Comment: On Monday, as well as Last week we wrote of how Canada's liberal Alberta and Federal governments are communicating positively with the Canadian oil industry — about ways of providing the investors and the economy with support during this low oil price environment.  

James Prentice, new book, energy, Photo by Dave Harbour, Wilson Center, Harper Colllins, Globe & MailWe continue this theme below by appreciating today's Globe & Mail Op-Ed by former Alberta Premier James Prentice (NGP Photo).  -dh

Jim Prentice lives in Calgary and is a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center’s Canada Institute in Washington. His book Canada, Energy and the Environment will be published by Harper Collins.

It is encouraging to see some early signs that Canada’s new governments understand that export pipelines are vital to Canada’s economic future.

Canada is one of the world’s largest exporters of crude oil. We produce four million barrels of oil a day and export three million barrels of it. We are also the world’s fourth-largest exporter of natural gas.

Sadly, we are not a global presence when it comes to our energy resources. Canadian governments play checkers, while others play chess.   More here….  (Don't feel bad, Jim; Alaska's administration, like the White House, is still resisting the rules of checkers and denying the principles of Economics 101. -dh)