2702, 2017

2-27-17 Politicians attacking taxpayers is nothing new!

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Breaking GOOD news HERE:  tax settlement improves investment climate!  North Slope Borough and ExxonMobil Alaska Production Inc. Settle Pt. Thomson Tax Appeals   Wealth takers justify their appetite for tax increases by criticizing wealth producers by Dave Harbour Just last week... ...we reported on how a hostile legislator mistreated a representative of Alaska's largest group of taxpayers.  Here's another [...]

2-24-17 Politician Out Of Line….

From our Ak-Headlamp friends this sorry commentary on how one politician treats taxpayer representative: Representative Geran Tarr AOGA President, Kara Moriarty. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour Shots [...]

2-23-17 Oil/gas Investing in a fiscally challenged state run by a government considering energy industry tax increases in a low price environment!

We always appreciate Ak-Headlamp's analysis.  Based on what you read today, we wonder if you will be buying oil stocks or selling?  You certainly wouldn't be inclined to invest large sums of your own money [...]

2-22-17 Keen Perspective: Macro Energy Trends

From our Mid-Atlantic Energy Analyst Friend: One of the best items we have read in recent times is linked below. It is a great history from Roman times of how monetary policy is really [...]

2-21-17 Alaska In Crisis, For All The World To See (i.e. including the credit rating agencies)

Northern Dynasty pushes back on report critical of Pebble prospect The owners of the Pebble mine project fired back Friday against claims from a New York stock investment firm that the prospect is not [...]

2-19-17 How to stay young and useful all of our lives!

How to stay young and useful all of our lives!

2-17-17 Front & Center: Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis

RDC BREAKFAST FORUM SERIES Next Breakfast: March 2, 2017 - Dena'ina Center Pat Foley, Vice President Alaska Operations, Caelus Energy Alaska LLC Registration will open February 23rd.    Breakfast forums are held the first and [...]

2-15-17 Should The Attorney General Be Authorized To Support Any Project It Wishes Before The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission?

Below We Have Today's Anticipated Response To The Breaking News We Provided In Our Sunday Column: "Sunday Night: The Quiet Before The Storm" (See the right-hand column for our remedy to the news of [...]

2-14-17 Happy Valentine’s Day!

More Gas Pipe/LNG Entrigue We noted that YESTERDAY the Alaska governor sought to increase the statutory reach of the Department of Law's Attorney General, so that he (i.e. and various attorney friends of the [...]