4-24-17 Fraser Institute Climate Change Reality Check

Canada’s air cleanest it’s been in 40 years, stricter environmental regulation may unnecessarily harm economy Canada’s air quality has dramatically improved over the past four decades despite significant population and economic growth and increased energy usage, finds Canada's Air Quality Since 1970: An Environmental Success Story.  Read more Our readers will remember what the real goal is of the climate change cabal!  

4-21-17 Arctic (And Other Energy) Conferences!

Yesterday, we advised readers about two upcoming conferences, one in Inuvik, NWT and one in Anchorage.  Below, we alert readers to consider several more!  -dh Enjoy The Kentucky Derby Spirit With An Alaska Railroad Twist! Alaska's Energy and Minerals Sector Could Interface With Other Constituent Businesses In A Great Atmosphere.  Join Us Next Week!  -dh On Friday, April 28, 2017, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce invites our readers to come aboard the Annual Anchorage Chamber Train Ride, held from noon to 4:30 p.m., on the Alaska Railroad passenger train. This [...]

4-20-17 Plan Ahead For Arctic Conferences!

We are sure that our Arctic oil, gas and mining readers will find this conference useful: International Business Conference & Trade Show Sheraton Anchorage Hotel    Alaska's Premier Arctic Business Event Focused Squarely on Trade, Commerce, and Investment in the Region.  Four Ways Your Company Can Participate in  Arctic Ambitions VI Conference & Trade Show    ATTEND THE CONFERENCE This year, the theme of the conference is New Arctic Realities: The Path Forward. With this theme, we will highlight the following areas: transportation, technology and innovation, infrastructure development, natural resource [...]

4-1-17 IT’S APRIL FOOL’S DAY! But the comment below is real.

Alaska Governor Wants Trump to Back LNG Pipeline “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” —Perth, Scotland, 28 May 1948, in Churchill, Europe Unite: Speeches 1947 & 1948 (London: Cassell, 1950), 347. Our commentary:   As an Alaska citizen and federal taxpayer this writer resents and opposes the suggestion by Alaska's governor that public dollars be wasted on his government-owned, socialist LNG pipedream project: in the form of grants, loans or loan guarantees.     Conservatives and liberals alike should be able [...]

3-31-17 Shale is competitive but how about high cost, Alaska Prudhoe Bay and Alberta Oil Sands?

When we read Frost's, The Road Not Taken, neither he nor we know if the path he took was best.   Courtesy: Pinterest Heaven knows we've opined enough on the effect of hostile government policies on the ability of producers in high cost environments to continue producing taxes and royalties for their governments and profits for their shareholders.  We've encouraged northern Alaska state and Canadian provincial governments to spend more time looking outward -- to better understand global competition.  Instead, politicians on both sides of their national boundaries are [...]

3-25-17 Failing to balance the budget, Alaska democrats seek to increase taxes as thousands of private sector employees lose jobs!

Resource Development Council for Alaska alerts citizens to today's hearing For reference see the jim Janson (lynden CEO) speech here re: solve the fiscal crisis! The House Finance Committee will take public testimony on the House Resources Committee Substitute for House Bill 111 (oil tax policy reform) tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at your local Legislative Information Office. Remarks must be concise as testimony will be limited to two minutes. If you are not able to testify in person, please call 844-586-9085 for the call in number to deliver your [...]

3-15-17 Murkowski Prioritizes Energy Infrastructure

Globe & Mail.  Shell left Alaska, now trims Alberta and B.C. investments. Alaska state senators scour budget in hopes of $300M in cuts  Climate bill faces tough sledding in Alaska legislature (See our related Commentary)   Today we also provide our many readers who knew him, an obituary and personal comments about Dennis Hebner, a great friend.  -dh Senator Lisa Murkowski. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour Murkowski: Energy Infrastructure Is Central to Our Way of Life Highlights Critical Role in Making Energy Cleaner, More [...]

2-8-17 The Oil Curse

The Oil Curse: Is It Real? by Dave Harbour Our critical thinking readers can review this book (below), decide, then apply their conclusions to the oil, gas and minerals policies of Alaska and Western Canada (i.e. for starters).   If I were a philosopher prince, a student of Socrates and Plato, I would have absolute power, absolute integrity, a heart of wisdom and charity; and, I would be a good manager of natural resources.   Realizing that both the production and price of resources is volatile, I would carefully husband and [...]

2-3-17 Overtaxing Is As Bad As Overfishing – Also Alaska/Alberta Fiscal Crises

Overtaxing Is As Bad As Overfishing Alaska Journal of Commerce by Andrew Jensen Dating back to before statehood, Alaskans know that overfishing is a bad thing. Stopping overfishing of salmon and regaining control of the resource was in fact one of the driving forces in the effort to become a state. What we know about sustainability of our vast fisheries resources is worth applying to yet another debate over another immense asset — our oil — and the means by which that resource is taxed. Get ready for more [...]

1-26-17 Persily Tells It Like It Is

Judge orders removal of blockade against northern Alberta pipeline construction.   CBC.ca.   Métis protest construction of northern Alberta TransCanada gas pipeline ... CBC News calls to the president of the Chard Métis Society were not ...       Larry Persily, former Alaska gas pipeline federal coordinator. NGP Photo by Dave Harbour. LNG Headlines From Former Alaska Gas Pipeline Federal Coordinator, Larry Persily      Note: we hold Persily in great regard for his diligence and intellectual honesty.  No matter who employs Persily, for the [...]

1-9-17 Honest Energy Folks Should Beware of Socialists

Dear Friends: Our long term readers know that this webpage was born over 15 years ago, when certain special interests sought to demonize some Alaskan and some Canadian energy interests.  One of our secondary goals has been to facilitate greater diplomacy and understanding among citizens of both countries -- in support of both separate and joint energy projects.  Hopefully, the sort of blog entry we have today will lead us ever closer to greater understanding among citizens of the two countries.  -dh   "...because that's where the [...]

12-20-16 Alberta & Alaska Continue Economic Struggles

Varcoe: Alberta's troubling contradiction for 2017: Jobless recovery.   Calgary Herald.  It will be years before pipelines are constructed, oil and natural gas prices are fickle, and producers aren't adding staff after the painful downsizing of ... _______________________ Obama prepares to block sale of new offshore drilling rights in much of U.S. Arctic, Atlantic.   Coming in the waning days of his administration, Obama's move responds to a clamor from environmental activists who have looked for a way to lock in protections before President-elect Donald Trump takes office.  Jennifer A. [...]

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12-17-16 Flyover Canada Favors Pipeline

Varcoe: Despite polarized feelings, more Canadians pleased with Trans Mountain pipeline ...  Calgary Herald Here's a different take on Canada's combustible pipeline debate: More ... Despite polarized feelings over the building of oil pipelines, more people ... of tanker spills, pipeline leaks, increased greenhouse gas emissions and a ... In Calgary, the prime minister should not only be addressing the pro-pipeline ..

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Fred Carmichael, Inuvik, Northern Gas Pipelines Photo by Dave Harbour Arrested Development: For the town of Inuvik, the Mackenzie Valley pipeline was the lifeline that never came Resistance to infrastructure projects – whether they be pipelines, hydro dams, mines or wind turbines – has become commonplace in Canada. But it’s costing us. As part of a four-month investigation, the Financial Post identified as many as 35 projects, worth $129 billion, that have been stalled or cancelled due to opposition from environmental, [...]

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