10-20-20 Dearly Departed: Jack Roderick

Our longtime friend, Jack Roderick, died Monday.  While he was involved in liberal politics and I supported conservative values, we came together — as friends — around most energy issues. In the early 1970s I worked with Murray, Kraft & Rocket to organize the campaign to combine the Greater Anchorage Borough and City of Anchorage into the new Municipality of Anchorage. I then coordinated the television and print portions of City Mayor George M Sullivan’s successful Municipal Mayoral campaign against Jack who had been serving as Mayor of the Borough. Through [...]

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From the state archives (featuring Lieutenant Governor (Secretary of State) Robert W. (Bob) Ward at the microphone. Note correction and personal note below.  More historical links). Collection Name AMRC. Ward Wells Collection Identifier AMRC-wws-4794-6 Title State of Alaska 23rd oil and gas lease sale. Description Title taken from sign in photograph. View of 23rd oil and gas lease sale for Alaska inside Sydney Laurence Auditorium in Anchorage, Alaska, with map of North Slope area in Alaska on sign in background. Alaska Governor Keith Miller holds microphone, while Alaska Department of [...]

2-12-18 We Celebrate Another Great Alaskan’s Life: Ron Bradley

We pay tribute to another, dearly departed friend: Ron Bradley (Thanks to ADN Obituary Department) In 1913, we celebrated the life of Ron's brother, Rod, with whom we also had a strong, decades long relationship Guest Book "I have such fond memories of both Mr. and Mrs. Bradley!..." - Linda Erickson McClain I added a comment similar to his the Legacy entry: Ron and Peggy and brother Rod were my dear friends. Our Alaska histories were interwoven among life and drama associated with the Alaska Railroad, KTBY, TAPS, [...]

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9-12-16 Father Elliott: Dearly Departed – State Fiscal Crisis & Gas Pipeline Confusion Continue

From Must Read Alaska: FATHER ELLIOTT TAKES HIS LEAVE Beloved to many Alaskans, Father Norman Elliott passed away on Sept. 9, 2016. He was 97. Father Elliott was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II. He was heading to seminary when he joined the Army in 1942, after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Elliott fought the Germans in France, Luxembourg, Germany, and England. In an interview, he said in 2013: “I remember good times, I remember bad times.  I remember times where I barely escaped by the skin [...]

9-5-16 Our Friend, Hugh O’Brian, Leaves A Great Legacy!

Dearest departed: Hugh O'Brian by Dave Harbour One year I served as Chairman of the Hugh O'Brian Youth foundation - Alaska (HOBY). Hugh and his black lab stayed with us -- and our chocolate lab, Jake -- during one of Alaska's Foundation events in the mid-80s. Fully committed to youth leadership training, he would call on a regular basis from his Beverly Hills home to check on our progress developing that year's Alaska program: bringing dozens of rural and urban high school upper class achievers to our Alaska Pacific University venue [...]

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2-2-16 Remembering and Treasuring the Dearly Departed: Chuck Hawley

Old Friend: For over four decades I never knew you to be other than dedicated to reasonable but robust resource development, consistent with the theme of Alaska's Constitution and the Statehood Act. I will always treasure your wisdom, Chuck, your friendship, honesty and tireless dedication to the Great Land. -dh  Charles C. Hawley October 23, 1929 to January 14, 2016 On January 14, 2016, Alaska lost a great. Charles (Chuck) C. Hawley was a loving husband, father, geologist, musician, pilot, historian, teacher, author, and, for decades, leader of Alaskan policy and [...]

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11-24-15 Gas Pipelines and Alaska’s History: From Our NGP Video Reference Library

Northern Gas Pipelines: Video References The United States Government Has Broken Its Statehood Compact With Alaska In So Many Ways That The Economic Survival Of The 49th State Is In Peril! Commentary by Dave Harbour Someday, we will align Alaska gas pipeline historical events with political, social and other major mileposts in the state's history. Included in our sources will be a video produced by the State of Alaska under Governor Wally Hickel's direction (i.e. Broken Promises); and, an important documentary created by legendary Alaska talk show host and commentator, Dan [...]

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