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Hunting & Fishing Archives: The Late Colonel Dave Harbour (USAF, Ret.)

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Dave Harbour - Col Dave Harbour - Author - Outdoorsman

Col Dave Harbour Collecting Another Grand Slam Turkey Trophy

03-2013.  Grand Slam Pursuit by Josh Dahlke – Wild Turkey Hunting

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Col. Dave Harbour’s Hunting Related Articles

06-1963, Guns, Skeet-International Style, p. 20

09-1965, Guns, How To See Your Deer, p. 36

Fishing Related Articles

General Interest Articles


Below are the outdoor articles (Scroll down) of Col. Dave’s son, Dave Harbour, publisher of Northern Gas Pipelines.

On this other page, you will find links to Dave’s fairly extensive gallery of work that has appeared in many hundreds of newspaper, magazine, television, radio and electronic media over the years, in both the United States and Canada.  A $20 lifetime subscription to either page gets readers access to both Dave’s and his Dad’s writing.  Dave’s Northern Gas Pipelines archives will remain free and available to all readers and the general public as a continuing public service.  He will continue adding his non-Northern Gas Pipelines writings as the years pass on.  We hope you might actually find some of Dave’s material fairly unique and historically useful if not inspiring.  –  Webmaster