2503, 2017

3-25-17 Failing to balance the budget, Alaska democrats seek to increase taxes as thousands of private sector employees lose jobs!

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Resource Development Council for Alaska alerts citizens to today's hearing For reference see the jim Janson (lynden CEO) speech here re: solve the fiscal crisis! The House Finance Committee will take public testimony on the House Resources Committee Substitute for House Bill 111 (oil tax policy reform) tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at your local Legislative Information [...]

3-15-17 Remembering Dennis Hebner

Dennis Hebner. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour  (Breakfast meeting photo) Dennis was three months older than I.   In spite of our vintage, we were always exploring and analysing the [...]

3-15-17 Murkowski Prioritizes Energy Infrastructure

Globe & Mail.  Shell left Alaska, now trims Alberta and B.C. investments. Alaska state senators scour budget in hopes of $300M in cuts  Climate bill faces tough sledding in Alaska legislature (See our related Commentary)   [...]

3-11-17 It’s Like ‘Peer Review’ When So Many Who Research ‘Climate Change’ Agree It Is A Fraudulent Technique To Redirect Power And Money!

Please reference: yesterday's Crony Capitalist commentary Yesterday we provided readers with a fairly detailed analysis of the Crony Capitalism that is inundating so much of the civilized world.  Liberal politicians and their constituencies of "true [...]

3-7-17 Former Alaska Gas Pipeline Federal Coordinator Describes Governor’s Request For An EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE To A Bureaucracy-Owned LNG Project

Op-Ed From Former Federal Gas Pipeline Coordinator, Larry Persily.... State signs on to cover costs of FERC contractor for EIS Larry Persily, Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour By Larry [...]

3-4-17 Day 1: On The Road Again, From Cuenca and Guayaquil, Ecuador to Peru

A personal note: Yes, we travel a bit.  For over a decade we have endeavored to provide daily updates to keep these Archives current for your current and future reference.  Our individual and family [...]

3-1-17 Since Alaska Has Most Federal Land, New DOI Secretary Is Important Cabinet Post

Murkowski Congratulates New Interior Secretary  (Pssst.  The DOI secretary is the custodian of federal lands.  The majority of federal lands are in Alaska.  The majority of Alaska is composed of federal lands.  Therefore, Alaskans consider [...]

2-25-17 Will Alaska’s Governor Overcome Infeasible LNG Pipe Dream With Your Federal Tax Dollars?

Walker wants Trump on-board the gasline.  Alaska Public Radio Network Chief Oil & Gas Advisor John Hendrix, Alaska Gasline Development ... their meetings with potential Asian markets for Alaska's LNG in Anchorage, ...

2-24-17 Politician Out Of Line….

From our Ak-Headlamp friends this sorry commentary on how one politician treats taxpayer representative: Representative Geran Tarr AOGA President, Kara Moriarty. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour Shots [...]