Partial List: Articles, Editorials, Interviews and Speeches

Partial Listing: Dave Harbour Articles, Editorials, Interviews and Speeches
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1. About Harbour: Archives, Dave’s Senate Campaign Endorsements; Dave’s Campaign Webpage; Family Hunting Webpage; 1987-88 Gold Pan

2.  About Harbour: Commissioner Emeritus, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (Final);National commissioner listingChairman Emeritus,Alaska Oil & Gas Congress; 2002-Present: 6-17-02, Fiscal Crisis, 5-3-04, Harbour Starts Saturday Market In 1993, 2-18-10-Solve Climate, 2-27-10-Environmental Expo, 4-2-10 Right Wing Granny, 3-10-NYC Books, NARUC 1 and 2, Legislative Citation 2010, 12-09 Encyclopedia Britannica, 9-20-10 Oil & Gas Congress, 10-3-11 Harbour Joins AGDC, 11-17-05 Updated 5-19-14, Center for Public Integrity, Various Years: Chairman Emeritus, Alaska Oil & Gas Congress.

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4.  By Harbour: 2003-2009

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4-10-09.  Alaska Journal of Commerce: OCS Could Heat Up Alaska.

6-30-09. Arctic Regional Citizens Advisory Council

7-1-09. Begich Proposes New Layer of Regulatory Complexity for OCS (Ak.Standard;Ak. Dispatch)

7-15-01. Allan Tesche and Dave Harbour, 1966

7-15-09.  Fire Island Wind

8-5-09. Richmond Times Dispatch: Alaska Leads

8-18-09.  OCS Pay to Play

8-26-10.  ABM link

8-27-09.  Ocean Policy Bad for OCS

9-1-09.  FERC Gasline Report CardABM link

9-15-09.  Governor Sean Parnell Meets Chairman Wu Bangguo

9-17-10. Alaska Oil and Gas Congress

9-21-09.  Celebrate Big Oil

10-15-09.  Alliance Election-Photo

9-10-09.  Beware Beelzebub!

10-20-09.  Battle of OCS Wills

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