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04-28-18.  Essay… An Encounter With Bob Hope, Circa. 1973  

6-17-17.  Poem … Old Kings’ Bible Lesson:Learning by Experience of Evil and Goodness

05-14-17.  Poem … A Father’s Meditation On Mothers’ Day

11-09-16.  Op-ed … Washington Times … Intergenerational Inequity

09-17-16.  Psalm … David’s Humble Psalm For Our Apostle Paul

09-06-16.  Dearly Departed … Hugh O’Brian

07-13-16.  Master Resource blog essay … Alaska’s Crisis of Leadership

7-10-16.  Poem … Every Place Is Home With Him

7-10-16.  Special Gift … To My Cuenca Church, Tiempos Nuevos:  Una Pequeña Ofrenda

07-05-16.  Poem … Praise In Early Morning Light

07-03-16.  Poem … My Daytime Prayer

07-01-16.  Poem … What Good Is A Covenant With God?

06-22-16.  Essay …  In response to a fundraising letter from the Republican Senatorial Committee I wrote the following response last night

06-18-16.  Psalm … Hubris

06-07-16.  Poem … Commitment To Our Creator

06-6-16.  Craving … Have We No Country Left To Love?

05-27-16.  Poem … Morning Faith

05-15-16.  Email … Prayerful Letter To A Friend

05-4-16.  Prayer … Gratitude For Blessings Received

04-5-16.  Email … On Rejecting His Best For Us

04-01-16.  Poem … Learning by Remembering

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11-01-15.  Family Prayer … Sunday, Tiempos Nuevos

09-04-14.  Observation … Alaskan Apple Life Cycle

12-10-13.  Prayer …  Finding The Right Path Amid the Labyrinth

11-5-13.  Prayer … That My Three Sons Seek Your Will for Their Lives

11-2-13.  Prayer … That we might Know When Change Should Come

10-27-13.  Journal … Prayer From This Insubordinate Son

08-26-11.  Poem … Our Creator’s Twins

04-05-10.  Op-Ed, Washington Times … Empty Rhetoric, Empty Gas Tanks

05-08-05.  Poem … Appreciating My Wife (Mothers Day)

03-31-02.  Poem…Harbour Family Easter Poem

02-15-86.  Poem … In Memoriam: Dr. John Crossett 

09-04-85.  Video Documentary … Pioneering

12-10-80. Poem / Ballad … Mayor George Sullivan Retirement,  “Oh, Sully  Boy”: an Irish – Alaskan Ballad as if sung by Margaret to, “her Sully Boy”.