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7-28-2022 Celebtate another TAPS anniversary!

"MAKE IT MONDAY" FORUM 2022 TAPS Update with Alyeska Interim President Danika Yeager Monday, August 1 - Noon to 1 pm - Dena'ina Center This is a big year for the Trans Alaska Pipeline System as TAPS celebrates its 45th anniversary of operations and the first flow of Alaska North Slope crude oil from Pump Station 1. The day of this presentation, Aug. 1, marks the date in 1977 when Arco M/V Juneau departed the Valdez Marine Terminal with the first oil delivered through TAPS. Alyeska Interim President Danika [...]

4-5-2022 A Voting Day Message From A Treasured Alaska Philosopher*

(Opinion Column: Letter to the editor) A Voting Day Letter To Critical Thinking Citizens by Glen Biegel Dear Anchoragians (Anchorageites?): Glen Biegel   It's voting day. It's voting day because you really can't vote in person. There are 3 locations to vote: City Hall (hah!), the Loussac library, and the Town Center in Eagle River. Didn't know that, or you plan to stand in a 3+ hour long line on 'voting day' to vote? Ergo, today IS voting day.   The Day of Reckoning *I need your [...]

3-12-16 The Enviro/Industrial/Governmental Cabal Strikes Again!

SATURDAY COMMENTARY NGP Friends: We are amazed at the FERC decision described in the Calgary Herald story below and fail to see a shred of logic justifying it.   Wait a minute!  Actually, we do see the logic.   Rather than letting the investors assume responsibility for obtaining a return of and on their investment, the regulators are using lack of current purchase commitments as a mere excuse to kill the project.   The permit rejection is, therefore, completely consistent with the logic this administration's Enviro / Industrial / Governmental Cabal employs to kill [...]

3-11-16 Nancy Reagan Funeral – TransCanada Pursues Columbia – Alaska State Fiscal Crisis

TransCanada: frustrated by Energy East and Keystone XL Progress, Takes On Columbia Today, Mrs. Nancy Reagan joins her husband, President Ronald Reagan, at the Presidential Library -- that "Shining City On The Hill" Overlooking Simi Valley -- after arriving to rest in repose yesterday. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Fox News: SIMI VALLEY, Calif. –  Nancy Reagan called her husband's presidential library "the shining city on the hill," using a phrase that President Reagan had borrowed from history to describe his aspirations for the nation. Alaska Journal of Commerce, by James [...]

3-10-16 Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis – Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan BREAKING NEWS....ADN by Rashah McChesney.  Alaska Governor Bill Walker (NGP Photo) had a press conference today.  It seems to have been much ado about?  Please enlighten us on what this report means aside from some consolidation and a little elimination of duplication, maybe.  Pardon us if we are confusing "political optics that something is being done to courageously face 'Alaska's Fiscal Crisis'," with something important that is, indeed, being accomplished -- like eliminating one or more of these agencies.  Of course, any action will have to be delayed until a [...]

3-9-16 Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis

Alaska's Fiscal Crisis by Dave Harbour Yesterday, I met with a number of Alaskan friends who are private sector leaders. *     *     * All readers of our news and commentary know that since the turn of the century we have been warning of the perfect fiscal storm preparing to ravage the 49th State. We have described the reasons for Alaska's pending fiscal crisis which have been as clear as "neon painted handwriting on the wall": Today's related Alaska Fiscal Crisis news: ADN, by Alex DeMarban.  (NGP Photo) [...]

3-8-16 Hillary Clinton Opposes U.S. Energy – Commentary For Our Democrat Friends

Today's EIA Release: Short Term Energy Outlook Cliff Notes From Our Mid Atlantic Energy Analyst Friend Frack Nation: ​I wanted to let you know that our FrackNation Facebook page has been attacked by activists leading to two posts being removed and the page being locked for 24 hours.  -​Phelim McAleer (NGP Photo) Commentary For: Energy Industry Democrats If you work in the critically necessary fossil fuel industries, beware.  Is there such thing as a majority of balanced democrats anymore?  Where are the traditional and conservative Southern democrats?  Where are the free enterprise, rule of [...]

3-7-16 Gunfight In The Canadian Corral – And Our Commentary

See today's energy links critical to our readers, courtesy of 1) Consumer Energy Alliance, and 2) Larry Persily, former Alaska gas pipeline Federal Coordinator, and American Energy Alliance. Commentary on  Chris Nelson's Op-Ed Please let our energy decisions be based on a "just and reasonable" standard of merit and logic, not ever-shifting political winds by Dave Harbour How could common sense Americans disagree with Chris Nelson's common sense outrage against Quebec hypocrites and enviro-activist stonewalling of TransCanada's Energy East project?  (i.e. left column) After all, we Americans saw the environmental lobbies on [...]

3-5-16 Canadian Indians Want More From Pipelines

Canada's Federal Government Wasn't "Kind" Enough To First Nations In The Opinion Of This Aboriginal Advocate Of Corporate Welfare! (Readers are welcome to submit a comment re: our commentary below.  We will review and post it.  Sometimes, we even adjust our own positions after evaluating the more advanced thinking of our readers!  -dh)  Our comment.  Canadian law and practice has already established a 'duty to consult' precedent.  That precedent already errs on the side of granting aboriginal groups and persons special advantages -- even to those who don't own pipeline right [...]

3-4-16 A Personal Aubrey McClendon Perspective by Richard Lee Ranger

On Alaska radio 4:30 - 5 today -dh "If the world around us seems increasingly chaotic, you may not be overreacting.  You may simply be sensing signals to become more serious about soul searching, personal planning and decision making."   -dh CBC.  ... debate over the Energy East pipeline becomes more about national unity. More. Yesterday, in a case that means as much to Oil & Gas as it does to other natural resource industries, John Sturgeon (NGP Photo) addressed the RDC breakfast meeting about his case before the U.S. Supreme Court.  See Sturgeon's [...]

3-3-16 Fracking Pioneer Dies In Oklahoma City Car Crash

We are sad to note a report from a reliable source that an important oil industry player is leaving Alaska.  Following a disappointing 4th quarter 2015 net loss of $7.2 billion -- but not necessarily related to it -- Apache Corporation will be leaving Alaska.  Details to follow.  -dh  From Embassy News - Canada - comes this Mackenzie Valley Pipeline update by Marie-Danielle Smith. Former Governor Frank Murkowski (NGP Photo) Suggests "Another Approach" To Providing Alaska North Slope Gas Producers With Fiscal Certainty.  Note: we have always reminded readers that fiscal certainty provided for gas [...]

3-2-16 Don’t Blame “Global Warming/Climate Change” On Alaska Or TransCanada Pipelines!!!

CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT ALASKA'S FAULT Premature Alaska Pipeline/LNG Funding DON'T BLAME PIPELINES FOR CLIMATE CHANGE!!! To Russ Girling, the chief executive of TransCanada, the relationship between pipelines and climate change is clear....  (CBC by Tracy Johnson.) TODAY'S Call To Action: OCS! Today's Consumer Energy Alliance Relevant Energy Links! Juneau Empire Op-Ed, By STEVE BOWHAY Alaskans face some serious challenges that are being overlooked, as we witness the demise of the oil industry. Some of the people who are part of the consensus on climate change want to completely ban the use of fossil fuels because of climate change. If [...]


For our Alaska readers: Here is an important invitation for Thursday: Please join us for the RDC breakfast meeting this Thursday, March 3rd: One Man's Journey to the Supreme Court: Sturgeon v. National Park Service Featuring: John Sturgeon (NGP Photo; see our background piece here) Dena'ina Center, Anchorage        RSVP by calling 907-276-0700 ext. 6  From Our Mid Atlantic Energy Consultant Friend: 1.     Marathon Oil followed the trail of other major oil producers in issuing stock to “strengthen its balance sheet” (and yield to the whip of the credit rating agencies). Make no mistake, Marathon can [...]

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Here Are Today's Oil and Gas News Briefs: From Our friend, Larry Persily (NGP Photo), Former Federal Coordinator, Alaska Gas Pipeline LNG-buyers alliance seeks to expand membership   (Bloomberg; Feb. 26) - Japan's Jera Co. said it's in talks with other LNG buyers to create an alliance accounting for over one-third of global trade. Jera, a joint venture between Tokyo Electric Power and Chubu Electric Power, is seeking to cooperate with Korea Gas and China National Offshore Oil Corp. on liquefied natural gas procurement and investment, said Hiroki Sato, vice [...]

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