7-28-2022 Celebtate another TAPS anniversary!

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"MAKE IT MONDAY" FORUM 2022 TAPS Update with Alyeska Interim President Danika Yeager Monday, August 1 - Noon to 1 pm - Dena'ina Center This is a big year for the Trans Alaska Pipeline System as TAPS celebrates its 45th anniversary of operations and the first flow of Alaska North Slope crude oil from Pump Station 1. The day of this presentation, Aug. 1, marks the date in 1977 when Arco M/V Juneau departed the Valdez Marine Terminal with the first oil delivered through TAPS. Alyeska Interim President Danika [...]

4-5-2022 A Voting Day Message From A Treasured Alaska Philosopher*

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(Opinion Column: Letter to the editor) A Voting Day Letter To Critical Thinking Citizens by Glen Biegel Dear Anchoragians (Anchorageites?): Glen Biegel   It's voting day. It's voting day because you really can't vote in person. There are 3 locations to vote: City Hall (hah!), the Loussac library, and the Town Center in Eagle River. Didn't know that, or you plan to stand in a 3+ hour long line on 'voting day' to vote? Ergo, today IS voting day.   The Day of Reckoning *I need your [...]

1-10-2022 Alaska Focuses On Critical and Rare Earth Minerals!

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From our friends at the AMA: Bringing Alaska’s Carbon Ore, Rare Earth Elements, and Critical Minerals into Perspective Meeting Date: January 18, 2022,  Meeting Location: Geological Materials Center 3651 Penland Pkwy, Anchorage, AK 99508 To register for this event: https://forms.gle/4qdTZCTnzeTZZCMWA Carbon Ore, Rare Earth and Critical Minerals | Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys The University of Alaska Fairbanks, in partnership with the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys, was awarded approximately $1.5 million by the U.S. Department of Energy to perform a set of broad basinal assessments of Alaska’s [...]

12-28-2021 Gathering Year-End Energy Links

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As 2021 Comes To An End, We Capture The Last Few Northern Energy Links Natural Gas Intelligence: Lawsuit Said Imminent to Stop Peregrine Oil, Gas Project in Alaska's NPR-A Sarah Palin, NGP photo, Copyright 2015 by Dave Harbour ("Ah, yes, I remember it well....") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BGE3cX3ZWQ Exclusive -- Sarah Palin on Joe Biden: 'It's Too Late to Get Through to Him' - Breitbart Natural Gas Intelligence. January Natural Gas Futures Soar to $4.06 in Thin Holiday Trading; Cash Mostly Higher Restoring Lands Impacted by Scuttled Appalachian Natural Gas Pipeline   WI Tribes Raise New Concerns Over [...]

11-25-2021 We Repeat Last Year’s Thanksgiving Messages: Are They Not Timeless?

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A Day Of Thanks For God, Country, Founders and Generations of Patriots Thanksgiving Proclamation, 3 October 1789 President George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation [New York, 3 October 1789] By the President of the United States of America. a Proclamation. Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor—and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me “to recommend to the People of [...]

10-17-2021 Heartland Institute: The Best Source On “Climate Change” Issues! -dh

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Day 3 of the Live-stream of Heartland's Three-day Climate Realism Conference Begins at 8 am PT Watch the live-stream at Heartland's YouTube channel or at ClimateConference.Heartland.org. We have a full day of GREAT programming. If you miss anything, all presentations will be archived at Heartland's YouTube channel to watch at your leisure.   See the full schedule at this link. TODAY'S SCHEDULE Plenary Ballroom Sessions & concurrent Science and Policy Tracks Click on the images to watch them on YouTube; All times PT. [Note: These video links are different from Friday and Saturday.]   [...]

10-5-2021 America Continues To Evolve Into An Appeasement Country

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America Continues To Evolve Into An Appeasement Country “I want it now at someone else’s expense” By Dave Harbour The disturbing trend continues.  Modern generations, particularly this one, want what they want when they want it and they want it NOW.  But only if someone else pays for it.  And who would that be?  It would be someone who cannot vote who can be involuntarily indebted and who would ONLY have to pay interest and not the principle for decades to come.  In short, politicians can appease constituents by [...]

9-30-2021 Taxes On Energy Producers and Consumers Grow From Inflationary Government Spending and Regulatory Policies

By |2021-10-05T07:30:20-09:00September 30th, 2021|Biden Administration, Commentary, Control Government Spending, Federal Obstruction, Government Waste, Interstate Gas, Keystone XL, LNG, NARUC, Personal, Trump Administration Energy Initiatives|

Open Letter To Alaska's U.S. Senators Is this what Alaska's U.S. Senators want for their state and country? If so, we believe they will be joining the Dems to support porky infrastructure and socialized reconciliation.  This is not like past times when pork was routinely incorporated into legislation, but not mortally injurious to the Nation's future.  This time could come to be known as, "The End Game".  And maybe that outcome will be determined by Alaska's two Senators. -dh (Note: We believe that wasteful spending and rising [...]

9-17-2021 ALASKANOMICS: Jobs Up In Alaska

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Thursday, September 17, 2021 August jobs up 4.4 percent from August 2020 September 17, 2021 No. 21-25 JUNEAU, Alaska — August’s job count was up 4.4 percent from August 2020, an increase of 13,600 but still 29,700 below August 2019 levels. Industries hit hardest last year recorded the strongest gains, although few have recovered their pre-pandemic job levels. Leisure and hospitality added 5,600 jobs compared to last August but remained 10,800 below August 2019. The trade, transportation and utilities sector gained 3,600 jobs over the year but was 6,700 below [...]

9-10-2021 Historical Days: Prudhoe Bay Lease Sale & 9-11

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Today in 1969, Alaska conducted the great Prudhoe Bay Lease Sale, over a year after the behemoth oil & gas discovery on the state's North Slope.  Full Story HERE.  Here is our 2020 comment.   *     *     * Tomorrow, the whole country commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attack in New York City of the World Trade Center.  (Another Day of Infamy) *     *     * My great brother (Photo-right, with author), Vietnam Vet Marine Doug Harbour, founded the Tri State 9/11 Remembrance Parade & Ceremony...in [...]

8-24-2021 Rumblings From Alberta’s Oil Patch

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More deals expected in oil patch as Brookfield finally nabs Inter Pipeline Calgary Herald The dogged pursuit by suitor Brookfield Infrastructure Partners of Inter Pipeline Ltd. has paid off with its $8.6-billion takeover bid gaining the support of a majority of shareholders — setting the table for another oilpatch deal as more consolidation hits the sector....

8-17-2021 Canadian Government Is Wise To Support Fossil Fuels

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Canada's biggest public pensions heavily investing in fossil fuels, new report suggests CBC.ca The Canada Pension Plan's (CPP Investments) total fossil fuel investments ... a spokesperson for CPP Investments wrote in an email to CBC News. Abandoning oil and gas a utopian impossibility, Alberta's premier says Big finance considers climate change a major investment risk. Is your pension prepared?


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Another Answer To The "Pipeline Cnstrained Northeast" FROM Argus Media: Chesapeake Energy's $2.2bn bid for Vine Energy is the latest bet by large US natural gas producers on the future of the US Gulf coast market, signaling a shift away from the pipeline-constrained northeast. Chesapeake's planned acquisition of Vine will nearly triple the company's output from the Haynesville shale, a prolific gas-bearing formation underlying east Texas and northern Louisiana. The combined company will....(STORY HERE)  

7-16-2021 Disappointed By A Trusted Partner

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You and a computer printer you've been matched to for a decade share a lot of experiences together.  Actually, the human one of us, shares those experiences for both of us. Nevertheless, I was pretty disappointed in my HP printer's lack of its usual, immediate reliability when I tried to print a family photo today. My HP Photosmart Premium printer let me pick it as the honored one to print a great family photo. But it balked and asked me to replace the -- as you know -- [...]

3-19-21 Lest We Forget: Alaska Once Had A Stable Investment Climate!

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  Lest We Forget: On March 18, 1981 Alaska Created Two Decades Of Investment/Tax/Economic/Social Stability Commentary by Dave Harbour (Video: Governor Jay Hammond and Legislature Define 'Fair Share' Of Petroleum Revenue 3-18-81 from Dave Harbour archives on Vimeo.) TRANS ALASKA PIPELINE SYSTEM (TAPS)  Four decades ago yesterday, Alaska created what was to be two decades of "quasi"-fiscal stability.  We say, "quasi" because even in the wake of "reform", politicians would continuously be seeking "more revenue". But let us begin the story this way.  1980-81 was an era when [...]

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