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2604, 2018

4-26-18 Alaskanomics and the 3-legged stool

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Alaskanomics Scott Goldsmith. Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour We commend Northrim Bank (Northrim and its public service webpage, Alaskanomics) for having long supported an approach adopted by Dr. Scott Goldsmith, now retired from the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), the "three legged stool". This analogy equates the stability of the stool to an [...]

4-25-18 Why Is LNG Everywhere but Alaska? Is Alaska Morphing Into A Socialist State?

LNG Everywhere... ...but Alaska LNG: Cheniere Energy Inc Top Competitors and Peers - Competition pattern of the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade  - Piped Gas vs. LNG: Competition May Be Heating UP | Pipeline & Gas ... [...]

4-24-18 Important Reader Comment

We appreciate the lucid and studied comments of our readers, including this one reflecting our last Friday's editorial: Author: Donald M. Bullock Jr.  URL: https://northerngaspipelines.com/4-20-18-should-alaskan-politicians-align-their-states-future-with-communist-chinas/ Comment: Very well written Mr. Harbour. It is painful watching [...]

4-20-18 Should Alaskan Politicians Align Their State’s Future With Communist China’s?

Alaska’s Imprudent LNG Project Reader question: Should Alaskan Politicians Align Their State's Future With Communist China's -- or, instead rely on free enterprise development of Alaska's natural gas transportation system--WHEN IT BECOMES ECONOMICAL?  Scroll [...]

4-17-18 Canadian Pipeline Chaos Continues

Notley's Bill 12 'shows bold leadership,' say Alberta oil and gas producers.  CBC.ca.  Alberta's oil and gas producers are calling Bill 12 a regrettable but necessary step in the ongoing battle over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Bill 12, titled Preserving Canada's Economic Prosperity Act, gives [...]

3-29-18 We are traveling but here are today’s links

Larry Persily, Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour Today's links, courtesy, Larry Persily, former Alaska Gasline Federal Coordinator: Oil and gas news briefs for March 29, 2018 PetroChina says shorter deals will [...]

3-17-18 Canadian Pipe Politics Continue

Catherine McKenna says Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will make BC coast safer CBC.ca.  Catherine McKenna says Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will make B.C. coast safer ... How do you explain your government's approval of the project, which not only [...]

3-8-18 Alberta: Let’s Get With It!

Alberta: Let's Get With It! Our Alberta Friends: You saw what we said yesterday about Alaska.  Same goes for you.  Onward, for the kids' if not for your own economic salvation!  -dh Braid: The great [...]

3-7-18 Alaska has a deficit budget and fiscal crisis but pours money into socialized, uneconomic energy projects!

Government subsidized Fairbanks natural gas scheme plods on... ...with insufficient customer base, insufficient long term gas supply, high cost barriers to fuel oil/gas conversion. This is one of two large,  socialized, Alaska energy projects [...]