A Plea For CoronaVirus Legal Protection – Roger Jenkins Passes

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A Plea For Federal Lawsuit Protection Among others, restaurants will never be the same —if they fully recover at all. Distancing is impossible for chefs and others. Wiping down everything thoroughly and consistently after every guest is impossible. Masks are uniformly worn by employees? Forget it. Consistent enforcement of bureaucratic rules for every bar and Restaurant will make customer service wait staff into Gestapo agents. There may only be one fighting chance -- right now -- for Congress/POTUS to enact medical lawsuit restrictions and ironclad protection to businesses and [...]

7-4-20 Independence Day Garage Sale

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We have a plethora of useful items.  VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES!!!! This Garage Sale web page will be live the life of the sale, from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m., SATURDAY, July 4, 2020 ADDRESS: 4021 Kingston, Anchorage HOUSEHOLD: Lamps, Executive Office Chair, Great Framed Prints, Books, CDs, Winter Clothing, Electronic, Office Supplies, shelves, and so much more! OUTDOORS: "Electric snow shovel", pressure washer, etc. TOOLS & CONTRACTING: Tile laying equipment, big galvanized eye bolts, tools, galvanized bolts and nails, etc. [...]

6-29-20 Letter to the “Father Of The Ill-Begotten Fair Share Oil Tax Proposal”

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(A letter from an unemployed oil industry employee to Robin Brena, the lawyer who created a voters initiative to increase oil industry taxes.  The letter was printed by the Alaska Support Industry Alliance.) Dear Mr. Brena: I just lost my job on the Slope, and don’t know when or if I’ll get back on. I used to feel lucky that I survived the support industry layoffs that happened from 2015-2018, when more than 6,000 Alaskans lost their jobs.  I don’t feel so lucky anymore.   Because of what’s happening with [...]

6-10-20 Is Alaska’s Government Acting In Good Faith?

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From the Allliance: "Open for Business? AKDOT takes $49m in CARES relief funds –threatens struggling AK companies with 10.5% interest penalty." The Situation: The Department of Transportation & Public Facilities took money intended to be used for “relief” and responded by threatening a 10.5% interest penalty on late payments from struggling Alaska businesses ⁠–on top of already onerous lease increases. 18 months prior to the current public health emergency, Alaska companies asked the administration and DOT&PF to review the steep, and in our review some cases unlawful, rental increases implemented by the Walker administration [...]

6-9-20 Industry Promotes LNG Professional Accomplishment

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TWITTER STRING: Exxon Natural Gas Develops Creative Program to Advance Excellence In LNG Operations ExxonMobil Nat Gas,  @XOM_NatGas.  Nominations for the second-annual Power Play Awards close on June 19! Promote diversity and inclusion in LNG by submitting a nomination before it’s too late: http://bit.ly/2uzdbxx. ExxonMobil Nat Gas liked your Tweet.  Outstanding program to honor outstanding men & women in LNG! @DruckerInst @CatoInstitute @AOGA @AKAlliance @TexasAllianceEP @txrrc @EnergyofND @ooga_hq @api @IOGCC @aga_naturalgas @INGAApipelines @TXOGA @XOM_NatGas @trish_regan @HARRISFAULKNER @MariaBartiromo @Edison_Electric  Texas Alliance  Retweeted your Tweet.  Outstanding program to honor outstanding men [...]

5-27-20 Why An Alaska North Slope Gas Pipeline Is Infeasible. Is the Recovery of Oil Demand and Pricing Real?

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Current Petroleum News Headlines Alyeska oil prorations now at 95% inventory; supply chain clearing - 05/24/2020 (Full story) Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. has adjusted oil flow prorations on the trans-Alaska pipeline system to a 95% proration as of May 15, up from an 85% proration in place earlier in May. “At TAPS, we're confident the supply chain has stabilized,” We're ramping back up and as of last Friday are back to saf.... Oil Patch bits: New features added to Lynden's mobile app - 05/24/2020 (Login to read Full story) As reported by Lynden News May [...]

5-23-20 China Is A Growing Threat to North and South America…and to the World

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Northern Gas Pipelines Published by Dave Harbour · 32 mins ·  Here is a highly articulate Chinese woman’s summary of the Chinese Communist Party’s destructive threat to the free world. It seems the CCPVirus is but the tip of the iceberg. National defense considerations include the Chinese Communist interest in acquiring energy properties throughout North and South America in addition to other "belt and highway" targets world-wide. -dh https://tinyurl.com/y7bo4kbj Saturday We Said, “Canada’s Pipe Policy Pursues Perplexity“ (Today, 8-20-18, it’s Alaska’s Turn) We say Alaska pursues perfidy because it does.  Everyone [...]

4-18-20 Not All Energy News Is Negative

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Petroleum News Alaska News Wrap: Alaska lucks out with ConocoPhillips; ExxonMobil’s Point Thomson production rising; HEX inks KLU deal; Alaska North Slope oil price disconnects Petroleum News The April 19 issue of Petroleum News includes coverage of ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil. Furie, HEX, XCD Energy, Oil Search, Cook Inlet Energy, Glacier Oil and Gas and Hilcorp, all active in Alaska’s oil and gas industry. Petroleum News Alaska Gasline Development Corp. “AGDC: goal private sponsor by year-end” reports that the state entity which is the project sponsor for the Alaska LNG Project, got [...]

4-15-20 Alaska Joins Other States/Canadian Provinces In Shouldering Double Whammy: CCPVirus + Oil Price Collapse

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Please find this MOST INFORMATIVE oil and gas presentation on current status of the industry by Canary, LLC CEO Dan K. Eberhart (@dankeberhart), delivered to members of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance on April 9. Double bonus: Here's Dan's current take on the Texas RRC consideration of ordering production cuts vs. free market forces...followed by this Yahoo report on the result of the hearing (i.e. a difficult decision for the 3 commissioners). -dh Must Read Alaska: Fradulent Oil Tax Initiative Signatures?! Has it ever been tougher for the state's [...]

4-9-20 A Revealing Look At The Status Of TODAY’S Oil & Gas Industry!

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Below are the speaker's notes from an online presentation delivered today to members of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance.  Their thousands of employees of some 400 employers provide the muscle enabling the enormous oil, gas and mining production in America's largest -- and sole -- Arctic state. Alaska Support Industry Alliance Webinar Briefing For Members By Dan K. Eberhart, Canary LLC (Photo) (Twitter account contact: @dankeberhart) Whatever happened to “In like a lion, out like a lamb?” March has been a month many of us would rather forget. The twin [...]

4-1-20 Urging our readers to subscribe to Petroleum News Alaska

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PETROLEUM NEWS ALASKA PROVIDES THE VERY LATEST, IN-DEPTH  NEWS ABOUT THE NORTHERN OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY PNA and its related publications also provide the most import news source for current Canadian oil and gas progress and the northern mining industry   NEWS BULLETIN April 28, 2020 --- Vol. 26, No.26 April 2020 Readers, this is a complimentary copy of today's bulletin that is normally sent only to our paid News Bulletin Service subscribers. The bulletins are emailed periodically with the latest breaking major news, often uncovered by Petroleum News [...]

3-28-20 Two of Alaska’s Great Thinkers Opine On Coronavirus

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Note: All over the world, the U.S. state department is undertaking these types of operations on behalf of citizens.  It's too bad that our major television networks do not more reasonably cover worldwide events affecting our country.  -dh Excerpts from yesterday's State Department Email: Location: Ecuador (country-wide).  Today, four more U.S. State Department-sponsored flights departed Ecuador, two each from Guayaquil and Quito, returning 403 Americans home.  To date, a total of six U.S. State Department-sponsored flights have taken 631 Americans home.  Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy in Ecuador has worked closely with commercial [...]

3-27-20 Corona Virus Continues To Hog Center Stage For Energy and All Other North American Communities

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Canada COVID-19: Don't Create New Subsidy Program, National Post Fort McMurray mayor says 'time to act decisively' on keeping COVID-19 away Alaska: Corona Virus In this Alaska state senator Cathy Giessel's newsletter this week, you'll find: Oil Prices Senate Finance Major Economic Relief Package Passes Senate Real ID Deadline Extended Federal SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act This week's Natural Resource Related highlights and updates From the Alaska Miners Association: Mineral tenure legislation passes the Legislature!!  SB155, Exploration & Mining Rights, [...]

3-24-20 Coronavirus and Saudi-Russia tiff effects continue to affect North American energy price/supply/demand

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Canada Oil production cuts in Western Canada are imminent ,  Western Canada’s oil production will need to be cut by about 11% from April, or 440,000 b/d, due to the global oversupply created by the Covid-19 virus and ongoing oil price, said Rystad Energy. Suncor Energy cuts 2020 capital by $1.5 billion  Suncor has cut its 2020 capital program by $1.5 billion (Can.), or 26% compared to the original guidance midpoint, to $3.9-4.5 billion (Can.), in response to the decline in the crude oil price and uncertainty of the economic [...]

3-12-20 Energy State Alaska Faces CoronaVirus Head-on!

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To Customers: From Our Very Responsible Friends At NorthRim Bank Update to Our Customers: COVID-19 Dear Valued Customer, As we all monitor developments surrounding COVID-19, we understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing and wanted to share updates on what Northrim Bank is doing in response to the virus. The health and safety of our customers, employees and community is a top concern and our thoughts are with those Alaskans who may be impacted. Our branches are cleaned daily as part of normal business and we have [...]