(Opinion Column: Letter to the editor)

A Voting Day Letter To Critical Thinking Citizens


Glen Biegel

Dear Anchoragians (Anchorageites?):

Glen Biegel

It’s voting day.
It’s voting day because you really can’t vote in person. There are 3 locations to vote: City Hall (hah!), the Loussac library, and the Town Center in Eagle River. Didn’t know that, or you plan to stand in a 3+ hour long line on ‘voting day’ to vote? Ergo, today IS voting day.
The Day of Reckoning
*I need your vote for Anchorage*
No, not for me, but for those who will stand in front of the Monolithic block of leftists that run our City, both on the Assembly and School District. America has always been a country where we welcome diverse opinions, views and cultures. We kept that view of self-determination because we believe in the infinite value of each individual, individual liberty and limited government.
What we see now from the left: Critical Race Theory, Defund the Police, Cancel Culture (you speak out, you lose your job), stopping debate by screaming down opponents (take a look at college campus activities lately?), weak on crime, weak on education, go $67 million over budget for the Anchorage School District, and upending our strong mayoral form of government with liberal Assembly supermajorities.
It’s time to vote. Right now, today, this very minute. We have a good group of common-sense folks running who can help to restore the balanced approach that Anchorage has enjoyed in the past:
Ries and Cox:  School Board Candidates
Cross, Vazques, Henslee, Taylor, Sulte: Assembly Candidates
There’s a fly in the soup!
BTW: if you are a private-sector union member, do you REALLY support leftists candidates? You are for radical environmentalists killing jobs, big-tech controlling speech, mask mandates, travel restrictions, vaccine passports? Well, I guess I never knew you. You don’t think independents, conservatives, and liberty minded-folks are on your side? You couldn’t be more wrong. We ARE your side.
This is not time to shut up, give up, or put up with failure. It’s time to show up.
Vote today.
Glen Biegel
*Glen Biegel is a well-known columnist and radio host   (“Philosopher”, a lover of knowledge and wisdom)

Zelenskiy Addresses U.N.


Today’s outstanding video-confeeence presentation was an emotional but professional description to the United Nations of Russia’s Ukranian invasion. 

President Zelenskiy encouraged removal of Russia from the Security Council if not the U.N. itself, followed by the convening of an investigative body to correctly deliver justice in wake of Russian criminal genocide.  Zelenskiy suggested that if the U.N. cannot take such justified action, perhaps it shoulc consider its own dissolution. 

Aside from the horrendous impact of Russia’s unprovoked attack on its sovereign neighbot, we in the energy idustry are also sensitive to the indirect adverse effects of Russia’s criminal attack on the energy and food industries, specifically– and worldwide economic impacts. 

(Search Internet for impacts on commodoties & services like oil, gas, coal, hydro, alternative energy, ocean and overland transport, grain, fertilizer, cement, minerals, etc.)