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1702, 2018

2-17-18 Alaska LNG Planners Are Busy, Busy, Busy, but….

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Alaska gas project bureaucrats are busy, busy, busy. But since the economics are not yet supportive of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) scheme, to what end is the government controlled organization busy?  -dh P.S.  If the economic stars are not aligned for AGDC, why would the Chinese be interested?  Even if the Chinese are interested, what convinces AGDC [...]

2-15-18 BC-Alberta Pipeline Tensions Rise – Let’s Not Forget Alaska Either!

Danger Stranger by Dave Harbour Why are government officials in Alaska, Alberta and British Columbia so engaged in efforts to control utility/pipeline projects?  A.  Because that's where the money is (Ref: W.H.).  Ratepayers, Taxpayers, [...]

2-12-18 We Celebrate Another Great Alaskan’s Life: Ron Bradley

We pay tribute to another, dearly departed friend: Ron Bradley (Thanks to ADN Obituary Department) In 1913, we celebrated the life of Ron's brother, Rod, with whom we also had a strong, decades [...]


Notley unveils high-profile task force to counter BC 'attack' Calgary Herald.  The move is seen as an attempt by British Columbia to delay and hamper building of the $7.4-billion pipelineexpansion to triple its Alberta oil [...]

2-9-18 Why do we need gas pipelines?

Comment: With Canadian liberal leaders at the national and provincial level doing everything possible to worship climate change and kill fossil fuel and pipelines that transport them, you had to expect the arrival [...]

2-8-18 Much Afoot In The World Energy Arena

Larry Persily Today's Oil & Gas News Briefs Courtesy: Larry Persily Ichthys LNG partner expects further overruns on Australia project (Reuters; Feb. 8) - The giant Ichthys liquefied natural gas project in Australia, [...]

1-22-18 Alaska’s Pipe Policy Pursues Perfidy

Saturday We Said, "Canada's Pipe Policy Pursues Perplexity" (Today, it's Alaska's Turn) We say Alaska pursues perfidy because it does.  Everyone in the state with at least one good eye on this government-owned bureaucrat-controlled [...]

1-19-18 Alaska and Alberta: Resist Socialism!

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's socialist (i.e. communist) dictator. Comment: We continually urge Alaska and Alberta to control spending and taxation.  The two oil supported governments should resist the move toward socialism which unsuccessfully [...]

1-9-18 PANMUNJOM SUMMIT ON KOREAN DMZ IS IN TODAY’S SPOTLIGHT! – Calling For Gas Pipeline Contractors/Operators, Ukraine! Be A Pioneer!

To our pipeline contractor/TSO friends: Kiev, Ukraine Your author serves on the board of the Export Council for Alaska.  Today we learn that the Ukrainian Government is looking for potential Gas Transportation System Operator [...]