the GNWT and First Nations must come to the table on relatively equal ground. During these negotiations the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline already provides many First Nations groups [...]

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Feds Assault Alaska’s Economy – Canada Moves Closer to Mackenzie Pipeline Approval – Arctic Source for Terrorism? – NARUC Hears Consumer Messages

  Alaska: A Brave New World for Explorers and Producers by Dave Harbour For: Petroleum News Alaska: A review of federal policy assaults on Alaska's economy.... CBC.  The proposed $16.2-billion Mackenzie Valley gas pipeline is a step closer to reality after the federal and Northwest Territories governments agreed Monday with most of the recommendations set out by a review panel last year.  ...  "Should the [project] proceed, it will do so within a responsible environmental stewardship framework," federal Environment Minister John Baird said in a release     *   [...]

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4-26-10 Yogi Berra, the Pipeliner, Might Say, “It’s like deja vu all over again” – Another MMS Deadline Looms Next Week

The Department of Interior's Minerals Management Service (MMS) is taking comment on the current revised 2007-12 lease sale program which contains a strong Alaska component.  Here is a web portal you may use to electronically transmit comment to the MMS .  From this site you can modify an existing letter to send your own letter in your own words, scroll to the bottom of the site. MMS is using a very brief period to build a record to help determine the fate of Alaska and other lease sale areas.  The comment deadline is [...]

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