9-17-2021 ALASKANOMICS: Jobs Up In Alaska

Thursday, September 17, 2021 August jobs up 4.4 percent from August 2020 September 17, 2021 No. 21-25 JUNEAU, Alaska — August’s job count was up 4.4 percent from August 2020, an increase of 13,600 but still 29,700 below August 2019 levels. Industries hit hardest last year recorded the strongest gains, although few have recovered their pre-pandemic job levels. Leisure and hospitality added 5,600 jobs compared to last August but remained 10,800 below August 2019. The trade, transportation and utilities sector gained 3,600 jobs over the year but was 6,700 below [...]

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8-24-2021 Rumblings From Alberta’s Oil Patch

More deals expected in oil patch as Brookfield finally nabs Inter Pipeline Calgary Herald The dogged pursuit by suitor Brookfield Infrastructure Partners of Inter Pipeline Ltd. has paid off with its $8.6-billion takeover bid gaining the support of a majority of shareholders — setting the table for another oilpatch deal as more consolidation hits the sector....

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7-16-2021 Disappointed By A Trusted Partner

You and a computer printer you've been matched to for a decade share a lot of experiences together.  Actually, the human one of us, shares those experiences for both of us. Nevertheless, I was pretty disappointed in my HP printer's lack of its usual, immediate reliability when I tried to print a family photo today. My HP Photosmart Premium printer let me pick it as the honored one to print a great family photo. But it balked and asked me to replace the -- as you know -- [...]

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1-12-21 Will This Happen To Our Children?

Let History Remind Us by Dave Harbour  Whether we be employed by the oil, mining, transportation, retail, agriculture, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, manufacturing, or ocean industry, we in the free world have one thing in common: freedom. Freedom enables each of us to explore our talents and dreams with initiative, creativity, dedication, or ... not at all.   Without freedom, a political vacuum invites raw power struggles for control of wealth and sovereignty and even our individual destinies. Today's freedom is at risk.  We have borrowed vast trillions via our local, state, [...]

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We added a new poem today, HERE: 12-15-20.  A Song of God’s Delight … Re: David’s Psalm 1. Pembina plans $785M in capital spending for 2021, restarting work on two key projects,  CBC.ca.    Pembina Pipeline Corp. is planning $785 million in capital spending next year as it moves to ... The pipeline expansion includes a new pipeline and associated ... The Empress co-generation facility will use natural gas to generate up to 45 ... CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices|About CBC News.  

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10-10-20 We love EVs, but let’s be realistic!

I love electric battery power. You couldn’t separate me from my electric lawn mower, leaf blower, grass trimmer and drills! But I caution my friends about big “alternate energy” schemes designed to benefit the promoter, not the consumer. The article below lays out some often neglected disadvantages of EV ownership. One might also consider that an electric vehicle could routinely use as much electricity as a home. It usually charges at night when everyone is home washing, cleaning, cooking & heating/cooling the home. If the local utility (California, for example) [...]

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10/7/20 Big losses of Alaskan jobs

« Alaska Minimum Wage will increase in 2021 |Main Wednesday, October 07, 2020 August jobs down 10.5 percent from last August State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development September 18, 2020 No. 20-33 JUNEAU, Alaska — Alaska’s August job count was down 10.5 percent from last August, a loss of 37,000 jobs. Pandemic disruptions continued to spur large over-the-year losses in all industries except federal government, which was up 1,400 jobs due to temporary hiring for the 2020 Census. The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate declined from 11.6 [...]

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10-4-20 Canada Continues To Veer Energy-Leftward

This is not good news: Toronto lawyer Annamie Paul elected leader of the federal Green Party  CBC.ca  May is among Parliament's most ardent critics of oil and gas pipelines and the country's natural resources sector. She has also pushed for universal ... MORE BAD NEWS FROM CBC: leaders (finally?) talk climate change  ... emissions from oil and gas production will exceed B.C.'s existing 2050 target by ... for timber and would support the building of the Trans Mountain pipeline. ... It will be covered across all CBC British Columbia platforms, including ..

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9-16-20 April – September Alaskanomics Reports

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 July jobs down 11.2 percent from last July Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development August 21, 2020 No. 20-30 JUNEAU, Alaska — Alaska’s July job count was down 11.2 percent from last July, a loss of 39,900 jobs. The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate declined to 11.6 percent from 12.4 percent in June. The comparable U.S rate decreased from 11.1 percent to 10.2 percent. COVID-19 continued to disrupt Alaska’s economy. The largest job losses were in Anchorage, but the Southeast, Gulf Coast and Northern regions [...]

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5-23-20 China Is A Growing Threat to North and South America…and to the World

Northern Gas Pipelines Published by Dave Harbour · 32 mins ·  Here is a highly articulate Chinese woman’s summary of the Chinese Communist Party’s destructive threat to the free world. It seems the CCPVirus is but the tip of the iceberg. National defense considerations include the Chinese Communist interest in acquiring energy properties throughout North and South America in addition to other "belt and highway" targets world-wide. -dh https://tinyurl.com/y7bo4kbj Saturday We Said, “Canada’s Pipe Policy Pursues Perplexity“ (Today, 8-20-18, it’s Alaska’s Turn) We say Alaska pursues perfidy because it does.  Everyone [...]

4-1-20 Urging our readers to subscribe to Petroleum News Alaska

PETROLEUM NEWS ALASKA PROVIDES THE VERY LATEST, IN-DEPTH  NEWS ABOUT THE NORTHERN OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY PNA and its related publications also provide the most import news source for current Canadian oil and gas progress and the northern mining industry   NEWS BULLETIN April 28, 2020 --- Vol. 26, No.26 April 2020 Readers, this is a complimentary copy of today's bulletin that is normally sent only to our paid News Bulletin Service subscribers. The bulletins are emailed periodically with the latest breaking major news, often uncovered by Petroleum News [...]

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2-19-2020 Alaska Governor Introduces Enhanced Land Disposal Program for Residents

Governor Dunleavy Introduces State Lands Bill, Putting Alaska Lands in Alaskans’ Hands February 19, 2020 (Juneau, AK) – Governor Mike Dunleavy today introduced his State Lands Bill to put Alaska lands in Alaskans’ hands. The legislation, SB 204 / HB 258, will remove barriers to private access and development of state lands, reducing the cost of developing lands, and eliminating the delay of projects. “One resource Alaska has in abundance is its land, yet only 1% of that land is held privately by individuals. No other state has less land [...]

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1-11-2020 Canadian Aboriginals (With Eco-Extremist Allies) Continue To Bite The Energy Hand That Feeds Western — and Federal Economies

Who cares about Canadian jobs, tax revenue and state-of-the-art, safe oil & gas activity! 'We don't give consent': Portage and Main round dance shows solidarity for Wet'suwet'en in ... CBC.ca Hereditary chiefs oppose pipeline slated to go through traditional ... Earlier this week, the natural gas pipeline company posted an injunction order ...

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Oh, Canada! No excitement at all' as oilpatch interest wanes for drilling rights auctions.  CBC.ca  A key indicator of future oil and gas drilling activity in Western Canada is sliding lower as the industry deals with a lack of pipeline capacity, Alberta oil ... Global Warming Policy Forum: Fracking Saved Americans $1.1 Trillion Over Past Decade, New Report     A new report prepared by Kleinhenz & Associates for the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program shows increased oil and natural gas production from hydraulic fracturing has saved American consumers $1.1 trillion in the decade from 2008 to [...]

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International Energy Outlook 2019 release

EIA released and discussed the findings of the International Energy Outlook 2019 (IEO2019) at a public event hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC, today at 9:00 a.m. ET. The event  featured a presentation by EIA Administrator Dr. Linda Capuano followed by two panel discussions. You can watch the presentation on the CSIS webcast. https://youtu.be/0deiqIvsTlE The full report will be available on the EIA website after 9:00 a.m. We want your feedback on the International Energy Outlook   Today, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) launched a [...]

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