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1.  Ecuador.  Some of our reader friends know of our long time interest in Latin cultures, generally, and particularly in the Ecuadorian lifestyle.

Here is a link to our home/rental unit in Cuenca, world retirement capital where life is analog slow: we walk on cobblestone streets; consume the freshest fruits, vegetables, seafood, poultry and farm animals; pay $87 a year in property tax; walk everywhere in a city (or, take a $2 cab) with a littleEcuador Street Vendor Madrebigger population than Anchorage; and have many Ecuadorian friends.  We have undertaken numerous photo and writing assignments, but none so poignant as documenting the plight of 250,000 undocumented AfroColumbian refugees in the Northwestern jungles and tidelands near Esmeralda for the United Nations World Food Program.  For a photographer, Ecuador is, indeed a target rich environment that captures one’s heart as well  (Photo of Quito Old City vendor whose face reflects