4-5-2022 A Voting Day Message From A Treasured Alaska Philosopher*

(Opinion Column: Letter to the editor) A Voting Day Letter To Critical Thinking Citizens by Glen Biegel Dear Anchoragians (Anchorageites?): Glen Biegel   It's voting day. It's voting day because you really can't vote in person. There are 3 locations to vote: City Hall (hah!), the Loussac library, and the Town Center in Eagle River. Didn't know that, or you plan to stand in a 3+ hour long line on 'voting day' to vote? Ergo, today IS voting day.   The Day of Reckoning *I need your [...]

10-5-2021 America Continues To Evolve Into An Appeasement Country

America Continues To Evolve Into An Appeasement Country “I want it now at someone else’s expense” By Dave Harbour The disturbing trend continues.  Modern generations, particularly this one, want what they want when they want it and they want it NOW.  But only if someone else pays for it.  And who would that be?  It would be someone who cannot vote who can be involuntarily indebted and who would ONLY have to pay interest and not the principle for decades to come.  In short, politicians can appease constituents by [...]

6-21-12 “Welcome to Alaska, John Hofmeister!”

Calgary Herald/CP.  Encana Corp. (TSX:ECA) will invest an additional $600 million this year to significantly increase production of valuable liquids-rich natural gas amid a prolonged downturn in the price of so-called dry gas. Today, House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (NGP Photo) delivered the following statement on the House floor, in support of H.R. 2578, The Conservation and Economic Growth Act – a package of 14 public lands bills that will cut federal red tape, boost economic development, protect the environment, and create American jobs.   Commentary: Yesterday at [...]

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Propane: A Bright Spot In Alaska’s Future

Alaska Dispatch by Amanda Coyne.  ... Propane has the potential to do more than just power your outdoor grill. It can heat Alaska homes, cook Alaskan meals and even fuel Alaskan vehicles, thanks to advances in technology. A company called ROUSCH CleanTech (NGP Photo with Roush executive, Todd Mouw) has delivered a propane fuel-injected carburetor that works even in the coldest North Slope temperatures. And ANGDA has decided to partner up with ROUSH.  Propane-powered vehicles could save Alaskans money while making Alaska air even cleaner. Turns out propane is kind of a [...]

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Roush Executive Sees Alaska Opportunity

 KTUU by Ted Lamb.  Drivetrain-designers Roush CleanTech brought some propane-powered trucks up to Alaska about nine months ago to show folks it could handle the state’s tough conditions.  “The truck and technology came through with flying colors, it worked down to 55-below,” said Todd Mouw (NGP Photo with Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan), vice president of Roush CleanTech.  Mouw has been visiting with state officials and companies that have large fleets of vehicles, promoting his propane trucks. Alaska Dispatch by Austin Baird.  A report  by economists for Wells Fargo released this week finds that Alaska is among 13 [...]

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We Welcome the Alaska Propane Technical Summit: An Economic Bright Spot In Alaska’s Future

After a successful run with propane autogas, key industry members discuss the future of propane autogas on the North Slope of Alaska. Today’s Alaska Propane Technical Summit will host 30 government officials, operational experts representing North Slope companies, and other potential stakeholders to discuss how ROUSH CleanTech’s propane autogas technology can promote job growth and environmental sustainability in Alaska, while turning an underutilized native natural resource into an economic gain.   (NGP Photo: Todd Mouw of Roush CleanTechnologies attending the ANGDA propane conference last spring in Anchorage.)

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Maybe No Big Alaska Projects Are Feasible Without A Robust Oil Pipeline Paying the Freight!

Fred Wilson Thinks Neo-Conservatives Are At the Gates In Canada.   Scroll Down For More on ANS Propane, and See Alaska's New Roush CleanTech Propane Truck! (NGP Photo) At Noon Today, Former University of Alaska President Rallies the Troops For Tax Reform! Commentary: Last Thursday and Friday we heard from Alaskan and Lower 48 entrepreneurs about the growing feasibility of an Alaska North Slope propane wholesale and retail distribution project.  Your author addressed the conference on Friday, noting that a fully functioning Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) and ANS infrastructure [...]

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Propane Conference Could Preview Cheaper Rural Fuel Costs

(HB 110 Passed the House Last Night: 22 Republicans Plus Nome Democrat Neal Foster Voted Yes, While All Other Democrats Plus Kodiak Republican Alan Austerman Voted Against Improving Alaska's Investment Climate.  Now On To The More Stubborn, Pro-Tax Senate.  See Christopher Eshleman's News Miner Report.  See Juneau Empire Editorial, John Meyer.  -dh) Follow-Up Propane Report by Dave Harbour (Original Report Here) Yesterday, representatives of various propane industries throughout the U.S. and Canada met to discuss the potential of a massive Alaska North Slope (ANS) propane extraction and marketing program.  Alaskan representatives [...]

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