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1-29-16.  Dave, I enjoyed Ian Pilmer's speech.  Great stuff!  L. H., Ecuador

1-29-16.  Thx Dave!  Thanks for looking for a half full glass!  Why the governor chooses hostility over professionalism and good economics is a challenge to comprehend!  America is still so blessed compared to other countries!  Thanks for your vigilance for our great state!  My best New Years wishes to you and your lovely bride!  ... She is a class act!  Again thanks for more optimism.  B.O., Fairbanks, Ak.  

1-25-16.  Thanks Dave. I enjoy reading your NGP alerts and all of us here think about the major issues there.  Thanks for providing a great service!

You may have seen that PLF has two cases accepted at the Supreme Court, including a Clean Water Act challenge.  I know several years ago we had a case in Fairbanks (permafrost = wetlands) against the Corps of Engineers.  In Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes, we represent a Minnesota peat mining business that has been raked over the coals by the Corps.  The feds issued a jurisdictional determination that they control the property. The legal issue in play for justices --- whether a property owner can directly challenge government in court when regulators label property as wetlands, subject to federal oversight.  Here’s our news release….  



Robert L. Krauter

Chief Communications Officer

Pacific Legal Foundation

930 G Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 503-9032

1-21-16.  Reader response: Randy Kerr, Canada, to 1-21-16  "Our Own Worst Economic Enemy":  No question, you are right about that Dave. Crazy what’s happening in Canada these last couple of years.  It just keeps getting worse and AK doesn’t seem any different.

10-29-15.  Dave Harbour: A True Alaska Statesman, with accompanying endorsements.  Web page: Dan Fagan.  Copy here.

10-25-15.  Dave, I know it's not fun to deliver the hard truth, but you do it well, and it's essential.  D.K., Energy Expert

10-25-15.  The LNG Project: Insightful, thought provoking commentary…deserving of careful consideration by every member of the legislature!   -J.N., Government Executive  

10-13-15.   Dave, keep up the good work.  I guess ANWR is coming to attention again.  Lets talk soon.  --, PhD., Biologist

10-7-15.  Glen Biegel Radio Program, interview with Tom McGrath, re: Northern Gas Pipelines and Dave Harbour

9-30-15.  Thank you for providing a useful news service.  I hope it is profitable for you.  I like you fine, but as for Facebook and Twitter I do not “like” them worth a damn.

Robert M. Reynolds, Arkansas

(Note: Northern Gas Pipelines has never been profitable to me in the financial sense.  In a psychic sense, it has been therapeutic and enlightening.  The fact that we have created such a well-used, searchable archive for industry, government, media and academia is fulfilling.  -dh

10-1-15.  Dave: Its unbelievable what is going on in this state under this Gov...thanks for the clear points and good messaging!  - State Legislator

9-29-15.  Oh my gosh . . . What comes next?  Your report was very long with LOTS of details. . . I am printing it and sharing it – especially Senator Murkowski’s hand in this . . . .  Don’t you retire, Dave. . . .this is one way we are so fortunate to get the details that are important to ALASKA !!!  Bunny and Al thank you for keeping us IN THE LOOP . . . so . . . like I said. . . don’t you retire Dave, otherwise we have no clue who will be sending us VALUABLE INFORMATION....

9-25-15.  Hi Dave:

Did you ever read the Bizarro World comics??  
We are living such in real time I'm afraid. 
Ron Arvin 



I always enjoy your newsletter, but your recent re: the NG issues one is special.

In my nearly 60 years in Alaska I have witnessed "many positive", and "too many negative" uses of the resources found within the boundaries of Alaska (not the boundaries of the State of Alaska) but nothing, not fish plants, not bridges to nowhere, not barley farms, etc.,  come anywhere near the Natural Gas fiasco that got underway with the El Paso group so long ago.

I have many observations and opinions on what has transpired over time, and will not list them.

But I continue to marvel at the way our "leaders" (elected and not) and the consultants, have been able to relieve the bank accounts (and the money goes somewhere!)!

Thanks, keep up the good reporting.

Terry T. Brady, MS (wood science), for
Nordev, LLC

9-24-15.  "I appreciate your efforts greatly, as do a lot of folks."  -  From an energy industry journalist. 

9-23-15.  Hey Dave: Bill Brackin here. Just thought I would Bill Brackin, ExxonMobil, Iditarod, Alaska, Photo by Dave Harbourdrop you a line just to check in.  Though I don't say thanks nearly often enough, I really appreciate your continuing and steadfast coverage of the last frontier's last frontier.  Though living in Austin, and traveling about this old globe (in Asheville NC as I write), your editorial line-of-sight keeps me connected to Alaska.  Deep thanks, Bill Brackin

9-15-15.  Dave, I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time that your website is a great source of information on what is happening in the industry in our part of the world. - Tom Brennan (Snowflake Rebellion)

9-14-15.  ... Most importantly you add such wealth of Knowledge on our energy  and industrial and political business news in Alaska. 

You are read by many and are the only newsletter that covers all the economic and environmental concerns that occur in Alaska and DC as well as sister energy States like North Dakota and Wyoming.  

I do not know why others do not more aggressively cover the government and especially the "Political Industry"....  Thanks, Dave.   Paul Richards

9-13-15.  ...glad you provide this information.   It keeps us IN THE LOOP!  Have a GREAT WEEK, DAVE!  Bunny and Al Chong

8-19-15.  Responding to the following email alert: We are sad to have to itemize the outrageous decisions of Alaska's new governor.  However, the king is naked and the future generation's hopes are threatened.  

  • Well maybe when our political leaders “SUE” him it might OPEN HIS EYES. . . YOU THINK????

    Although history proves that some people NEVER LEARN.

    Hope all is well with you, Dave.


    B. & A. C., Kenai, Alaska

  • Thanks, Dave.  R.D.
  • Great Piece today – beginning to end. Though I’m thinking you might not get an invitation to the next Governor’s picnic. Who knows? He might be a Donne/Hemingway fan.  D.L.
  • Dave: This is amazing and confusing.  Can't AK just tell the gas companies to build it and let us know how we can help?  Best Regards, M.C.  MatSu Valley, Alaska
  • Great job Dave.  J.L.
  • Hard hitting article Dave  -S.O.  (DH response: Like the email says, S., "sad to have to itemize".  His actions are so detrimental to the state that ignoring them would be inviting an even earlier death of the economy. 
    Almost everyone in the state in one way or another depends on state/federal regulations or largess.  Accordingly, there is almost no one left who, without fear of retribution, can say, "the king is naked", either on a national or on a state level.  
    Government is now so powerful that while we say "this is a free country", crossing those in power can have awful consequences.  Companies have been converted to crony capitalists by regulators and elected officials.  As long as they do the regulators' bidding, no problem.  Slaves in a free country.  But should they dare to object, the project is in jeopardy.  
    Then there are the companies, alternate energy operations in particular and enviro NGOs, who are willing allies of the bureaucracy.  Their subsidies, grants and even 'sue and settle' arrangements have created high salary fiefdoms that depend upon a socialist economy...and they must support that economy or find another line of work.
    Freedom is only preserved by exercising it.   If you and I don't speak up, who will?  If we don't do it now, when will the message be heard?  If not enough of us rise up, how long can Alaska survive?)
    (S. Response: We are in deep kimchee as a state economy.   It is a new paradigm in the post oil boom economy.  There is a serious lack of leadership in the legislature and the executive.  Thanks for what you are doing.   -S.)        (-dh response: Sadly, we have it right.  Hopefully, we're not past the tipping point, but if the man's ego does not permit him to reverse course on a number of issues -- which is not likely -- the handwriting now on the wall blooms into reality.  Thank you for the responses.
  • This.  Is .. Awesome!  R.L.   

5-5-15.  Dave: You wrote a great article 5/4/15. I hope our Congressional Delegation, Governor, and State Legislature read it.

Best Regards,

Matt Cronin, PhD, Anchorage

5-4-15.  Dave:  The mayor of Seattle was way out of line, I thought.  c.c., Fairbanks

2-24-15.  Dave:  Thank you very much for having provided the opportunity to present to the public the example of injustice that the Orange Hill Taking exposes.   

Your description of the “War On Alaska’s Future” is excellent.    

The tools that the Feds are using to destroy Alaska are overwhelming.  After 35 years of investing a massive amount of time and money fighting for our Constitutional Rights, the Northwest Explorations management committee members decided a year ago that the Orange Hill Taking is beyond our means to bring to closure.    I will pass as a citizen whose freedom has been taken, as will my family and my financial supporters and their families, including the thousands of investors in the NY Stock Exchange company, KBR our  joint venture partner, all of whom have lost their freedom.

Historically , democracies have a life of approximately 200 year.   The experience of the Orange Hill Taking is just one example of the reality that we are in the terminal stage of our democracy.   It is a sad commentary, but it is a fact of life. 

Best regards,


9-1-14.  10th Annual Oil and Gas Congress, Dave Harbour, Chair Emeritus (P.3 listing under 'faculty'), NGP Sponsor.

7-1-13.  Dave:  Thanks for doing this.  J.S., Ak.

6-28-13.  Thanks Dave.  You are doing us all a helluva service with these messages and the website. R.W., Ak.

6-28-13.  See Scott Thorson's comment in detail, here.

6-27-13.  Boardmembers: In case you've not seen this glowing coverage in Dave Harbour's blog today.  Thanks for all the support for another successful annual meeting.   R.R., Ak.

5-11-13.  Dave, Thanks for the recognition on Mining Day and the appropriate Celebration that was shared by those who went to the Special Breakfast and recognizing Senator Giessel's’s Bill that was recently signed by the Governor….  I have the privilege to represent xxxx for currently and for the  17 years and also the same for 3 years with xxxxx – xxxxxxx and proud to do so specially when the Legislative Session  is over and I get the chance to visit the operating mines around the State…..Mining is our history that brought major exploration and jobs to the State and the men and women who stayed to make it a success will always be remembered……do you remember our Fairbanks University was originally Alaska Agriculture and Mining University?  I believe I am right on that  and was sorry to see Mining become a Division of the University and not a major department…….Thanks for all you do in getting the word out about Oil, Gas, Mining, and other job created industry’s …..  -PR, Ak.

4-17-13.  Thanks, Dave for the kind words.  -PM, Washington, D.C.

4-8-13.  Dave thanks for timely info on oil and gas. Any news on possible fracking in Alaska.  JF, Ak (Answered.  -dh)

2-28-13.  Dave, Thanks for the heads-up on Dan’s article regarding domestic oil and gas production. I emailed him seeking permission to rerun the piece in our next xxx newsletter, which does go to all in Congress.  Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your postings!!  CP, Ak


Hi Dave:  I am glad that your trip (with the United Nations) worked out so well. I just returned from Esmeraldes and as always am awed by the situation there.  Were are planning to use some of your wonderful photos for Women's day. I will ask xxx  to share with you our contribution to the exhibit.  Thank you for your flexibility in the use of the photos.  Yes lets plan for lunch when you are in Quito again.  Best,  DH, Quito, Ecuador

1-14-13.  Dave,  I just want to correct an error in your summary of Meet Alaska regarding xxxxx's comments.  Your article states:  "xxxxx pointed out that the reason for his company's declining investment in Alaska can be traced to Alaska's production tax that produced $51 billion in 2011 for the state and half that amount for xxxxxx."  It should say: "xxxxxx pointed out that the reason for his company's declining investment in Alaska can be traced to Alaska's production tax that produced $51 per barrel billion in 2011 for the state and half that amount for xxxxx."  DC, Ak  (Correction was made.  dh)

1-11-13.  Boy! Dave this article is really cause for concern. I knew we were getting a bump in crude prices, but didn’t know it was so challenged. We may be in deep s___ a lot sooner than I realized. B.B.

12-7-12.  Responses to Pearl Harbor Commentary:

a.  Great stories, Dave. Well done. thanks for serving. J.L.

b.  Thanks Dave for the Pearl Harbor story. It is an attitude that has changed over time, but one we need to get back into.  I and my family from my Marine father, me as a retired Army officer , and to my Navy son who is currently deployed somewhere he cannot tell us.  God Bless you, folks like us and the Patrons that gave us the Freedom to be an American. Something people are risking their lives to become.  All the best and have a “Merry Christmas” and a Happy New Year.  -KG, Fairbanks, Ak. 

c.  Dave:  Thank you for sharing about your father.  My father with his older brother thought it would be fun to get out of Arizona and go to Hawaii. This they did in October 1941. As a carpenter he quickly found a job at a navel base near Honolulu. Dec. 7 was a Sunday so his day off. As a civilian employee he did not live on the base but just the other side of the mountain. He never talked much about that day other than when they first started hearing all the planes and noise they thought it was some type of training. The next day he was there helping limiting his comments by referring to "all the bodies". Tuesday he enlisted and served until the spring of 1945. Most of the time he was on some forgotten pacific island. I guess the only reason I am here today is that the Japanese also forgot about it.  - EC

d.  Dave:  Thanks for sharing the “Pearl” story.  I, too, come from parents of the greatest generation, my father a 2d Lt in the 87th Infantry Division (Acorn) in Patton’s Third Army.  He was wounded, PH’d, Silver and Bronze Starred, etc. and came in right after D-Day.  He was in the Ardennes, Bulge, etc. all the way thru VE day.  I lost him when I was 12, however, but honor his service to our country, and also his recall to Korea.  I have the diary he kept in WWII…perhaps my most valuable possession.  I know this is not the country he and others like him were NOT willing to die for.  But, that’s another story.  (added for emphasis. -dh)  Take care.  Stay warm and safe.  Regards, RC

e.  Nice article about your parents and Pearl Harbor Dave!  That was really touching.  Don't worry, the United States is going to be just fine.  Sure the demographics are changing but change is good, things can't remain the same forever, there would be no growth.  Anything that does not grow, dies.  
Merry Christmas and God bless you my friend, DP, Chicago  (We love our friends, even those whom we believe to be misled by this Administration.  -dh)

f.  Thanks for the memories here.  And, as always, for the tips.  - SJH, AK Media Friend

G.  I was thinking this morning about where I was on December 7, 1941 when I first learned of the attack on Pearl Harbor  - - driving back to Yakima from skiing on Highway 410 at Lake Tipso, and I remember thinking at that early age that the Japanese must be crazy to attack the US.  And I was right!  -CC, Fairbanks, Ak.

10-19-12.  great info--thank you Dave!  - LR, Alaska

1-19-12.  Dear Dave,  You're to be commended on your latest column, which encapsulates this country's situation. How incredibly prescient Ann Rand was so long ago. I thought so much of it that I sent it to my 95 year-old mother who can probably converse more intelligently about today's political climate than either of the presidential candidates. She's just published her fifth book and is working on her next one.   
If you haven't had an opportunity to view the Al Smith banquet which features both Romney and Obama I would highly recommend it. 
Enjoy your weekend.
Mark Watson, Kentucky

10-8-12.  Dave: Thanks for the response. I do enjoy your articles/newsletters. I am still looking for allies to identify all the .... Would like to do a "research study" with impact on all Alaskans. Keep shouting your message, more and more are starting to listen and believe. If we can help get your message out there, let us know. Thanks.  DB, Alaska

10-5-12.  Love your updates.  KD, Association Executive Director, Florida

10-4-12.  Thanks for participating, EB, State of Alaska


Mr. Harbour:
...  Just in case you're wondering why someone in Kentucky is a regular visitor to your site, my daughter ventured to Juneau a few years ago to obtain her master's degree in art the University of Alaska Southeast. My wife, son and I traveled to Juneau for her graduation (the lamest graduation event I've ever attended) and spent a week visiting the area. As a result of that experience, I was inspired to write a novel which tentatively is entitled "The A-------------", a legal/political work, focusing on options available to Alaska under the ------- as well as the heavy hand of Washington. 
Obviously such an endeavor has required tremendous research and since on the ground research is impractical I needed reliable information sources to ensure authenticity of my work. Your site has been a proverbial information gusher and has provided significant insight for at least 50% of the novel.  
Quite frankly the EPA's actions involving the ---- mirrors an important portion of the book.
So I wanted to thank you for the information I've obtained from your site. 
MW, Kentucky
Hi, Dave:
...   I wonder if you wouldn’t mind putting a link on your website to our site.  www.xxxxx......
With all the focus on an LNG option in Alaska, TCPL has reduced their activities here in Yukon, which means we have less work to do. However, we continue to ensure our First Nation members are adequately informed on pipeline issues with the goal of preparing them for a pipeline through their traditional territory...should it happen.

We would be pleased to put a link to your site on ours.

PB, Whitehorse, Yukon

10-2-12.  Thanks, Dave.  Great information today.  Keep us informed.  JC, Alaska

9-9-12.  I circulated amongst leadership.  Thanks for what you do.  SO, Juneau

8-21-12.  Dave:  Well said.  xx, Alaska State Senator

8-20-12.  As always, very well said Dave.   JB, AK

8-19-12.   Several days ago we wrote an editorial entitled, TAPS and Spend.  One of our decade-long readers, Dan Kish, responded with the following comment:

Dear Dave:

I couldn’t have said it better.  For decades, I have heard folks in Alaska repeat the canard that because Alaska has oil, companies will beat down the door to get it. Meanwhile, the oil wealth has allowed folks a very comfortable life via a magic goose laying golden eggs from behind a curtain. 
This has led to people believing there is no need for timber, mining, or any other kind of development, including more oil production.  Roads aren’t necessary in a state twice the size of Texas that has less paved road than the District of Columbia.  I’ve been told by some in the environmental community that many people literally sign over their permanent fund checks to them as a contribution. 
After a number of years of studying oil and gas developments around the world, including the lower 48 states, it is clear to me that that approach is indeed a canard.  Alaska has to compete to attract investment just as everyone else in the world.  Having huge resources is but the first condition for resource development. Alberta’s success, for example, is directly attributable to a royalty system that attracts large amounts of capital and recognizes that it will benefit over the long run as the capital is paid for by production. 
Oil is discovered not in the ground, but in the minds of men and women willing to work and invest and risk capital to give it value.  The Arabs sat on huge wealth but lived lives of paupers until technology and capital gave them wealth.
The No Growthers love the economic nincompoops who defiantly declare that higher and higher taxes and take on Alaskan production is warranted.  They seem to know  nothing of the energy world that is coming to the conclusion that Alaska is making itself irrelevant.  When oil is being discovered in quantity in the waters of Israel and the Falklands and many countries including China are working on both shale oil and gas shale, the positions of some Alaskans are so insular as to threaten the future of the state.  And while the No Growthers might like that, Alaska would be a much, much different place.  It is not far from becoming just that.
Keep up the good work ringing the bell, my friend. 
Daniel V. Kish
Senior Vice President, Policy
Institute for Energy Research
1100 H St. NW
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20005
202 621 2959 (direct)
202 360 2480 (cell)
8-15-12.  Right on target, as usual, Dave.  Thanks for the article and I have mailed to others…..But when your audience is continually sent up to date information that we are fighting the Administration, the environmentalists, the anti-development groups, foundations giving money to anti-Alaska groups (non-profits) and the largest newspaper working together to make Alaska a federally controlled State regulated and controlled so investors will go elsewhere, I wonder where the “fire in the belly” pro-development Alaskans are and are we going in fighting back…..I would start by asking all to stop advertising in the ADN and stop buying the paper….go to email news or small conservative papers or the Wall Street Journal or USA Today even though they are liberal to a degree….but push back financially on the ADN.   
It seems we all attend all the right meetings and listen to the proper speeches, as well and give money to fight propositions that will further kill our Oil and Gas and Mining industry but none wish to be in the front lines to turn this state around like they have  done in North Dakota…We need new faces in DC and Pro-Development in Juneau supporting our Governor……The Union Leaders, Oil and Gas Leaders and Mining should Hold a “pro-Development large scale Demonstration on the Park Strip and one in Fairbanks, saying we are tired of the anti people and non-profits and the News Stories and get our State back to work……..If we do not do something dramatic and vote in the right people who knows if TAPS will be operating in 5 years or less…….??   Thanks for all you do Dave…..you’re a true Alaskan!      -pr, Wa
8-15-12.  Wonderfully written, my friend.   -hm, TX

8-14-12.  With out question Dave…..today’s news clips by what Salazar has done and is proposing will stop long term development in the NPR….we have to make sure folks vote in November….Thanks for keeping me advised.   -pr, AK

8-14-12.  You are right on target, Dave.  -kl, AK

8-14-12.  Thanks for the update today.  -lc, AK

7-21-12.  From an NGP reader:  Dave, it is worse than anyone can imagine. People are scared, confused and while some have taken to the streets and received media attention to voice their anger (tea-party)  the scared part is Obama may get re-elected and the truth will be in the primary….for Alaska as well as the nation if there is a trend for him to win, we will become truly a socialist country because the Power of the Presidency is more than people have realized specially with the US Senate covering his actions and not passing a budget in 4 years.  Most good people fail to take action by voting or reaching out to others to do the same.  

You provide more accurate news than the ADN or Channel 2, yet businesses in the State support the left wing media by buying their paper and advertising space….what would happen if all businesses who support development in and of Alaska stopped tuning in and stopped their advertising as well as canceled their paper???  I think it is time…..to stop what is happening as well as support the Governor publicly for everything he is doing in fighting the FEDS……My opinion and I am sticking to it……  -PR

07-18-12.  I continue to enjoy your newsletter even though my firm is not directly connected to oil and gas.  I wonder, though, about your juxtaposition of Cathy Giessel’s letter against Obama’s combined set of policy positions.  Glad our statesmen can present our position coherently, but wondering about the manner of questioning national initiatives and prohibitions, an issue so complex as to require extensive analysis of its overlapping variants.  Thanks for your work, D.A.

04-18-12.  Thank you Dave.  This is such an important election; one side advocates socialism and the other side hasn't been clear.  jr, AK

04-18-12.  Mr. Harbour –  Good morning and great continued work on the website. Though I’m sure you’re aware of this, I wanted to make sure you knew that the link you posted on your site only sends people to the first paragraph – since the xxxxxxx  is password-protected.  Take care and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of help.  mf, Washington, D.C.

04-17-12.  The president needs to be taken down a few pegs. Let's take him out of office along with his party.  -jh, AK

04-17-12.  Dave, Thank you for the reminder on how bad things have come to be pushed by Obama and the Media which are making us a “Socialist Democracy” with all rights being controlled or eliminated by Obama ... appointing Czars that are not vetted and have the power of the President to change regulations that cannot be appealed….  We are losing our rights and the Media does not care because they are so liberal left they cannot tell what socialism is.  We are one step from a dictatorship except we have a Constitution and oversight by the Supreme Court; however, they are only 1 vote from giving Obama what he wants….  We should be scared if we do not elect Romney.  -pr, AK

04-17-12.  ...thank you for your continued great reporting. I would love to talk to you about a new.....  -cn, AK

04-17-12.  WE AGREE WITH YOU. Are you the only "media" caring or paying attention. What the heck!  -kl, AK

04-13-12.  Hi Dave:  Thanks for your commentary.....  I heard you on Glen B.'s show yesterday afternoon. I really appreciate your helping to inform the public at large about this critically important issues. So many Alaskans don't yet realize that their fate hangs in the balance.  All the best.  -tf, AK

04-12-12.  Your service is vital.  -kl, AK

04-10-12.  Great commentary under that piece about Tony Follett! -sc, AK

04-06-12.  Thanks for coming and all the good work you do...  -tm, AK

04-04-12.  Thank you Dave!!!  -lr, AK

04-03-12.  Good Work Dave.  -te, AK

03-05-12.  Dave, Your NGP information is current and the best…thank you so much….  -pr, AK

03-01-12.  You are a sweetheart and one of my favorite Alaskans. You do us all proud.   -mk, AK

02-28-12.  "Tune in to ABC Alaska at 4 p.m. to get the gouge on the gas tax issue. Dave Harbour is going to tell us the difference between a Fair Share and a Fair Shake, followed by ....  -dl, AK

02-06-12.  Thanks Dave for your valuable information. Glad I'm on your list of subscribers. Continue to keep me informed. Thanks.  -dc (North Dakota)

02-17-12.  Amen, Dave, and thank you for your kind words and our long friendship together.  -tw, AK

02-15-12.  I sure hope you will be able to send me a copy of the photo you took of me with Daniel Yergin.  -ba, Washington, D.C.

02-13-12.  Thank you.  -js, Alaska

02-09-12.  Thank you for adding me to your newsletter email list.  -ip, Alaska

02-09-12.  Hiya. At an S&P energy credit mtg and word lately has been that LNG option is winning out. We liked that idea when working on ak gas pipe stuff in prior yrs. Hope all is well.   -mf, Texas

02-09-12.  Keep up your good work at ferreting out truth.  -ll, Alaska

02-01-12.  Thanks so much, Dave!  -ea, Alaska

01-19-12.  Thanks much Commissioner Dave.  It has been a pleasure to work with you.  -tm, Texas

12-29-11.  Hey, a blast from the past, miss you.  Hope you are enjoying life after the RCA!!  -nm, Alaska

12-23-11.  You are amazing, thank you so much for ....  -sg, California

10-25-11.  I’ve included your name and a short summary of your comments in the daily log to the Mayor and his Executive Staff.  -mc, Alaska

10-09-11.  ... the (next) goal is within sight - largely thanks to years of your good work.   -wl, Alaska

06-02-11.  I really enjoy receiving your Northern Gas Pipelines newsletter.  Keep up the good work.    -jw, Alaska

06-02-11.  Thanks Dave. This is great!  -ts, California

05-25-11.  We may not send comments but we definitely read all that you send.  How else will we get information that we know is not biased?  Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Dave.  -a and b c, Alaska

05-04-11.  It was good to see you yesterday at the Strategic Planning Session. Your wealth of experience and knowledge provided for great insight and generated a lot of good discussion.   -das, Alaska

04-04-11.  Very good editorial for Northern Gas Pipelines on 3/30!  -sc, Alaska

03-12-11.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Harbour for...!  -rl, Alaska

03-09-12.  It’s perfect! Thank you Dave!  -an, Alaska

03-04-12.  Dave, a pleasure to meet you and thanks for putting me on the email list.   I am very interested in oil and gas development issues.  -at, Alaska

01-28-11.  "I saw it on TV; told my wife I once worked with that man.  (i.e. I once rubbed elbows with the famous...)"  -ks, Alaska


01-14-11.   Thank you Dave, Lots of good points of view, I truely enjoyed it.  Semper Fi.  -jo, Alaska

01-07-11.  Just wanted to let you know you are doing an excellent job chair....  -mh, Alaska

11-09-10.  Great sound advice Dave – it is wonderful to have your expertise...!  -ae, Alaska

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Nehtr'uh Development Group Inc. is a Gwich'in controlled Corporation providing management consulting and business development services in the Northwest Territories and Yukon, primarily related to oil and gas exploration and development.

I have operated a management consulting firm in the north (Yukon) for the past 13 years, and completed work for the Gwich'in as an Associate with KPMG some 8 years ago. The Gwich'in wanted to build capacity and six months ago we negotiated a business arrangement.

Recently we organized the community consultations for Imperial Oil (Producers Group) and APG in Inuvik, Aklavik, Tsiigehtchic and Fort McPherson. (I worked with Mike Muller - IEG - in coordinating the over all community planning throughout the Mackenzie Delta-Beaufort Region.)

Some of our related oil and gas activities include:

* Developing business policy for the Gwich'in Tribal Council respecting doing business in Gwich'in Settlement Lands (relating to oil and gas exploration and development),

* Finishing a strategic energy plan for the Aklavik Indian Band(opportunities and challenges)respecting the pipeline and exploration,

* Negotiating a new environmental/engineering joint venture with a major firm to take advantage of opportunities in the Gwich'in area, respecting the studies being undertaken by Imperial Oil and their consultants,

* Strategic Energy Planning: associated with an Alberta with world wide experience in pipeline and energy development (ex. involved in the Alliance pipeline development, etc.)

We have offices in Inuvik and Whitehorse, and are setting up in Aklavik as well.

Just to the side, when I was meeting with Tom Connors, President of the Gwich'in Development Corporation some months ago, I asked hie team if they wanted to become "experts" in the oil and gas debates in the north.

When they said yes, I got up and wrote your web site address on the Board.

Take care,

Ron Gartshore

V.P. & General Manager

Nehtr'uh Development Group Inc.