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8-13-15 Doyon To Drill Tanana Basin

13 August 2015 9:38pm

Aaron Schutt, Tanana Basin, Drilling, Doyon Native Regional Corporation, Alaska, Fairbanks, Interior Alaska, gas pipeline, Photo by Dave HarbourFairbanks News Miner.  Doyon, Limited announced plans to drill a third well in the Nenana basin in summer 2016.

The wells are a continuation of oil and gas exploration that began in 2005, Doyon President and CEO Aaron Schutt (NGP Photo) said. The new well will be called Toghotthele No. 1. It follows Doyon's successful 3D seismic program in 2014, which identified several potential drill sites in the 32,000-acre area about 50 miles west of Fairbanks. 

"We are very excited to begin the next phase of our exploration program," Schutt said  (More....)

Obama Keystone decision caught in undertow of Canadian election
pipeline linking Alberta's oilfields to U.S. refineries in the Gulf of Mexico ... Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party supports the pipeline but criticizes ... It was rejected in February 2012, and the Calgary-based company applied ... Canada has no federal regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from the ...



8-12-15 Oil Company Issues

12 August 2015 2:58am

Oil Pro by .  Last week, the Securities Exchange Commission said that Miller Energy's former CFO and CEO overstated the value of its holdings by upwards of $400mm after acquiring its O&G properties in Alaska in late-2009 for $2.5mm. Neither executive is still with the company. Miller Energy's questionable past appears to be a case study of how not to run an E&P company.

ADN/Arctic by Erica Martinson.  Shell has a strained relationship with environmental groups over its Arctic drilling plans, but the company has long advocated for a price on carbon to deal with climate change.

(Editorial Note: While EPA defends climate change initiatives, UN Chief says climate change all about killing capitalism, as Shell supports the Obama Administration's climate change philosophy and seeks necessary Arctic permits from the Administration.  -- dh) 


Alliance plans to stop flaring natural gas on Wednesday
A major natural gas pipeline that was shut down in Western Canada after being contaminated with hydrogren sulfide (H2S) last week will be reopened ...


11 August 2015 12:52am

Tom Mulcair book launch interrupted by Energy East pipeline protesters
Mulcair was forced Sunday to address comments she made onCBC News Network's Power & Politics, where she said curbing oilsands production ...


Alliance Pipeline says it could take several days to burn off hydrogen sulphide gas
CALGARY — The operator of a major Canada-U.S. natural gas pipeline that has been shut down since Friday says it could take several days to burn ...


10 August 2015 4:17am

Frank & Kathy Lee Gifford, Photo by Bruce Glikas / FilmMagicPoint of personal privilege: We pause to remember our late friend, Frank Gifford, also a friend of Alaska.    (Photo with Kathy Lee Gifford, by Bruce Glikas / FilmMagic).  See "Today News".

Rick Mystrom and Rick Nerland had kindly asked me to join the non profit board of our Anchorage Organizing Committee (AOC) for the Winter Olympics in the late 1980s.  In my volunteer role, I served a 'Television Commissioner', charged with developing relationships with and support from American television and radio networks who could someday compete for Anchorage Olympic broadcast rights.  Money obtained from such licenses are designed to largely pay the lion's share of infrastructure and operating costs for the host cities.  

Assuming we would maintain the coveted title of "America's Favorite" from the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and then go on to win the International Olympic Committee (IOC) bid we could have hosted the 1992 Winter Olympics (subsequently held in Albertville, France), or the 1994 Winter Olympics (hosted by Anchorage's rival, Lillehammer, Norway).  But those stories will have to be told another day.

As we competed for the 1994 games, I was honored -- on behalf of the AOC -- to participate in Olympic meetings in Lausanne, Salt Lake City, Calgary, New York and Washington D.C., getting to know network executives.  Other members of our board spread out to cover other meetings throughout the world, interfacing with other Olympic constituencies, particularly the voting IOC members themselves.  Our objective: increase support for IOC election of Anchorage as a host city.  

As the competition increased, AOC's board asked me to organize a fundraising event in New York City with the dual purpose of bringing home to Anchorage badly needed operating money for AOC but, just as important, establishing credibility on the national and international stage.

more coming....









Petroleum News by Eric Lidji.  A small bump in oil prices early in the year helped ConocoPhillips earn $195 million from its Alaska operations during the second quarter - up from the first quarter of the year but down considerably from a year ago, when oil prices topped $100 per barrel.



09 August 2015 3:50am

Federal election campaign reflects change in oil and gas since PM Harper's 2006 election
Access to markets through new pipelines became the mantra of industry and ... The world – the oil and gas industry included – has changed and what ...

8-8-15 Alliance Pipeline Shuts Down

08 August 2015 5:41am

Alliance shuts down gas pipeline in Western Canada
Alliance Pipeline has shut down a natural gas pipeline in Western Canada after poisonous hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas got into the system.
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