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2-25-16 Connecting Strategic Dots Among Alaska’s Major Investors

Our friend Steve Borrel (NGP Photo) observes that: "The article below underscores the desire of Japan to obtain mineral resources from Alaska and other destinations that do not require travel through the areas shown in this article."   We would add that other Asian allies of the U.S. could also find their interest in Alaska -- and the Canadian west coast energy and minerals markets -- more inviting.   Offsetting this potential, growing interest, however, is increased competition from other natural resource areas, lower current demand for commodities, as well as Japan's [...]

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Petroleum News Alaska: Relevant Links Two-year Nikiski LNG extension; DOE approves continuing export - 02/14/2016 (Login to read Full story) The Department of Energy has approved a request from ConocoPhillips for a two-year extension to the license for the export of liquefied natural gas from the LNG terminal at Nikiski, on the Cook Inlet coast of the Kenai Peninsula. The license, which had been due to expire on Feb. 18 of this year, now.... Conoco exploring in NPR-A with program in Greater Mooses Tooth - 02/14/2016 (Login to read Full story) ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. is planning [...]

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Point of personal privilege.  Our shall miss our friend, Max Gruenberg, who passed away today in Juneau, Alaska.  -dh Governor Walker Lowers Flags in Honor of Representative Max Gruenberg February 14, 2016 JUNEAU—Governor Bill Walker today mourned the passing of Representative Max Gruenberg. “This is a significant loss for all of Alaska,” Governor Walker said. “Max has been a steady and respected voice in the legislature. Donna and I are covering his loved ones with prayer during this very difficult time.” Rep. Gruenberg is survived by his wife, Kayla Epstein, his sons and [...]

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February 14, 2016 FROM OUR CUENCA, ECUADOR FRIEND, FORMERLY OF HARRISBURG, PA., EDDIE THE EXPAT #17 (Prepared 2-12-16) Hi gang! I had planned to write this sooner but I had computer problems and had to have the tech come to the apartment to lay his healing hands on the machine. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my fan club for all the cards, letters and emails that I received in 2015. I am astounded that one person can compose so much! I hope your holidays went well: New [...]

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2-13-16 Gas Pipeline Angst?

    youralaskalink Juneau Report: Gasline Angst, Slimming the Legislature, Moving Public Services to Private Sector youralaskalink Marty Rutherfurd, the Governor's chief negotiator on the Alaska LNG Pipeline, has publicly expressed that negotiations haven't been easy between the ...

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2-12-16 Credit Worthiness Downgrades Affect Public & Private Sectors

For Alaska Legislators: see this relevant note today from a long-time Alaska friend and colleague, Terry Brady (NGP Photo). From Akheadlamp.com. Alaska House suspended action on all bills not related to the State budget.  Credit Worthiness Downgrades Affect Public & Private Sectors   by   Dave Harbour   We have covered Alaska's deteriorating credit worthiness as judged by rating agency analysts.   New York, February 11, 2016 -- Moody's Investors Service (Moody's) concluded rating reviews on 11 Ba-rated US exploration and production (E&P) companies. Moody's confirmed three companies' ratings, and downgraded [...]

2-11-16 Supreme Court Reins In EPA On Carbon Dictates

TODAY'S Gas and LNG Pricing Comments From Our Aussie Energy Expert   Mining.com.  The IEA just came out with their monthly report... headline - grabbing sentence that they had in there was that oil markets might "drown" in over-supply due to rising inventories.  Oil & Gas Journal Report Applies to Alaska and Canada: “Given the cost of restarting production, many producers will continue to take the loss in the hope of a rebound in prices,” says Robert Plummer, WoodMac vice-president of investment research....​  (How long can this possibly go on, we [...]

2-10-16 More Evidence: Alaska Can Learn From Canada

Comment: On Monday, as well as Last week we wrote of how Canada's liberal Alberta and Federal governments are communicating positively with the Canadian oil industry -- about ways of providing the investors and the economy with support during this low oil price environment.   We continue this theme below by appreciating today's Globe & Mail Op-Ed by former Alberta Premier James Prentice (NGP Photo).  -dh Jim Prentice lives in Calgary and is a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center’s Canada Institute in Washington. His book Canada, Energy and the Environment will be [...]

2-9-16 Announcing Calgary Conference

See EIA's "Short Term" Energy Outlook Released A Few Minutes Ago! Alaska House To Consider Only Budget Legislation Until Budget Is Passed, Re: Alaska Fiscal Crisis!  ADN by Nathanial Herz. Senator Lisa Murkowski  Makes Kenai LNG Facility Announcement Today! "Hot Off The Press HERE": U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today released a report prepared by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) raising key questions about President Obama’s proposal to levy a new $10-per-barrel tax on oil. *   *   *  Also see this House Resources Committee statement, just released! Having Chaired the Calgary O&G Symposium when the Alaska overland and [...]

2-8-16 We prefer good news but cannot ignore reality….

Alaskans Have Not Found Common Ground With Industry In the Midst of Fiscal Crisis -- But Canadians Are Getting There We prefer good news but cannot ignore reality....  Below is a comment from a longtime Kenai Peninsula, Alaska reader.  It refers to our commentary last Friday.  Perhaps a good way to start the week, absent wonderful news, is to consider what steps must be taken to create good news.  After all, isn't the first step in a 12 step recovery program simply to admit fault?  -dh From our Mid-Atlantic energy [...]

2-5-16 Can Alaska And Washington Learn From Alberta and Ottawa?

Can Alaska And Washington Learn From Alberta and Ottawa? Yes.  But Are They Likely To Learn.  No. 1.  Calgary Herald by James Wood.  As Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Notley hosted a roundtable meeting (Video) in his first visit to Calgary since becoming prime minister, he told a group of top energy executives the government wanted to hear ways Ottawa “can be a better partner in helping you through this difficult time.” 2.  Alaska Headlamp.  ... Rep. Mike Hawker, asked why Governor Bill Walker wants the Legislature to completely reverse its tax credit policy. A Senate working [...]

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