1-16-18 We celebrate the life of another great northern businessman!

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With George Brown’s death at age 96, comes the end of an era at the Lucky Wishbone ADN, by Julia O'Malley ... The story of the flat-roofed restaurant on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Karluk Street isn't about food so much as it's about history and people and the value of things that don't change. It begins with George Brown, who, until recently, could be found most days sitting on a stool at Counter B. He opened the place with his wife Peggy in 1955. He died on Saturday, ending an era for [...]


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World Fiscal Systems for Oil and GasNew course on fiscal terms and conditions for oil and gas licenses, leases, concessions, PSCs and risk service contracts around the world. COURSE WITH SPECIAL SESSION ON INDONESIAN GROSS SPLIT CONTRACT   My well-known course World Fiscal Systems for Oil and Gas is scheduled to take place again this year in Singapore during the week March 12 – 15, 2018. Pedro van Meurs. Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour The course provides an overview of all fiscal terms and conditions for oil and gas licenses, leases, [...]

1-10-18 “I cry for you, Argentina, Venezuela, Alaska and Alberta”

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In a perverse kind of way, this week’s 50 per cent increase in Alberta’s unpopular carbon tax — to $30 per tonne of carbon dioxide emissions — could be a big gift from Rachel Notley’s NDP government to her opponent, United Conservative Party (UCP) opposition leader Jason Kenney.  Calgary Herald by Claudia Cattaneo (Photo by Dave Harbour). $60 oil returns to Calgary but 'boom' talk does not Mackenzie gas project dumped Alberta Sacrifices Economy To Liberal Gods Of Climate Change Phillips: Albertans support efforts to embrace [...]

1-9-18 PANMUNJOM SUMMIT ON KOREAN DMZ IS IN TODAY’S SPOTLIGHT! – Calling For Gas Pipeline Contractors/Operators, Ukraine! Be A Pioneer!

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To our pipeline contractor/TSO friends: Kiev, Ukraine Your author serves on the board of the Export Council for Alaska.  Today we learn that the Ukrainian Government is looking for potential Gas Transportation System Operator partners. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine invites potential Gas Transportation System Operators (TSO) to the preliminary consultations and discussion on possible conditions for the upcoming tender to attract potential TSO partner(s) to operate in newly created PJSC Main Gas Pipelines of Ukraine.  Here is the formal announcement.  Contact the following Commercial Specialist for additional assistance: Myroslava Myrtsalo, Commercial [...]

1-4-18 Big Energy News For Alaska And The Whole Country!

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Remembering our birth as a state: Alaska entered the Union 59 years ago, starting a new life.  News-Miner opinion: It was 59 years ago this week that the U.S. flag took in a 49th state — ours. Caribou on oil industry gravel pad. Five feet above the mosquito infested tundra decreases mosquito caused mortality among spring-born calves. -dh Porcupine caribou herd numbers highest in monitoring history The Porcupine caribou herd, whose range includes the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, has grown to the highest number seen since monitoring started back [...]

1-2-18 Updating Readers To Our New, 2018 Energy World

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World Energy Highlights Of Interest to Alaskans, Courtesy: Larry Persily: Larry Persily. Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour Oil and gas news briefs for Jan. 2, 2018 Partners dissolve Canada’s Mackenzie Valley gas pipeline venture (CBC News; Dec. 28) - The much anticipated but long-doubted Mackenzie Valley gas pipeline in Canada’s Far North has gone out with a sigh. Imperial Oil posted a press release to its website Dec. 22, announcing the proponents had dissolved the joint-venture partnership driving the Mackenzie Valley Gas Project. The joint-venture [...]

12-29-17 Another Pipedream Hits The Dust

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Editorial Comment: Your author served as director of public affairs for the Arctic Gas Project in the 1970s, a  component of which was a Mackenzie Delta gas transportation project. Canada's National Energy Board killed that project and your author then served as advisor to the Foothills (i.e. Alaska highway route) pipeline project which separated itself from the Mackenzie project.  That project proved to be infeasible in the 1980s as did a Dempster Highway alternative for Mackenzie Delta gas (i.e. Maple Leaf project). During the 80s your author served as government relations [...]

12-28-17 Alaska’s Governor Supports Climate Change Movement!

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Global Warming Opinion From Our Mid-Atlantic Energy Analyst: Given the odd pattern of the holiday weeks, we forgot until today about Euan Mearns’ Blowout Week, which we generally link.  http://euanmearns.com/blowout-week-208/#more-20518 Given the weather for the northeast quadrant of the U.S.  this week (the high here today was 12 degrees, and snowing hard in Geauga County), our two favorites deal with ongoing predictions of global warming. On the one hand, GLOBAL WARMING (GW) is causing ongoing record snowfalls:  Reuters: Climate change driving record snows in Alaskan mountains The study by researchers from Dartmouth College, the [...]

12-21-17 Yesterday Was A Historical and Memorable Day For Alaska … And The Nation!

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Trump's EPA Could Open Door For Alaska Gold And Copper Mine.  A proposed gold and copper mine in Southwest Alaska is one step closer to becoming a reality this week: On Monday the company behind Pebble Mine announced a new investor. Second big Pebble announcement: Permit application on Friday.  Just days after Northern Dynasty Minerals of Canada announced it had brought on a major partner, the company today says it has final paperwork ready to file for a major permit… Alaska And The Nation Will Now Have ANWR Support For America's New [...]

12-20-17 A Union Hope For An Alaska Gas Export Project

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Stay the course: Alaska LNG project on horizon By Scott Eickholt Citizen Op-Ed, Originally Published: Fairbanks News Miner Scott Eickholt, Linkedin Profile The stars are aligned — from the White House, to Alaska’s congressional delegation, to Gov. Bill Walker and the skilled workers of Alaska — all parties are committed to building a project to bring Alaska’s natural gas to market. I see this project not as a burden or drain on the Alaska economy but a way out of the hole. We need new revenue and we [...]

12-19-17 What’s Icing On The Tax Reform Cake?

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Chairman Bishop Addresses ANWR Today, the House approved the conference report on H.R. 1, the “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.” The bill includes language that opens up a small portion of the non-wilderness 1002 area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for responsible energy development. Chairman Rob Bishop issued the following statement: “How do you improve a historic tax cut? I can’t think of a better way than to add the pro-jobs, pro-growth and pro-American energy provisions opening ANWR to responsible development. Senator Murkowski and Rep. Young should be [...]


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Russia Wins in Arctic After U.S. Fails to Kill Giant Gas Project By Jack Farchy and Elena Mazneva Building the $27 billion Yamal liquefied natural gas project meant shipping more than 5 million tons of materials to construct a forest of concrete and steel 600 kilometers north of the Arctic circle, where temperatures can drop to -50 degrees celsius and the sun disappears for two months straight. Yet those challenges weren’t as tough as the U.S. sanctions imposed in 2014, forcing a complete refinancing just as construction was about to start. Jacques [...]

12-13-17 By Not Electing Clinton, Alaska and the Nation Dodged A Mortal Attack On Energy and Other Free Enterprises

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Alaska U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan. Northern Gas Pipelines Photo by Dave Harbour We are grateful to Alaska U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan for spearheading this vital, under-reported hearing.  Now to repeal all aspects of President Obama's unilateral Ocean Policy attack on America! Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard yesterday held an oversight hearing on the National Ocean Policy (NOP), featuring the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Long Island Commercial Fishing Association, and Family Farm Alliance, along with minority witness Kathy Metcalf of [...]

12-8-17 U.S. House Diligently Continues Quest For Rational Natural Resources Policies!

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Representative Rob Bishop, courtesy Civil Services. Today, Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT) issued the following statement in reaction to the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) methane rule delay: “The previous rule was outside the limits of BLM’s authority. It was one of the Obama administration’s half-baked schemes to force responsible energy development off federal lands. Reigning in bad policies to expand American energy strength, grow jobs and increase revenues is more welcome news from Trump administration.” Washington, D.C. – Today, the Subcommittee on Federal Lands held a legislative hearing on [...]

12-7-17 Remembering Pearl Harbor…

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... the week Dad married Mom before transfer to New Guinea as a fighter pilot.... Your author was born 9 months later when Mom had been safely moved to Coleman, Texas to live with my Grand Parents.  One can only imagine the thoughts running through the  minds of the young couple on Sunday morning when the full impact of the attack was known throughout the Islands and President Roosevelt made his famous, "date of Infamy" speech to the joint session of Congress. As we deal with other treacherous foes [...]