ConocoPhillips this morning announced a new Alaska North Slope discovery! … With Massive Subsidy The Fairbanks, Alaska LNG/Gas Distribution Project Struggles On

ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. today announced a new oil discovery in the Greater Mooses Tooth (GMT) Unit located in the northeast portion of the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPRA). Here’s a link to the full release Quick reference from the release:  The Willow discovery wells, Tiŋmiaq 2 and 6, were drilled in early 2016 and encountered 72 feet and 42 feet of net pay, respectively, in the Brookian Nanushuk formation. ConocoPhillips has a 78 percent working interest in the discovery and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation holds a 22 percent interest.  [...]

12-13-16 Our Canadian Friend Reminds Us That Scrooge Was Anti-Carbon

Alert: President-elect Donald Trump will name Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana to serve as Interior Secretary, senior transition sources tell Fox News.   More: Senator Cathy Giessel.  NGP file photo by Dave Harbour Sen. Cathy Giessel, chairs the Senate Resources Committee: "It bodes well for business," she said of Tillerson being nominated (for Secretary of State). "It bodes well for Alaska."   KTUU Two Texans who love Canadian oil offered pipeline-policy roles in Trump cabinet   Trump is right to keep an "open mind" on environmental [...]

10-31-16 Can Oil Rebound Save Alberta? An Alaska Lesson. Energy and the Impact of Illegal Immigration.

Today: Alberta - Alaska - US Elections - An Illegal Alien Organizer -It's all related and we'll show why- -We hope you'll submit a thoughtful comment at the bottom of this page- Please review our commentary, column left.  Then skim the email sent today by an illegal alien on SEIU letterhead, in the right column.  The illegal immigration warriors are out of the closet and active.  What about those supporting lawful immigration, logical policies and the rule of law: are we as willing to be heard?  This whole complex [...]

10-10-16 Did Alaska’s Senators Jump The Gun Trashing Trump?

Our take on this headline: Alaska Sens. Sullivan and Murkowski call on Donald Trump to drop out of presidential race After the disgusting Trump "hot mike" comments from 11 years ago, we collected our thoughts and offered them to Tim Pawlenty last Saturday.  Today, we wish we had similarly counselled Alaska's Senators to not, "jump the gun".  After all the outrage and dust settles, the reality is that a Clinton administration would 1) put the nail in Alaska's natural resource coffin, and 2) coordinate with the liberal Canadian Prime Minister on [...]

10-6-16 US & Canadian Leaders Attack Fossil Fuel (Note: Both liberal policies increase consumer prices, decrease jobs, increase national debt, depress economies with no verifiable improvement in a conjured climate change narrative. -dh)

BREAKING NEWS! ConocoPhillips Alaska today announced it has signed a contract with Doyon Drilling Inc. to build a new Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) Rig. The rig will initially target development of Fiord West, a field northwest of the main Alpine pad discovered in 1996. The ERD rig represents the third new-build drilling rig ConocoPhillips has contracted for since SB21 was passed in 2013.   READ COMPLETE ANNOUNCEMENT HERE! Oil Glut? Here Comes Some More!  Good for Alaska! BY CLIFFORD KRAUSS Oil finds in Texas and Alaska come at a [...]

9-29-16 Feds “Steal” 100 Million Acres of Alaska? BC LNG Fights For Survival!

Trudeau government re: Pacific Northwest LNG.   If, for instance, you attach some value to the natural habitats of wild salmon or the threat posed by greenhouse gas emissions.... What's next for Pacific NorthWest LNG project? 4 questions answered.  Green light for B.C. LNG project won't pave way for other pipelines .... Did you know that today, with the help of former Alaska Lieutenant Governor Fran Ulmer (NGP file photo), the White House may be determining the fate of Alaska's Arctic? Former Alaska Governor Sean Parnell. Northern Gas Pipelines [...]

9-27-16 Alaska’s Globe Trotting Governor Sends Non-News From The Republic Of Korea

Royal Bank of Canada CEO touts pipelines as key to transitioning to a greener economy, Calgary Herald: The head of Canada's largest bank made the case for new ... Demand for oil and gas continues to rise around the world.... Breaking News(?) From Alaska's Governor Now In Korea Following A Purchased Speech Forum In Singapore Governor Bill Walker, NGP file photo by Dave Harbour Asia may be "looking for new sources" of LNG by 2023.  But that is no guarantee that the Republic of Korea or any other Asian nation will [...]

9-22-16 BREAKING NOW: State Finally Approves Prudhoe Bay Plan of Development!

September 22, 2016 --- Vol. 22, No. 35 September 2016 DNR approves Prudhoe POD Tim Bradner Petroleum News, by Tim Bradner.  State Natural Resources Commissioner Andy Mack has approved BP's 2016 Plan of Development for the Prudhoe Bay field on the North Slope, taking a highly contentious issue between the state and industry off the table.BP is the operator of the Prudhoe field on behalf of itself and other owners including ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil. A dispute had developed over a request by Gov. Bill Walker and former [...]

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8-11-16 World Knows What Alaska’s Governor Won’t Admit: NOW IS NOT THE TIME For An Expensive 800 Mile Pipeline/LNG Export Project!

Our Aussie Energy Analyst friend evaluates the Alaska LNG project: NOW IS NOT THE TIME. We have long observed that Alaska's governor and legislature would be wiser to focus their energies on enabling Alaska to live within its means, rather than overtaxing current investors or over spending dwindling state savings accounts and/or pursuing an uneconomic, expensive LNG project when, NOW IS NOT THE TIME!  -dh LNG and international gas, by our Aussie blogger: An interesting regulatory comparison between two of the more interesting but challenging international pipeline projects - Alaska [...]

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7-27-16 Alaska’s Creditworthiness Declines Again

Alaska's Governor Bill Walker takes no responsibility for a declining credit rating as he continues to joust at the windmills of socialist acquisition of Alaska's resource wealth deterring industry investment in a low oil price environment.  Brilliant.  -dh Governor Walker’s Statement on Moody’s Downgrade of Alaska’s Rating “Today’s news from Moody’s Investors Services is concerning but, unfortunately, not surprising. Moody’s says, ‘The downgrade recognizes the state’s political inability – at least for now – to address its severe fiscal challenge.’ The agency’s analysts cite our strengths—our available cash reserves and [...]

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7-26-16 “Pipe Dreams” – August 24 – Anchorage

The anti-civilization cadres are at it again, turning enviro-military assets away from TransCanada's stalled Keystone toward TransCanada's Energy East Pipe Dream.  Note the tremendous fundraising and political connections of NRDC.  -dh Energy East Pipe Dream is new target for anti-Keystone XL group Financial Post's Claudia Cattaneo; NGP file photo by Dave Harbour Jul 26 2016, 10:58 ET | By: Carl Surran, SA News Editor Climate change plans from Alberta’s and Canada’s governments are failing to moderate anti-pipeline campaigns, as the Natural Resources Defense Council - which led the assault against [...]

7-15-16 A Little Sign Of Alaska Gasline Ethics Traps….

   (Note: readers may submit comments on this story below.)  ALERT - ALERT - ALERT NOTICE THIS AFTERNOON.  BOEM releases draft Environmental Impact Statement for Potential Cook Inlet Lease Sale: Agency Seeks Public Comments through Sept. 6 Potential Gasline Ethics Warning In late 2015 we warned Legislators to get rid of any gas line public funding for many reasons, including a litany of conflicts of interest likely to emerge.  (Read below, column right) Commentary: Alaska's Quixotic gasline governor is intent on risking hundreds of millions of public, EQUITY dollars on a gas pipeline/LNG project -- even without [...]


ALERT ALERT ALERT HERE IS THE DOI LINK YOU'LL NEED HERE ARE THE ACTUAL NEW ARCTIC OCS REGULATIONS Cautionary note: The email alert we issued today indicated that we would have more to say in coming weeks about these Arctic OCS regulations.  Our initial scanning of the regs today, did not lead us to immediate judgment.  We deeply respect the work of Congressman Bishop (below) and his predecessor, Doc Hastings.  However, on this issue of the Arctic OCS regs, study is required before reaching final conclusions.  A respected friend with one of [...]

6-23-16 Federal Overreach Is Officially Court-Scorned

BREAKING NEWS TODAY: Compare With Related Federal Lawlessness Documented Below Washington, D.C. – Today, the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held an oversight hearing on the lack of enforcement and accountability from the Obama Administration in response to a growing number of reports of unethical and criminal conduct at the Department of the Interior (DOI).  More here, including witness testimony.... Pacific Legal Foundation's Supreme Court Victories Over Federal Overreach Read Here Federal Judge Kills Fed Fracking Regs By Victor Morton - The Washington Times - Tuesday, [...]

6-19-16 Alaska’s Governor Calls 5th Special Session

Bill Walker, Governor of Alaska. NGP file photo by Dave Harbour. Commentary: This afternoon, Alaska Governor Bill Walker called for a 5th Special Legislative Session to deal with the State's fiscal crisis: Here is the proclamation.     ///     See his video press conference here. We believe Walker may also be creating for himself a political crisis, for several reasons: The proclamation puts back on the table all of the most controversial issues rejected during earlier sessions: Use of the state's permanent fund earnings for government operations and a broad [...]