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Glen Biegel

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Listen to this brief Glen Biegel Radio Program clip. (10-7-15), and Ray Kreig on Mike Porcaro’s 3-23-18 KENI Radio Show re: author’s view of ML&P sale. https://clyp.it/fhbf5swd

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3-21-18.  Resignation after having served as Chairman of the Alaska Export Council and the Department of Commerce’s District Export Council…and board member comments.

8-22-17.   Dear Dave – I printed your Aug. 17 info (it was 26 pages on my computer) to share with our friends and it was very informative but this info is just as informative.  I’m printing this one and then – after I read Aug. 29 info . . . I will print that one to share as well.  THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US INFORMED. You all work VERY HARD for Alaska . . . and AMERICA . . . you are in our prayers!  You take care and keep safe, Dave!   Bunny and Al Chong

8-21-17.  Thank you Mr. Harbour for providing a well thought out perspective on the Alaska Gasline Project and thank you Mr. Zimmerman for placing the general interest of Alaskans above your personal interst in business construction of the gas line would bring – that is exactly the character quality that is needed today to promote a civil society for tomorrow.  Mike Prax

8-21-17.  Even though I have a vested interest in the oil and gas industry to see a pipeline built ,I totally agree it is not in the best interest in the long term for the state to ” go it alone” for the stated reasons in this article. I have been here long enough to have experienced all the states debacles throwing billions down the rabbit hole never to be seen again. I applaud you for efforts in trying to right the listing state fiscal ship.

I flew with Urban Rahoi to his camp in the Wrangle mountains when the Delta Barley project was in the middle of clearing 250,000 acres or so. His comment was “look at the worlds largest moose pasture in ten years”. He was not far off. It has basically grown up with willows now; a favorite moose food. I do not know what the answer is but to get the word out to more people who could perhaps see the light. This is what happens when you strangle the golden goose. I am venting.

Thanks for your efforts.
Tom Zimmerman

6-23-17.  It was after reading an article by Col. Harbour, when I was in college, that I was set on the path of spring turkey hunting. Your dad inspired me to want to spring turkey hunt & 42 years later, I am still at it. My grandson is becoming a good turkey hunting so the writings of Col. Harbour live on & will for generations to come. I would have loved to meet him. I am retired now after 35 years in the hunting/fishing industry. I started a non profit on a beautiful piece of property in Kansas. Hunting is a part of what we do. When I speak to groups & talk about how I got interested in turkey hunting, I always mention your dad. I trust he was a blessing in your life. Thanks for having a place to share some thoughts about a good man. Blessings to whomever reads this.  Cecil Carder

11-3-16.  Alaska Headlamp.  Banana peels and billions of barrels. Forbes recently featured Caelus CEO Jim Musselman and discussed his company’s recent find in Smith Bay. On his 2-billion-barrel discovery, “That [strike is] just the start,” says Musselman, “There’s so much oil yet to be found.” The feature also highlights the difficult regulatory and fiscal environment Alaskan producers continue to face – specifically, grievances with Governor Walker. “What the governor has done is the opposite of what Alaska needs,” says Dave Harbour, former chairman of the state regulatory commission. “Why would anyone invest in a state that has one foot over the edge of a precipice and the other standing on a banana peel? What we need to show investors is that in Alaska a deal is a deal.”  Headlamp applauds Mr. Harbour for clearly stating the issue – and Mr. Musselman for pointing out that more oil can help the state solve its fiscal problems – long term.



..and this is why you were the only … who supported me…I could
have written this piece.

Now…how can we recruit someone charismatic who agrees with us who will
run for governor in 2018?  Will you run?  I’ll work for you…



Our response:

Thank you, D.  You were one of my bright memories of those days and I’m honored that you have a good recollection of our work together.  … Thank you for the vote of confidence but I ran once for the Assembly and let Begich in for his political start; then I ran for the Ak Senate and during Obama’s year let Betty Davis retain her seat.  My problem is that I seem to be unable to win a popularity contest.

I agree with you that we need a win.  We need a Reagan.  Maybe that is someone like … or ….   Someone must rise from the masses and have the background, intelligence, courage and the financial capability to pull it off.
I will join you in supporting that person, when we’ve unmasked his/her identity.
Meanwhile the immigrant hordes are about to overtake us.  That’s why close to a majority still favors HRC.  If power and money are the objectives, she’s the one in spite of her lawlessness.

It’s always good to hear from you, D.  I hope you and yours are well!

Hi Dave:

Understand you’re out of town for a few months and working on projects.

Yes, we will certainly find a date after mid-August forward to have you as a speaker at one of our Meet and Brief luncheons.

And, thank you for your very important work to inform Alaskans, and our Canadian neighbors, about issues surrounding the development of our natural resources through your newsletters and website.

Thanks, Dave!




1815 Bragaw Street, Suite 209D

Anchorage, AK 99508

Tel: (907) 278-7234


7-26-16.  wpnorthern July 26, 2016 at 8:25 pm – Edit – Reply


Thank you very much for sharing your photos with us for the Hickel Award program! We are grateful that you were able to capture such important moments of Alaskan history. Jim and I both spent time searching online and were unable to find any photos that compared to your collection.

Thanks again!



Aaron Weddle
Program Director
Commonwealth North
My pleasure, Aaron.

Thanks for taking time to send the thoughtful note.




Your Web page is outstanding, super duper; we love it!

Kindest Regards,

Francis (Frank) Avezac, President

Alaska Intrastate Gas Co.

2-17-16.  “We hope someone or several Alaskans with extraordinary leadership skills can now emerge to diplomatically but decisively and wisely calm the winds, waves and storms of uncertainty and unnecessary dispute.”  -dh

Well Dave, there are too many people in our state government that do not have a clue of the real world. Many. many Alaska state employees are not trained, do not have enough experience in their jobs, or are just out for their own self-interest. This wastes a lot of time and money, and even in some cases violates state and federal laws. Somehow we need to get people with at least some basic business training. 

Enjoy your emails and articles. 



Your commentary today is particularly cogent. I remember attending the “Challenge of Plenty” seminar in Downtown Anchorage—as well as many subsequent events.

Loren and Carolyn Leman, Lt Governor, Alaska, fiscal crisis, Photo by Dave Harbour
I also remember the struggle we in the Legislature had in 1999 with oil that dipped to as low as $9.70. We reduced spending and held firm through those years on a State GF budget of $2.2 billion. It’s too bad it jumped from there to $5.2 billion and even more when we had access to more money. I know some of the upward movement is justified, but human nature is to spend all the money available (and then some). I see our current crop of legislators struggling right now, and perhaps understandably so. Our current fiscal challenge is the largest Alaska has faced in the past 40 years. Our legislators and Governor need to be encouraged to be bold—and do the right thing. Of course, “right” when it comes to money is often in the eye of the beholder.

You raised important questions about how we deliver government services—and how much they cost. When I served on the Legislature’s Deferred Maintenance Task Force in 1997, I asked the somewhat rhetorical question, “Why do government projects cost so much to construct?” Our chairman Senator Tim Kelly, responded, “Loren, you are an engineer and a legislator. Why don’t you tell us?” I took on the challenge and wrote a white paper that identified some 30 reasons for increased costs, many of them not really necessary for good project delivery. But just like 19 years ago, making systemic changes to reduce costs and fit within an affordable revenue stream is difficult. Each expenditure and protection has a constituency. But if we don’t deal with unnecessary (in my opinion) cost drivers, including in our formula programs, developing a sustainable and affordable budget work will continue to be very difficult.

Loren and Carolyn Leman, Lt Governor, Alaska, fiscal crisis, Photo by Dave Harbour

Continue to stand strong. I enjoy your inputs.

Loren Leman, P.E. (NGP Photo, Loren and Carolyn Leman), Former Representative, Senator, and Lieutenant Governor

Dave, I enjoyed Ian Pilmer’s speech. Great stuff!

L. H., Ecuador

Thanks Dave. I enjoy reading your NGP alerts and all of us here think about the major issues there. Thanks for providing a great service!


“We prefer good news but cannot ignore reality…. Below is a comment from a longtime Kenai Peninsula, Alaska reader. It refers to our commentary last Friday. Perhaps a good way to start the week, absent wonderful news, is to consider what steps must be taken to create good news. After all, isn’t the first step in a 12 step recovery program simply to admit fault?” -dh


-B.C. Kenai Peninsula, Ak.

Thx Dave! Thanks for looking for a half full glass! Why the governor chooses hostility over professionalism and good economics is a challenge to comprehend! America is still so blessed compared to other countries! Thanks for your vigilance for our great state! My best New Years wishes to you and your lovely bride! … She is a class act! Again thanks for more optimism.

B.O., Fairbanks, Ak.

Thanks Dave. I enjoy reading your NGP alerts and all of us here think about the major issues there. Thanks for providing a great service!

You may have seen that PLF has two cases accepted at the Supreme Court, including a Clean Water Act challenge. I know several years ago we had a case in Fairbanks (permafrost = wetlands) against the Corps of Engineers. In Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes, we represent a Minnesota peat mining business that has been raked over the coals by the Corps. The feds issued a jurisdictional determination that they control the property. The legal issue in play for justices — whether a property owner can directly challenge government in court when regulators label property as wetlands, subject to federal oversight. Here’s our news release….

Regards, Bob

Robert L. Krauter, Chief Communications Officer Pacific Legal Foundation 930 G Street Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 503-9032

Reader response: Randy Kerr, Canada, to 1-21-16 “Our Own Worst Economic Enemy”: No question, you are right about that Dave. Crazy what’s happening in Canada these last couple of years. It just keeps getting worse and AK doesn’t seem any different.


Reader response: Randy Kerr, Canada, to 1-21-16 “Our Own Worst Economic Enemy”: No question, you are right about that Dave. Crazy what’s happening in Canada these last couple of years. It just keeps getting worse and AK doesn’t seem any different.

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Dan Fagan, Alaska radio, Photo by Dave Harbour, Endorsement10-29-15.  Dave Harbour: A True Alaska Statesman, with accompanying endorsements.  Web page: Dan Fagan (NGP Photo).  Copy here.

10-25-15.  Dave, I know it’s not fun to deliver the hard truth, but you do it well, and it’s essential.  D.K., Energy Expert

10-25-15.  The LNG Project: Insightful, thought provoking commentary…deserving of careful consideration by every member of the legislature!   -J.N., Government Executive

10-13-15.   Dave, keep up the good work.  I guess ANWR is coming to attention again.  Lets talk soon.  –, PhD., Biologist

10-7-15.  Glen Biegel Radio Program, interview with Tom McGrath, re: Northern Gas Pipelines and Dave Harbour

9-30-15.  Thank you for providing a useful news service.  I hope it is profitable for you.  I like you fine, but as for Facebook and Twitter I do not “like” them worth a damn.

Robert M. Reynolds, Arkansas

(Note: Northern Gas Pipelines has never been profitable to me in the financial sense.  In a psychic sense, it has been therapeutic and enlightening.  The fact that we have created such a well-used, searchable archive for industry, government, media and academia is fulfilling.  -dh     


10-7-15.  Glen Biegel Radio program with Tom McGrath, caller.  (Also, see Alaska Business Monthly)

10-1-15.  Dave: Its unbelievable what is going on in this state under this Gov…thanks for the clear points and good messaging!  – State Legislator

9-29-15.  Oh my gosh . . . What comes next?