Northern Gas Pipelines: Video References

The United States Government Has Broken Its Statehood Compact With Alaska In So Many Ways That The Economic Survival Of The 49th State Is In Peril!

Commentary by Dave Harbour

Someday, we will align Alaska gas pipeline historical events with political, social and other major mileposts in the state’s history.

Included in our sources will be a video produced by the State of Alaska under Governor Wally Hickel’s direction (i.e. Broken Promises); and, an important documentary created by legendary Alaska talk show host and commentator, Dan Fagan (i.e. Alaska Under Seige).

Today, we add our most recent, political documentary reference, Unpredictable Finishes (i.e. shown in box), by a dedicated Alaskan and good friend, Dorene Lorenz (NGP Photo by Dave Harbour).


(We must add our own documentary, Pioneering, featuring a number of Alaskan influence leaders and pioneers from many sectors of our society.)

In the mid-1980s, Alaska Pacific University Board Chairman Larry Carr and President Glenn Olds, tasked the new Vice President for University Advancement, Dave Harbour, with rejuvenating the somewhat lackluster image of the university.

Harbour undertook several projects to breathe life into a new “Pioneering” theme for Alaska Pacific University, working closely with his board member mentor, Joseph P. Wiley, who was honored in the credits of the Pioneering film with the title, “Executive Producer”.  In addition:

  • The university created the “Pioneering Room” in Grant Hall, a place where the history of Alaska’s non-profit corporation leadership would be maintained for posterity.
  • The university organized the “Pioneer Forum” for Alaska’s pioneering leaders to address lunchtime crowds at the Grant Hall Theater (and be videotaped before their stories were lost).
  • The documentary film called, “Pioneering” would be used at the institution’s main fundraising event to be called the “Pioneer Banquet”. The Admissions office could use outtakes of the film for recruiting and Harbour’s office created public service announcements which ran on television stations across Alaska. Harbour hired Bradley Advertising, in which he had served over a decade earlier as public affairs director, to coordinate elements of the film. He recruited the documentary’s interview subjects, all personal friends. Steve Minor, responsible for updating the YouTube film shown here, was co-owner Rod Bradley’s choice to handle the account. Seattle’s creative film and audio production genius, John Strachan, formerly of Anchorage, was chosen to provide post-production editing and effects under the supervision of Harbour, and account manager Minor. The result was hauntingly descriptive of Alaska’s pioneering history, beginning with the opening harmonica mood and pictorial history flashbacks. Students, professors, board members, administrators, and community leaders were all delighted with the final result. The film was the hit of the annual fundraising banquet which set a fundraising record for the university. We now are delighted to invite you to enjoy, “Pioneering”. We only ask viewers to be forgiving with the slight loss of audio and video qualities over the years and simply appreciate the excitement and pride experienced by viewers of the day.     Featured in the film are the following.  We would add that most of the older individuals below had passed away by this 11-19-19 update, perhaps illustrating the importance of documenting history before those creating it are gone.  Without such poignant documentation, how can this or future generations fully appreciate the determination, loyalty and work ethic required to create and maintain a free civilization?  Accordingly, one hopes that someone reading and absorbing this message might play a critical role in documenting the positive aspects of our country’s future accomplishments and growth.    -dh