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13 September 2014 4:58pm

AGDC Chair to speak at Chamber Luncheon ~ Sep 18Delta News Web, John Burns, Chairman of the Board of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) will be the guest speaker at the September Chamber of ...


Alaska Gas Project Moves Foreward

12 September 2014 5:04pm

Journal of Commerce by Tim Bradner.  Step by step, the Alaska LNG Project is moving forward. The project made a big advance Sept. 5 with its application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to begin a pre-filing process for the project. 

Earlier this summer an application was submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy for a license to export liquefied natural gas, or LNG. Pre-Front End Engineering and Design work, or pre-FEED, which will cost about half a billion dollars, also got underway this summer.



11 September 2014 7:01am

Bob McLeod, NWT, Arctic Route, Bitumen, Dave Harbour PhotoInstead of Mackenzie Delta natural gas flowing south, as had been the NWT/Yukon/Alberta dream for 40 years, Oil Sands bitumen flowing north may be one of the answers to Arctic Canada's economic challenges.  -dh

CBC.  Sending oilsands bitumen north through N.W.T. to a port in the Arctic is feasible, according to a study commissioned last year by Alberta.

Dubbed the Arctic Gateway Pipeline, the proposed link would ship bitumen along the Mackenzie Valley to a port in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T.

Ships from Tuktoyaktuk heading west towards the Pacific Ocean would encounter 'much more benign conditions than existed in past years,' says a report commissioned by Alberta that concludes sending oilsands bitumen to a port in the Arctic is feasible.It says shipping of bitumen through Tuktoyaktuk could start as early as next summer, using freight trains to Hay River, N.W.T., then barges the rest of the way down the Mackenzie River and on to Tuktoyaktuk.

N.W.T. Premier Bob McLeod (NGP Photo) said he is happy with the study's findings.

"The report lays out a number of options," he said. "We can start on a smaller scale, and eventually advance to where the report indicates the best option is a pipeline to the coast."

Doc Hastings. Chairman, House Resources, DOI IG In violation, Dave Harbour PhotoWASHINGTON, D.C. – House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (NGP PHOTO) delivered the following opening statement at today’s Full Committee oversight hearing entitled “Oversight of the Office of Inspector General and its Ongoing Failure to Comply with a Subpoena for Documents about a Recent Investigation."

“There are long-held concerns about the integrity and independence of the Department of the Interior’s Office of Inspect General under the leadership of Deputy Inspector General Mary Kendall.  A Committee report released last year highlighted several examples of mismanagement and there are ongoing issues that continue to undermine the credibility of the OIG’s work.

The OIG is supposed to serve as an independent watchdog over the Department and report findings to Congress.  Instead, Ms. Kendall has established an accommodating and deferential relationship between the OIG and the Department, hindering the OIG’s ability to conduct impartial, independent work.

The OIG is currently in violation of a congressional subpoena for an unredacted copy of their report and documents on the Department’s rewrite of the 2008 Stream Buffer Zone Rule.  Their report exposed mismanagement of the rulemaking process and significant on-going problems.  More....


9-10-14 The Day Before 9-11, "Lest We Forget"

10 September 2014 8:03am

Hastings: Admin’s Response to Oversight Requests Shameful .  “Either the  Administration is incompetent or it is going out of its way to expend time and money to withhold information from Congress” ​

Doc Hastings, Administration Shameful, Photo by Dave Harbour

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 10, 2014 - House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (NGP Photo) delivered the following opening statement at today’s Full Committee oversight hearing entitled The Status of the Fish and Wildlife Service’s Responses to Committee Subpoenas and the Continued Lack of Transparency about Its Implementation and Enforcement of American Wildlife Laws, and Oversight of the Department of the Interior’s Solicitor’s Office.

Comment:  There are many ways we can lose our freedom.  Yesterday, we discussed the relationship between the November elections, freedom of speech and the freedom to produce natural resource wealth under a reliable, predictable 'rule of law'.  And, we documented how one political party in Washington seeks to stay in power by diminishing the rule of law.  Early this morning, after additional research, we added this epilog that our readers might find personally and professionally interesting.  It is a reminder from a great poet, philosopher and playwright to not forget past tragedy. -dh

Jim Prentice elected premier by rapidly shrinking party base: Steward

Jim Prentice, Alberta Premier, Dave Harbour PhotoToronto Star.  Jim Prentice (NGP Photo) won handily with 77 per cent of the vote but don't expect any dramatic shifts in policy, especially when it comes to the tarsands and pipelines. ... of making the oil and gas industry less competitive by “unilaterally imposing ...





The Drilldown: Prentice's new national voice on pipelines
iPolitics.ca (subscription).  Premier-designate Jim Prentice speaks to media before meeting Alberta ... which he has argued are critical to more oil and gas leaving the ground.

9-9-14 Begich - Sullivan Senate Race Makes National Headlines

08 September 2014 5:32pm

Found!  Lost ship from Sir John Franklin's doomed Arctic expedition near King William Island....

(Stan Rogers Audio-Ballad)

This Senate Race Is All About Energy!


Dave Harbour

​(See Epilog Added 9-10-14, One Day Before 9-11 Anniversary)

Mark Begich, US Senate Race, Negative Campaigning, Dan Sullivan, Photo by Dave HarbourYesterday, we found where the Dan Sullivan, Photo by Dave Harbour, Mark Begich, US Senate Race, Wall Street Journal recently focused on the Mark Begich (NGP Photo-L) - Dan Sullivan ​(NGP Photo-R) U.S. Senate race. 

We mention that race here, because its outcome will affect energy policy in Alaska--and elsewhere.  In recent years, the U.S. Senate has consistently failed to improve federal energy policies affecting Alaska, including those involving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska; and mal-administration of the Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, and Clean Air Act.  At the same time, Senator Begich has run and served partly on his desire, according to an AP writer,  to, "...be an independent voice against President Barack Obama."  (Additional link)

The Alaska Support Industry  Dave, David, Lawer, President, Alaska Support Industry Alliance, First National Bank of Alaska, Photo by Dave HarbourAlliance’s Board of Directors has voted to endorse Dan Sullivan’s campaign for US Senate against incumbent US Senator Mark Begich. “As a board, we believe this election and the make-up of the United States Senate are critical to resource development in Alaska,” said Board President Dave Lawer (NGP Photo).

Democrat senators have supported Senate leader Harry Reid's failure to act on responsible, natural resource legislation passed by the U.S. House of representatives.  Some of that legislation could have benefited Alaska.  He has even failed to act on Legislation passed by his own Senate Energy Committee.

We therefore conclude, sadly, that if our readers wish to have Alaska's job potential, economy and natural resources locked up for at least a generation to come, they should support Senator Mark Begich and his colleagues also running for reelection.  It is this group that, in supporting Leader Reed's failure to let responsible legislation be addressed, is also supporting President Obama's position in support of radical environmental activism (Also see this, and this and this).

(More commentary below.)

We find it interesting that in recent campaign emails (i.e. Subject Kochs: "Next up, Alaska"), the Begich machine is criticizing the Koch Brothers for exercising their right of free speech, while using the 'Act Blue' organization of 'outside-Alaska', sophisticated, progressive, political operatives to raise money.  We wish candidates would, like Sullivan, stick closer to the issues so critical to Alaska and to all of America's citizens.  -dh

If our readers wish to have the rule of law upheld in Alaska and elsewhere, see laws reasonably enforced and interpreted, and see the federal government begin to respect Alaska's statehood compact (i.e. depending as it does on natural resource development), they will likely tend to vote for former Attorney General Dan Sullivan.

As our citizens vote for a Senate candidate in the November General Election, so will their children be rewarded with the results--one way or the other. 

Alaska's vote will also affect the Nation, whose prosperity and security is in such large measure also based on wealth-producing natural resources...and Alaska's enormous, natural resource potential in particular.


Epilog:  This month, Senate democrats seek to muster enough of their colleagues and a few errant republicans to corrupt the United States Constitution's free speech guarantee.  If they were to be successful, the rule of law moves from the 'endangered' category, to 'extinct'.  A free natural resource industry cannot survive in the absence of free speech and must become nationalized to survive -- which may be a major goal of this Harry Reid, Senate Democrat majority.  To our other comments we add, "If you wish to see politicians empowered to censor political speech (i.e. including our opinions about energy), you must vote for Mark Begich.   If you wish to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights as written, you must vote for Dan Sullivan in the upcoming, November election."  -dh 9-10-14

(Please note that we would be pleased to publish responsible, reader comments sent to us here.  Our goal is accuracy.  We always appreciate having facts corrected.  Our commentary is subjective, however, and we're happy to provide opposing and supporting views.  -dh)

Some years ago your author played the Prince, in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Today's epilog (i.e. right column) reminds me of those nights on stage, when after great tragedy had befallen us, the Prince urges his people to not forget. Below is my sad epilog, parenthetical comments added.

Romeo & Juliet, The Prince, Dave Harbour, Alaska Theater for Youth, Anchorage, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, ACPAA glooming peace this morning with it brings.
The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head.
Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things.
Some shall be pardoned, and some punishèd.
For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet (America) and her Romeo (Constitution).  

9-8-14 - ALASKA-JAPAN Memorandum Of Cooperation Is A Giant Step Forward For LNG Project

08 September 2014 2:55am

Alaska governor, Sean Parnell, Alaska LNG, LNG Export, METI, Japan, Memorandum of Cooperation, FERC, Photo by Dave HarbourAlaska Governor Sean Parnell (NGP Photo) reacts to FERC progress toward Alaska LNG export project and TODAY'S Japan-Alaska Memorandum of Cooperation (i.e. two-year, renewable, non-binding understanding between governments ... Read full statement, with link to actual Memorandum).

Business News Network.  Are Canadian LNG Export Projects Facing An Uphill Battle With Competition?

(Reuters) - Japan's trade ministry and Alaska's Department of Natural Resources on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding to help Japan procure low-cost and stable supplies of liquefied natural gas(LNG), a government official said.  (Other links: Platts, O&G Journal, US Energy Information Administration)

As Energy East application nears, communities weigh risks, benefits of pipeline
CALGARY - For the mayor of North Bay, Ont., it's all about protecting the city's ... Roughly two thirds of it would make use of underused natural gas pipe ...

NIKKEI JAPAN REVIEW -- Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will assist domestic businesses in importing natural gas produced in Alaska, hoping to secure a relatively low-priced fuel from a region not susceptible to geopolitical risks.

     Global energy producers, including Exxon Mobil and BP, are pursuing a natural gas project in northern Alaska, with a goal of starting production in 2023-24.

     The ministry will sign a memorandum of understanding with Alaska's energy authority on Monday to ensure Japanese electricity and gas utilities can obtain favorable terms, including prices and reselling rules, in importing output from the project.

TODAY'S NEWS LINKS FROM: Office of the Alaska Gas Pipeline Federal Inspector.

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