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2-3-16 “Should Alaska ‘Control’ Natural Resources?”

Why Shouldn't The State Take Control of Oil & Gas and Other Natural Resources? U.S. News & World Report: Alaska's Oil Taxes We're not saying Alaskan politicians are beginning to control everything.  However, controlling oil and gas is a big step toward socialism and controlling a gas export project (and a municipal distribution project) are decisive first steps in that direction.  Alaska became great because of a free market, not because of dictator-governors who wanted to, "fundamentally change Alaska's freedoms".   dh     (Photo: Alaska Governor Bill Walker) Today's Commentary:  "This is big" [...]

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2-2-16 Remembering and Treasuring the Dearly Departed: Chuck Hawley

Old Friend: For over four decades I never knew you to be other than dedicated to reasonable but robust resource development, consistent with the theme of Alaska's Constitution and the Statehood Act. I will always treasure your wisdom, Chuck, your friendship, honesty and tireless dedication to the Great Land. -dh  Charles C. Hawley October 23, 1929 to January 14, 2016 On January 14, 2016, Alaska lost a great. Charles (Chuck) C. Hawley was a loving husband, father, geologist, musician, pilot, historian, teacher, author, and, for decades, leader of Alaskan policy and [...]

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2-1-16 My Pipe Dream At Any Cost?

My Pipe Dream At Any Cost? by Dave Harbour First: An Auction Story You have been waiting for the big auction and this is the day. The most famous artist in your great land created an oil painting decades ago that happened to feature the big black and white husky which begat the great, great, great, great, great grandson which fathered your constant companion, "Jake". Your emotional attachment to the estate sale painting of that famous sled dog sire has captivated your attention for weeks, since the passing of your neighbor and best human [...]

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1-29-16 Climate Change Politics Vs. Energy and Prosperity

CLIMATE CHANGE NARRATIVE EXPOSED (Note to today's email alert readers.  A good friend wrote, "Why are you 'happy' to report on these stupid events?"  We said we were being facetious but glad it inspired him to write us!  :-)  -dh)   ALERT-ALERT-ALERT In addition to energy-threatening national policies (Column left), citizens must always be alert to dangerous political acts that repel local investment, job creation and overall prosperity.  We would be happy to quote any political party revealing such poor energy leadership.  Today we thank one party and two news [...]

1-28-16 Canada Is Becoming Its Own Worst Economic Enemy … Too!

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, (NGP Photo), today commenced debate on the Senate floor of S. 2012, the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2016. During remarks on the Senate floor, Murkowski highlighted the benefits of the bipartisan.  This is the bill promoted below by Senator Barrasso.  More here, including video! To Export LNG Or Not To Export: The Debate Continues "Own Worst Economic Enemies" Commentary: We have shown on a number of occasions over the years, including this one, that Alaska is often its own worst enemy. Add the U.S. for refusing TransCanada's [...]


Reasons for oil states and provinces to be as competitive as possible.  (Statistics today from our Aussie O&G energy analyst friend) Late last week US independent Southwestern Energy laid off 1,100 staff members - or an incredible 40% of its staff A similar story is being played out with Canadian focused Husky Energy, who is said to be planning a 30% staff reduction in the next few weeks. Oil services giant Schlumberger announced a 15,000 personnel reduction last week.   Also as we noted last week, Shell is to reduce its [...]

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1-26-16 Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis Takes Center Stage, Spotlights Blazing, Audience Cheers and Jeers!

Alaska's Fiscal Crisis Takes Center Stage See Alaska Headlamp today for more on government spending.... Juneau Empire by James Brooks.  John Tichotsky, chief economist for the Tax Division of the Alaska Department of Revenue, told legislators that global oil production outpaced demand by almost 2 million barrels per day in 2015.... by Dave Harbour ​(Note to readers: Please help us assure the accuracy of these archives.  Let us know of any factual additions/corrections needed in any of our news or editorial material and we will initiate immediate changes!) Yes, we know [...]

1-25-16 Alaska Legislative Report On Week 1 – Today Begins Week Two

ALASKANOMICS LEGISLATIVE WEEK 1 REPORT (See Original Here) Here's a chance for our readers to comment on Alaska's Fiscal Crisis, an invitation from Senate President, Kevin Meyer (NGP Photo).  We've commented and hope you will, too!  -dh As Alaska faces an unprecedented budget challenge this year, the Senate Majority would appreciate your feedback in our annual start-of-session survey here: www.alaskasenate.org/poll Your opinions are important to us as we deliberate the issues facing our state.  Thank you  for taking the time to provide your input.    We look forward to hearing your [...]

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1-24-16 Pacific Legal Foundation Update

Pacific Legal Foundation Communication, Current Cases: Thanks Dave. I enjoy reading your NGP alerts and all of us here think about the major issues there.  Thanks for providing a great service! You may have seen that we have two cases accepted at the Supreme Court, including a Clean Water Act challenge.  I know several years ago we had a case in Fairbanks (permafrost = wetlands) against the Corps of Engineers.  In Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes, we represent a Minnesota peat mining business that has been raked over the coals [...]

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1-23-16 Lisa Murkowski On Energy Policy – Sarah Palin On The Donald – DiCaprio And Trudeau

Yesterday was Robert Dillon's (NGP Photo) last day of service to Senator Lisa Murkowski's Senate Energy Committee.  He was thoughtful enough to share his news with regular correspondents and we pass it on, here, for some of you who know Robert well and wish to remain in touch with him.  (Other Murkowski staff changes noted here at APM.)  -dh WASHINGTON, D.C.–In the Weekly Republican Address, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, discusses the Energy Policy Modernization Act, the first broad bipartisan energy legislation to be [...]


Our Aussie energy consultant friend today observes that "The Economist" predictions of today match incorrect predictions of 1999.  Read here.... Our Mid Atlantic energy consultant friend today provides us with, "the best in the way of a positive note that we can come up with to clear the inbox for the weekend." Seeking Alpha.  Ontario Premier Wynne gives tentative backing of TransCanada's (TRP +4.8%) $15.7B Energy East pipeline, offering Alberta Premier Notley some support a day after Montreal-area mayors expressed opposition to Energy East and the Alberta government’s pipeline strategy. In a joint news conference in [...]

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1-21-16 “Our Own Worst Economic Enemy”

Yesterday, we commented on the passing of our dear, respected economist friend (and sometimes friendly antagonist) of almost 50 years, Arlon Tussing (NGP Photo).  Apropos of today's title, he once testified in a way that more liberal readers might have found offensive: Comment: Arlon's wise counsel outlives him as those close to him knew it would.  Often politicians try to solve, with other peoples' wealth, economic problems better left to free enterprise solutions guided by Adam Smith's invisible hand.  -dh Before the Congress succumbs to any renewed yearning for a "National Energy Strategy" to serve [...]

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1-20-16 Supreme Court Hears John Sturgeon’s Case Today

Supreme Court Hears John Sturgeon's Case Today We just learned today of the passing of our longtime friend: Arlon Tussing (NGP Photo).  We thank Dermot Cole for his thoughtful biography and offer a few comments of our own, here.  -dh Juneau Empire by James Brooks.  The state’s budget crisis​... Here is our position on what adults owe the coming generations.   We mention it here, because all policies of oil producing U.S. States and Canadian Provinces revolve around energy production and consumption. ...and, because we detest intergenerational enequity!     [...]

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