3-7-17 Former Alaska Gas Pipeline Federal Coordinator Describes Governor’s Request For An EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE To A Bureaucracy-Owned LNG Project

Op-Ed From Former Federal Gas Pipeline Coordinator, Larry Persily.... State signs on to cover costs of FERC contractor for EIS Larry Persily, Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour By Larry Persily lpersily@kpb.us March 7, 2017   (This update, provided by the Kenai Peninsula Borough mayor’s office, is part of an ongoing effort to help keep the public informed about the Alaska LNG project.) As part of taking over sole responsibility for the Alaska LNG project, the state has signed an agreement to cover the costs [...]

2-28-17 Alaska Has Room To Cut Spending…But Do Its Elected Leaders Have The Will?

Does Alaska have a Spending Problem?  Benchmarking is the Answer By Representative Lora Reinbold, February 26, 2017 Representative Lora Reinbold, Eagle River, Alaska. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour The Governor, some in the Legislature and even some prominent Alaskans don’t believe Alaska has a spending problem.  They say that Alaska has a revenue problem and argue that Alaska needs to implement more revenue options, i.e. taking your money to fuel big government.  Their tired refrain is simply to argue, “you can’t cut your way [...]

2-22-17 Keen Perspective: Macro Energy Trends

From our Mid-Atlantic Energy Analyst Friend: One of the best items we have read in recent times is linked below. It is a great history from Roman times of how monetary policy is really in place to serve the government, not the people We urge you to read it. We learned more from this presentation than any one item in a long time. https://mises.org/library/inflation-and-fall-roman-empire Finally, an update on the progress of the Aramco IPO, just since our note yesterday. We see the IPO as quite probably the largest single [...]

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ALERT ALERT ALERT HERE IS THE DOI LINK YOU'LL NEED HERE ARE THE ACTUAL NEW ARCTIC OCS REGULATIONS Cautionary note: The email alert we issued today indicated that we would have more to say in coming weeks about these Arctic OCS regulations.  Our initial scanning of the regs today, did not lead us to immediate judgment.  We deeply respect the work of Congressman Bishop (below) and his predecessor, Doc Hastings.  However, on this issue of the Arctic OCS regs, study is required before reaching final conclusions.  A respected friend with one of [...]

6-3-16 NEB Breathes Life Into Mackenzie Project – Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis Unresolved

One of Earle Gray's books.... CBC News.  The National Energy Board is giving Imperial Oil until the end of 2022 to start building the Mackenzie Gas Project.  ...  Previously, Imperial Oil and its partners had until the end of 2015 to begin building the 1,196-kilometre, $16.2-billion pipeline. ... Lisa Schmidt, a spokesperson for Imperial Oil, said in an email ... the project participants "remain hopeful that they can assist in the development of Canada's significant northern gas resources.  This extension will allow time to assess whether changes in the North American natural gas [...]

4-18-16 ALERT BELOW – BLM Seeks To Increase O&G Regulatory Burden

Alberta's 2016 budget: Ignoring lessons from Alberta’s history (Appeared in the Calgary Sun) by Ben Eisen and Charles Lammam Alberta expects to rack up $37 billion in new debt over the next three years.   Notley following Wynne’s failed Ontario strategy on deficits and debt (Appeared in the Calgary Sun) by Ben Eisen and Charles Lammam Ontario has seen its net debt increase by $126.5 billion since 2008/09.   Will B.C. ever export LNG? (Appeared in the Vancouver Sun) by Kenneth P. Green and Taylor Jackson The regulatory approval [...]

4-15-16 Op-Ed: Alaska’s Budget Talk: All Bark and No Bite?

The Road Less Traveled by Dave Harbour A path less taken.... A road more oft taken. Yesterday's editorial may seem like the writer has no empathy or regard for elected leaders. Au contraire. We have run for public office twice ourselves and lost twice.  We know the dedication and loneliness required to enter the political arena.  We appreciate the courage and focus and determination one musters to run for office.  One appreciates the long hours of candidate work, the door-to-door, the fund raising, the volunteer coordination, the interviews [...]

Big Alaska OCS Hearing Schedule Kicks Off Tomorrow In Anchorage

KTUU Television.  Oil production in Alaska increased ... during the last 12 months, the first year-over-year production increase the state has seen since 2002. See Alberta Job Losses, Bottom, Column Right From the Anchorage Office of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) we received this note over the weekend from Michael Haller: Good Afternoon Dave: I haven't seen you in a while, but wanted to pass personal thanks for getting our info up on the NGP website for all to see and be aware of. These are important meetings [...]

Energy East Pipeline Injunction – Our Readers Comment

TransCanada (TRP +0.9%) will now have to face just one injunction request related to its Energy East pipeline. After a Quebec court rules an injunction sought by an environmental group can be folded into a similar court action that has been launched by the Quebec government. Quebec wants TRP to provide a more detailed account of its Energy East proposal, which would result in a more complete environmental review process than the one currently taking place. While the judge noted the environmental law group’s application for an injunction came before the [...]

2-12-16 Credit Worthiness Downgrades Affect Public & Private Sectors

For Alaska Legislators: see this relevant note today from a long-time Alaska friend and colleague, Terry Brady (NGP Photo). From Akheadlamp.com. Alaska House suspended action on all bills not related to the State budget.  Credit Worthiness Downgrades Affect Public & Private Sectors   by   Dave Harbour   We have covered Alaska's deteriorating credit worthiness as judged by rating agency analysts.   New York, February 11, 2016 -- Moody's Investors Service (Moody's) concluded rating reviews on 11 Ba-rated US exploration and production (E&P) companies. Moody's confirmed three companies' ratings, and downgraded [...]


Reasons for oil states and provinces to be as competitive as possible.  (Statistics today from our Aussie O&G energy analyst friend) Late last week US independent Southwestern Energy laid off 1,100 staff members - or an incredible 40% of its staff A similar story is being played out with Canadian focused Husky Energy, who is said to be planning a 30% staff reduction in the next few weeks. Oil services giant Schlumberger announced a 15,000 personnel reduction last week.   Also as we noted last week, Shell is to reduce its [...]

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1-24-16 Pacific Legal Foundation Update

Pacific Legal Foundation Communication, Current Cases: Thanks Dave. I enjoy reading your NGP alerts and all of us here think about the major issues there.  Thanks for providing a great service! You may have seen that we have two cases accepted at the Supreme Court, including a Clean Water Act challenge.  I know several years ago we had a case in Fairbanks (permafrost = wetlands) against the Corps of Engineers.  In Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes, we represent a Minnesota peat mining business that has been raked over the coals [...]

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9-22-15 BP’s US and Alaska Economic Reports

See BP's 2015 $135 billion US Economic Impact and Its Alaska Economic Report (Supporting over 24k jobs) Our Commentary Calgary Herald.       Cagary Herald End of year deadline for review of Alberta Energy Regulator, says minister ADN by Pat Forgy.   The North Slope Borough has become fabulously wealthy from taxes on the oil industry and its massive Prudhoe Bay infrastructure.   More.... Reader Commentary by Our Mid-Atlantic Energy Senior Consultant Friend (Reference this Fuel Fix Story by Collin Eaton) Our Commentary While Alaska producers are poised to finance and build a gas pipeline/LNG export [...]


  Today's relevant energy links from Consumer Energy Alliance: Dave, I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time that your website is a great source of information on what is happening in the industry in our part of the world. - Tom Brennan (NGP Photo, autographing his book, Snowflake Rebellion) Bloomberg Business: New Yorkers Reap Lower Power Bills From Shale Gas Bonanza The shale boom has reached the Big Apple. Wholesale on-peak electricity prices for Manhattan and its four neighboring boroughs averaged $40.99 a megawatt-hour since the start of [...]

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9-15-15 “Tell It Like It Is”

Yesterday: LNG Prospects Lower.  Now: Hawaii, NOT a Prospective Customer For BC and Alaska Yes, Low Oil Prices Also Affect Service Industries and Their Thousands of Employees and Sub Contractors! EPA Alert Calgary's New "Tell It Like It Is Leader" Big OCS News Today: New Moratorium! Reader Commentary, Below, and Our Reaction Commentary, "Telling it like it is" carries with it a responsibility for diligence and judgment: We are honored to receive so many calls and emails every week, over many years, from readers throughout the world.  We hardly ever make [...]