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Public Service Sponsorship & Advertising

(Revised 5-14-16)

Be A Public Service Sponsor:

1.  Banner Ad.  For $250/month you’ll receive a 300w x 250h pixel hyperlinked, premier ad (i.e. top center below tabs) that flows into highly visible banner rotation with other ads. Make a single, 12 month advance payment at the discounted rate of $3,000; or

2.  purchase a 230 pixel wide x 140 pixel tall hyperlinked, horizontal right column ad space for $150/month,  discounted to for single, annual advance payment of $1,650.

(Free additional, hyperlinked listing under “Northern Energy Stakeholders” for all categories of sponsors above.)

3.  Several individual readers have kindly asked us to invoice them for an advance annual payment of $250, $350 (or more) or a monthly personal donation of $25 or more in support of our public service effort to keep citizens in the North more knowledgeable and supportive of energy exploration, production, refining and transportation businesses.  We list them under “Northern Energy Stakeholders”, linked to their websites, if desired, and invoice them via PayPal.

4.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Sponsors have NEVER been unhappy with their association with us; any sponsor may cancel anytime and receive a prorated refund.

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How To Be Linked:
See our “Northern Energy Stakeholders” box in the left margin.
Public Service Sponsors (above) will be automatically listed as a Stakeholder at no additional charge.
We’ll include other stakeholders for hypertext links for $250/year.  Upon receipt of payment, we will list the entity as you would wish it displayed with a hyperlink to the “landing webpage” of your choice (Your home page, ‘about us’ page or employment pages are ideas).  Contact us.
Non-profit corporations supporting the reasonable development of northern natural resources, energy-related government agencies and news media may request a complimentary listing under this category.

Note to readers and prospective advertisers (continued):

1.  When your publisher joined the Regulatory Commission of Alaska in 2003, he ceased advertising.  He has renewed the program so that readers can assist with the cost of maintaining the new and expanded website for the benefit of the economy and citizens of North America.  See former American and Canadian advertisers of the older webpage here.
2.  Most web advertising is calculated based on ‘number of hits or opens, etc.’  Our original advertising program attracted public service sponsors based on different criteria: the quality, diversity and quantity of northern energy documents, features, editorials, links, presentations, photos, maps, studies, etc. attracted a large number and a high quality of readers.  For us, readership quality over hit quantity makes the Northern Gas Pipelines information oasis a unique and respected Internet presence.  The rich and important diversity of our influence leader-readers throughout North America includes appointed and elected local and national leaders in the U.S. and Canada; journalists, broadcasters, talk show hosts and editorial writers; students and instructors at all levels of academia; corporate operating and staff executives involved in northern energy projects; non-governmental organizations and citizens who follow northern energy issues; and … regulators.  The point is that while advertisers will only be able to expect 100-1000 ‘hits’ daily, they will be assured that their message will be seen by those throughout North America most interested in Northern Gas Pipelines and related energy issues.  Perhaps the major benefit public service advertisers receive is knowledge that this important website will be sustained through their efforts for many years to come; its hosting is secured 10 years in advance.   The website is updated, on average, 2-8 times daily and transmits current information and editorial comment uniquely valuable to the northern energy community.  Our current readers deluge us with compliments for which we are grateful.  Here are several recent testimonials, though you’ll find more thorough reader responses on our earlier site.  Thank you for being a part of our dedication to communicate useful and reliable facts and opinion surrounding Northern Gas Pipelines and related energy issues.