Today's EIA Release: Short Term Energy Outlook

Cliff Notes From Our Mid Atlantic Energy Analyst Friend

Phelim McAleer, Frack Nation, Alaska Support industry Alliance, Resource Development Council for Alaska, Envro activists, shut down Facebook Page, Photo by Dave HarbourFrack Nation: ​I wanted to let you know that our FrackNation Facebook page has been attacked by activists leading to two posts being removed and the page being locked for 24 hours.  -​Phelim McAleer (NGP Photo)

Commentary For: Energy Industry Democrats

If you work in the critically necessary fossil fuel industries, beware. 

Is there such thing as a majority of balanced democrats anymore?  Where are the traditional and conservative Southern democrats?  Where are the free enterprise, rule of law democrats who cannot be controlled by the strategy puppeteers?

Yes, the democrat party has left you in favor of activists who are not satisfied with supporting reasonable social programs.  Control of energy is a step away from freedom and toward domination of capitalism.

And they are starting with the most important industry in North America: fossil energy investment and activities.

If you are employed in the fossil industries you know how important you are (See yesterday's editorial).

The Cabal of enviro-industrial-governmental opponents know as well.  They want you gone.  They want to control your business with outright government ownership — as the current governor of Alaska is seeking to do in his state — or by oppressive statutes and regulations that make energy only attractive to governments and their crony business takers of subsidies, grants and exceptional regulatory favors.

So now is the time to fight.  

To fight loss of freedom, you must publicly and proudly disavow the socialist party that has left you and choose independence or an organized party or movement dedicated to protecting your freedom along with the free enterprises which sustain your way of life.

If you don't take action, the democrat activists will overtake and dictate the destiny of your enterprises, family, associates and successors.

On the other hand, if you are an energy employee of a subsidized, grant-receiving, regulatory-favoring alternate energy industry, we can understand your motivation.

You need the "government patron model" to sustain your employer in the luring fields of alternative energy.  For without government tax and political support, your endeavor is uneconomic.

Here is a personal invitation: should you think better of your choice following an exercise in critical thinking, come on over to the side of freedom.

It may hurt or be uncomfortable at first, but freedom is the only sustainable social model — in the energy field or any other.

We hope that as you look back years from now, you will be glad to have decided well.

Best wishes,


P.S. We do have several democrat friends we esteem for other than our political interests.  While we focused this piece on those engaged in energy issues, we wish to restate our oft-stated invitation to hear other opinions.  They may be sent to us, here.

Hillary Clinton: Anti-Fracker

(See Americans Against Fracking)

WSJ.  “Hillary Clinton keeps following Bernie Sanders further to the left, and on Sunday she all but declared herself opposed to America’s shale natural gas revolution,” notes a Journal editorial. At the Democratic debate Ms. Clinton began describing the various circumstances where she would oppose fracking. She then said that “by the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place.” The editorial notes that as secretary of State she promoted the shale revolution overseas but now seeks to deny the benefits to U.S. workers.  

Comment: the Democrats and their constituencies want the end of private fossil fuel investment, economically suicidal as that is.  

Today, it is fracking.

Today and Tomorrow it will be OCS.  

Next week it will be more unattainable air and water quality regulations issued by the EPA under cover of the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts and justified by the the unscientific "proven science" that the climate is changing.  

Or perhaps executive orders creating monuments or expanding "ocean policies" will be the tactic used to shut down more specific private enterprises, including cattle grazing, sustained yield timber management and commercial fishing.

Next month, it will be Democrat controlled state legislatures and regulatory commissions following the Federal lead to render the future potential of fossil fuel wealth production and employment within their borders, illegal.  They will increase existing use of, among other tactics, a scheme known as, "mandatory renewable portfolio standards," to force consumers to pay the higher costs of uneconomic alternative energy sources.

The hope of those devising the death of capitalism is to have government control of energy and other economic affairs of the nation through social — if not actual — ownership.  In this way, only a few free enterprise stragglers or constituencies can exist to vote against socialist candidates and programs.  

Today's commentary becomes, therefore, a sequel of our editorial yesterday.  -dh



Cliff Notes From Our Mid Atlantic Energy Analyst Friend

(The 'cliff notes' below were based on a recent article by energy analyst, Sheetal Nasta.  

They will be of most interest to those engaged in todays gas marketing competition.  

Such cliff notes will be of more minor interest to those struggling toward FID for big LNG projects throughout the Alaska, Canada and the Lower 48.  

However, while today's weather variables may be less important than others, it is probably valuable for honest, government decision makers to better appreciate how important various metrics are in energy decision making.   

For proponents trying to anticipate futuristic markets, supply, demand, world economics and local tax/regulatory policy, the challenges must indeed seem unfathomable.  

This is precisely why LNG export states and provinces exhibiting the greatest degree of and commitment to good faith, fair dealing and fiscal sustainability now will have an advantage over less reliable, industry-unfriendly, poorly disciplined and financially unstable, competing areas.    -dh)

·        The amount left in storage is way ahead of normal at this point in the calendar, about even with 2012

·        The weather and other demand is not likely to change things much between now and April

·        We are producing about 10B/day more than 2012, but demand has not kept up.

·        2012 got bailed out by hot weather and coal/gas fuel switching during the summer

·        The fuel switching will not be nearly as available this year

·        There will be some variables in demand, especially exports to LNG and to Mexico this year

·        There might also be some decline in production, but it should not be considered reliable

·        The biggest savior this year, if it comes, should be from weather

·        If the La Nina (see Thursday about the weather forecast) does come, it is possible that weather will once again ride to the rescue

·        Gas prices should stay under pressure at least until the end of spring, to get a better handle on the weather situation

·        The best that can be expected, absent any other catalyst, is that the US does not get all the way to full storage prior to early November



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