3-16-18 Canada’s Energy Wealth Producing Sector Still Under Attack

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Alaska LNG developer says late-2019 EIS for project is fast enough to stay on schedule.  Platts .  "Achieving clarity on the permitting time line is another critical step forward for the project," said Keith Meyer, president of the state-owned Alaska Gasline Development Corp., in a statement. "A draft EIS in March 2019, with availability of a final EIS in December 2019, will allow us to keep Alaska's gas ... Timeline Set for Environmental Study of Alaska LNG Project - U.S. News & World Report FERC to issue draft EIS for Alaska LNG in March 2019 - Interfax Global Energy Agency sets timeline for environmental study [...]

3-15-18 We Comment On Anchorage, Alaska Ballot Measures

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Our Honest Opinion: Anchorage, Alaska Ballot Measures Comment: These voter issues appear on the Municipality Of Anchorage (MOA) April 3 election ballots being distributed this week by mail.  Since some of the measures affect energy companies and those affected by them, we have taken time this week to prepare comments.  Note that this is an opinion page.  While we have HONESTLY dedicated ourselves to being as factual as possible, based on the public information we have reviewed, we do -- as always -- encourage reader involvement.  You can comment [...]

3-8-18 Alberta: Let’s Get With It!

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Alberta: Let's Get With It! Our Alberta Friends: You saw what we said yesterday about Alaska.  Same goes for you.  Onward, for the kids' if not for your own economic salvation!  -dh Braid: The great debate on pipeline unity starts with ... disunity  Calgary Herald.  Alberta Government House Leader Brian Mason tells reporters the first order of business for the spring sitting of the legislature will be a vote by all members of the house on a motion to support the government's efforts to get the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion completed at a press conference in ... [...]

3-7-18 Alaska has a deficit budget and fiscal crisis but pours money into socialized, uneconomic energy projects!

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Government subsidized Fairbanks natural gas scheme plods on... ...with insufficient customer base, insufficient long term gas supply, high cost barriers to fuel oil/gas conversion. This is one of two large,  socialized, Alaska energy projects that politicians continue to subsidize in the midst of a fiscal crisis highlighted by deficit budgets.  Neither the AGDC nor the IEP natural gas projects would now be burning cash if they were controlled by prudent, free market investors.  See references, below.  -dh LNG tank construction a sign of progress for Interior gas project (IEP),  Alaskajournal.com,   Backhoes are back [...]

3-6-18 Stop the LNG madness!

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Alaska's Imprudent LNG Folly Threatens Its Future The Alaska Legislature should stop the madness and funding during this legislative session by Dave Harbour Yesterday, we again made reference to the folly of doing risky, long term business deals with communist China, with whom the United States is still at a state of war on the Korean Peninsula, along with North Korea. Sure, China buys a lot of fish from private, Alaska commercial fishing businesses.  That is far different than an Alaska governor, expropriating the multi-multi-billion dollar Alaska North Slope [...]

3-5-18 Alaska North Slope Gas: Irrelevant and Ignored

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Alaska Senate committee takes up Walker’s bill to retire oil tax credits.  The Senate Resources Committee took up Senate Bill 176, which would have the state sell bonds to pay off the credits, for the first time Feb. 21. Alaska delegation says drilling in ANWR is at least a decade away.  It took roughly four decades for Alaska's congressional delegation to pass a law that would allow drilling in part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)…FERC grants Mat-Su Borough’s request on Port Mac.  The Alaska LNG Project appears to have just [...]

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Vietnamese Immigrant Quang Nguyen Speech at the Prescott Freedom Rally *Authorship and Event Confirmed by "TRUTH OR FICTION* The “Prescott Valley’s Freedom Rally” was organized by a Tea Party group in response to the federal government’s opposition to Arizona’s immigration bill, Senate Bill 1070. The event featured a comedian, a rapper, Tea Party activists and a state representative — but Quang Nguyen stole the show. Quang Nguyen discussed his uncertain journey to America in 1975, his path to becoming a legal U.S. citizen in 1982, and his appreciation for Vietnam [...]

3-3-18 Modern Tale of Two Cities (State/Province)

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AGDC provides permit timelines, answers other questions from Senate.  Petroleum News  The Alaska Gasline Development Corp. has provided answers to questions from Sens. Cathy Giessel and Anna MacKinnon, both Anchorage Republicans, poised following a January update to the Senate Finance and Resources committees. Giessel chairs Senate Resources; MacKinnon co-chairs ... Yedlin: Oilpatch results reflect improving environment.  Calgary Herald Natural gas producers were at the opposite end of that story, however, with constrained pipeline access and a surfeit of supply keeping prices down. Even the severe winter weather wasn't enough to lift natural gas prices, which speaks to the fact the [...]

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US Pipeline Economics Study 2017.  Sourced by the Oil & Gas Journal's Pipeline Economics Report and FERC fillings, this data set captures information on pipeline and compression station constructions costs back to 2000. Additionally the report includes fiscal data for US oil and natural gas pipelines and data on estimated pipeline costs as presented in applications to FERC since 1980 for hundreds of onshore and offshore pipeline projects. Oh, Canada! Varcoe: Alberta job outlook brightens, but pipeline bottlenecks could cost province $9B.  Calgary Herald Albertans will see more jobs created [...]


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Canada Faster growth, stubborn deficits and pipeline constraints: The good and bad news in Alberta's ...  CBC.ca. Going forward, the government estimates the high differential due to pipeline constraints could cost Alberta $10 billion over the next five years in foregone oil and gas investment. The high differential also costs Albertans. In the update, we found out how much. In 2017-18 alone, pipeline constraints and a ...


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Canada $1B upgrader plan aimed at getting Alberta off boom-bust rollercoaster. CBC.ca.  The province says the move away from using diluent, which has to be shipped back from the refineries once the bitumen is upgraded, is also expected to free up 30 per cent more pipeline capacity at a time when bottlenecks are causing Alberta crude to sell at a steep discount on the North American ... Oilpatch investment lured south as US overhauls tax and regulatory regime, industry group says.  CBC.ca.  Canada's energy industry — struggling with pipeline constraints and a costly oil glut — says new American tax [...]


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"...the path to American Energy Dominance starts in Alaska." -RZ Ryan Zinke. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour WASHINGTON – Two senior U.S. Geological Survey officials have stepped down after Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke demanded that they provide his office with confidential data on the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska before it was released to the general public. Murray Hitzman and Larry Meinert – who had served as the agency's associate director for energy and minerals and acting deputy associate director for energy and minerals mission area, [...]

2-17-18 Alaska LNG Planners Are Busy, Busy, Busy, but….

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Alaska gas project bureaucrats are busy, busy, busy. But since the economics are not yet supportive of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) scheme, to what end is the government controlled organization busy?  -dh P.S.  If the economic stars are not aligned for AGDC, why would the Chinese be interested?  Even if the Chinese are interested, what convinces AGDC that China as a long term contract partner, in a multi-tens of billions of dollars project, would be reliable?  Does Alaska's governor plan to use the state's savings account to [...]

2-15-18 BC-Alberta Pipeline Tensions Rise – Let’s Not Forget Alaska Either!

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Danger Stranger by Dave Harbour Why are government officials in Alaska, Alberta and British Columbia so engaged in efforts to control utility/pipeline projects?  A.  Because that's where the money is (Ref: W.H.).  Ratepayers, Taxpayers, Citizens beware the elected elite and bureaucracy! DANGER-STRANGER We urge critical thinking Alaskans to be especially alert to utility/pipeline games.  With declining economy, unions and government workers, some utilities and compliant politicians (i.e. and croney capitalist businesses dependent on the foregoing) will naturally want to keep their constituencies WHOLE at the expense of [...]

2-12-18 We Celebrate Another Great Alaskan’s Life: Ron Bradley

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We pay tribute to another, dearly departed friend: Ron Bradley (Thanks to ADN Obituary Department) In 1913, we celebrated the life of Ron's brother, Rod, with whom we also had a strong, decades long relationship Guest Book "I have such fond memories of both Mr. and Mrs. Bradley!..." - Linda Erickson McClain I added a comment similar to his the Legacy entry: Ron and Peggy and brother Rod were my dear friends. Our Alaska histories were interwoven among life and drama associated with the Alaska Railroad, KTBY, TAPS, [...]