2-8-2021 Alaska, Keystone & Climate Change

France Violates Its Own Climate Accords as Gas Prices and Gun Sales Rocket Skyward by David Blackman ...the United States, the only nation on earth that was not a formal participant in the Paris Climate Accords ..., was also the only industrialized nation on earth that has not only met its unenforceable “targets” under that sham wealth redistribution scheme but exceeded them. The U.S. has surpassed its emissions targets all the way through 2025, in fact, mainly thanks to the fact that clean natural gas has displaced huge amounts [...]

12-14-18 A Citizen’s View Of The Two Alaska Gasline-LNG Projects

AK-LNG & ASAP: A Citizen Considers the Risks of Continuing Government Ownership by Dave Harbour How would you cope with the smorgasbord of problems/challenges Mike Dunleavy, assumed upon being sworn in as Alaska's Governor in early December? Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy Some of the challenges blocking Alaska’s road to economic recovery -- and obscuring its natural beauty -- include: a fiscal crisis and annual budget deficits, billions in state employee unfunded pension liability, the highest unemployment rate in the nation, growing crime, an amazingly burdensome array of [...]

9-8-17 Alaska’s Government Owned LNG Project: Now Is Not The Time (Nor will it ever be for a bureaucrat-directed, politically risky socialist pipeline)

Mike Navarre. Northern Gas Pipelines Photo by Dave Harbour COMMENTARY: RESPECTING THE KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH Larry Persily, former federal coordinator of the Alaska gas line projects office, currently serves as Chief of Staff to Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Mike Navarre. We have always respected both of these individuals. No one has more to gain than they do from a successful Alaska LNG project that is currently designed to terminate in their Borough.  The employment, tax and general economic benefits of such a project would be enormous. But [...]

10-11-16 The New President Will Bring Alaska (and America) To Energy Based Prosperity Or Poverty

We'd love to see you tomorrow night in Anchorage!  -dh Let's Keep Our Eyes On The Prize: One Presidential Candidate Will Support Reasonable Energy Policies That Build Prosperity And The Other Will Support Unreasonable, Impoverishing Energy Policies.   Dear Readers: Respectfully. It's not whether we prefer the morals of one imperfect candidate over another.  Both are flawed, as have been past presidents, as have been ourselves. One, in our opinion is more fatally flawed than the other, but setting that aside, we choose to focus on the prize. Since our [...]

Alaska And Alberta Struggle To Save Oil Patch Economies – Scroll Down For Today’s Commentary, “U.S. & Canadian Environmental Laws/Regs Have Moved Beyond ‘Reasonable’ To Becoming Weapons Against Capitalism”

Calgary Herald/CP.  Canada’s environment minister won’t say if the country can meet its climate change commitments and at the same time green-light new pipeline projects.  Catherine McKenna told reporters.... Larry Persily, former Alaska gas pipeline federal coordinator. NGP Photo. See Larry Persily's just released energy links, mostly dealing with Alaska's LNG competitors.  Meanwhile, we urge readers to absorb the wisdom in the AK-HEADLAMP report below: Increasing oil & gas taxes in a low price or any environment is not a strategy that will attract investment [...]

3-7-16 Gunfight In The Canadian Corral – And Our Commentary

See today's energy links critical to our readers, courtesy of 1) Consumer Energy Alliance, and 2) Larry Persily, former Alaska gas pipeline Federal Coordinator, and American Energy Alliance. Commentary on  Chris Nelson's Op-Ed Please let our energy decisions be based on a "just and reasonable" standard of merit and logic, not ever-shifting political winds by Dave Harbour How could common sense Americans disagree with Chris Nelson's common sense outrage against Quebec hypocrites and enviro-activist stonewalling of TransCanada's Energy East project?  (i.e. left column) After all, we Americans saw the environmental lobbies on [...]

Mackenzie Valley Oil Pipeline? Cook Inlet Gas For Fairbanks?

Watch live hearing  today @ 1 p.m. ADT re: HB 105, AIDEA BONDS; PROGRAMS; LOANS; Fairbanks LNG PROJECT (Note increased C.I. reserve estimates) ... Friday, Gas Pipeline Federal Coordinator's Office Closed; Larry Persily (NGP Photo) now Kenai Borough Gas Pipeline Coordinator ... AJOC, Midwest Utility Coming North To Alaska? Alberta Oil Magazine by Richelle Wiseman.  (Mackenzie Valley Oil Pipeline?  See our earlier stories.  Photo, Invuik Church, Circa. 2002) It took nearly 40 years, one national inquiry and thousands of hours of negotiations, but in 2011 the National Energy Board finally approved the Mackenzie Valley gas pipeline. [...]


Globe and Mail by Josh Wingrove.  With high energy royalties and soaring land lease sales, Alberta inched closer to a balanced budget last year.The province’s fourth-quarter report for the 2011-2012 fiscal year, released Thursday, shows a total deficit of just $23-million on its $39-billion budget. It had been forecasting a $3.4-billion deficit.  The changes come as welcome news to Alison Redford’s government, which has been under fire from the official opposition Wildrose Party for not managing to balance the books even as the province is awash in energy wealth.  “We [...]

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9-20-11 Alaska Oil and Gas Conference Commences – Federal Coordinator Schedules Gasline Forum

Yesterday, we sent an email to our readers alerting them that the EPA had given final approval to Shell's Arctic OCS air quality permits.  And we editorialized.  Here is an Associated Press story appearing today and this is Governor Sean Parnell's (NGP Photo) reaction.  -dh Today's 7th Annual Oil and Gas Congress at the Marriott Hotel in Anchorage is first welcomed today by Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan (NGP Photo), followed by Governor Sean Parnell's keynote address.  Alyeska Pipeline CEO Tom Barrett will examine declining pipeline throughput issues while Exxon and TransCanada gas [...]

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The “Me” Generation?

The Feds today released approval of a final supplemental environmental impact statement for Shell's OCS exploration  that, if finally approved following one last comment period, could result in mobilization of hundreds of workers next year.  Yesterday, a former 'unbiased' Obama appointee to the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling Commission, Frances Beinecke, wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times criticizing this Alaska exploration.  Beinecke is also President of the Natural Resources Defense Council.  Like Deputy Interior Department Secretary David Hayes, Beinecke has equally strong connections to the enviro-extremist [...]

Obama Addresses Alaska Resources as Alaska Leaders Respond Guardedly – Truckers Speak Out – NEB Hosts Inuvik Roundtable And Pays Way For Some Guests

Today's Email Alert NEB.  Comment:  Canada's National Energy Board (NEB) will host a Roundtable Meeting in Inuvik at the Midnight Sun Recreation Centre from 10 to 16 September 2011 and reimburse certain outsiders up to $300,000 to fly in and sit at the roundtable.    We suspect that most of the subsidized visitors to Inuvik will be non-industry advocates.    We imagine the September event will merit some discussion at the Inuvik Petroleum Show next month.  -dh Opinion: American Truckers Speak Out On Energy. The trucking industry annually consumes 35 billion gallons of [...]

Persily Promotes Pipeline Perseverance – Point of Personal Privilege: Honoring Ron Miller

We exercise our personal privilege: to honor our friend Ron Miller, who passed away yesterday.  We are grateful for a good ADN story by Lisa Demer that pretty well describes why those who knew Ron, will remember him as a dedicated citizen who gave more than full measure for the good of his fellow man and whose life of professional competence and high integrity ended entirely too soon.   -dh ADN Compass Piece by Alaska Gas Pipeline Federal Coordinator, Larry Persily (NGP Photo).  It's time to once again show that Alaska can [...]

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Meet Chairman Caron at the Inuvik Petroleum Show If You Can! – Attend Federal Coordinator Conference on Future of Alaska – TransCanada Trades Pipeline Interest – Commentary: Some Alaska Lawmakers are Adroit

The Deadline Is Friday: For Protecting Public Use of the Oceans and Great Lakes.  Use This Webpage to Easily Comment by the Friday Deadline On Another Example Of Federal Overreach -- As Washington Bosses Seek To Zone (Restrict) Ocean Use. "Alaska's economy is overwhelmingly dependent on oil, and if Alaska is going to maintain a healthy economy years into the future it needs more oil and it also needs a gas line," said Federal Coordinator Larry Persily (NGP Photo-l). "Without billions of dollars in new investment, the longevity of the oil [...]

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