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Seeking Alpha:  Enbridge and TransCanada seen as winners from Alberta's carbon policy


Governor Bill Walker's Response To Tesoro Alaska's Announcement

Comment: "On Being Positive"

This ADN piece (Left column) by Nathaniel Herz provides additional insight into the attitude and leadership style of Alaska's governor. 

Al Bolea, gas pipeline, LNG, BP, Governor, Alaska, Photo by Dave HarbourReaders will be interested, as well, in this compelling essay on gubernatorial leadership written by retired BP pipeline executive, Al Bolea (NGP Photo).

At times, we have lamented on how our work these days tends to fall on the negative side.  We are, therefore, delighted that Al has produced such a positive piece, the blueprint for an Alaskan governor desiring to successfully run the large and complex State of Alaska – and provide the necessary leadership that could lead to construction of an Ak-LNG project.

Meanwhile, we continue to look for positive signs that Alaska's investment climate is positively supported by both Alaska's elected leaders and the Washington D.C. players.

While we are forced to note that ours is an investment climate long ignored or abused, and that may seem to some to reflect negativity on our part, there are rays of hope and Bolea has offered one of them.

Tom Brennan, Anchorage Daily Planet, ARCO, Snowflake Rebellion, TAPS, ConocoPhillips, Mooses Tooth, Bears Tooth, Photo by Dave HarbourAnother occurred this weekend when a dear friend and former colleague, Tom Brennan (NGP Photo), described the enormous contribution being made by ConocoPhillips under the leadership of longtime Joe Marushack, ConocoPhillips, Alaska North Slope, LNG, gas pipeline, Photo by Dave HarbourAlaska energy executive Joe Marushack (NGP Photo).

…other rays of hope and light which we are quick to acknowledge.

While we celebrate "hope" in approaching Thanksgiving Day, we are also reminded of the sage advice given by a longtime friend, energy analyst and utility manager Joe Griffith, CEA, MEA, MOA, analyst, US Air Force, Alaska, Photo by Dave HarbourJoe Griffith (NGP Photo) who gently reminds fellow Alaskans that, "Hope is not a strategy", a precept to which we believe Al Bolea and Joe Marushack would also subscribe.

To our American readers: Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Thursday!  

(And…remember the reason for the season!)


ADN by Nathaniel Herz. Larry Persily, Alaska gas pipeline, LNG, federal coordinator, Dave Harbour Photo … Larry Persily (NGP Photo), the former federal gas pipeline coordinator who now serves as an oil and gas adviser to the Kenai Peninsula Borough mayor, said that a new executive with more technical expertise and experience seems to match Walker’s vision for an expanded role for Alaska in the pipeline project.

But the shakeup in the corporation’s board and management, he added, is creating turmoil for the project. So are other recent changes made by the Walker administration, including to the positions held by a pair of highly paid consultants who were heading Alaska’s efforts to negotiate the details of the project and sell the state’s gas.

“Markets (and) buyers don’t care for turmoil,” Persily said in a phone interview. “It needs to be settled; the market needs to be reassured that this isn’t going to happen on a frequent basis.”

One other source of uncertainty was a move by the state corporation’s board Saturday to postpone a vote on the pipeline project’s budget for next year.

A key meeting to approve that budget is scheduled with the oil companies for Dec. 4, and the board rescheduled its own vote to Dec. 3.

Walker said at his news conference that he is “very optimistic” that the board will approve the budget at its Dec. 3 meeting. But he said that he views the state’s authority over the budget as leverage to make sure the oil companies sign formal agreements making their gas available to the pipeline project if they decide not to continue as participants.

“By approving the work plan and budget today, there’s no incentive for us to receive those assurances,” he said. “We’ll see what we get. We’ll make that decision when we get to that point.”  (Full story here)


Seeking Alpha: Enbridge, TransCanada seen as winners from Alberta's carbon policy

Analysts are betting that renewable energy developers such as Enbridge (ENB+1.2%) and TransCanada (TRP +1.9%) will be among the best placed to make the shift to Alberta's new carbon policies, Bloomberg reports.

As the government boosts the province’s share of renewable electricity to 30% from 9% by 2030, "renewable power contracts are going to go to the bidder that needs the least amount of government support, developers with most financial flexibility and overall lowest cost of capital” such as ENB and TRP, says National Bank Financial's Patrick Kenny.

The two companies already are among Canada’s largest renewable power operators: ENB owns 2,065 MW of wind power across Canada, enough to power 650K homes, while TRP operates wind, hydro and nuclear plants as part of its 11.8K MW of power generation.



Comment: Honestly, we do keep looking for good news, but in this case must temper the Governor's enthusiasm with a state senator's suspicions.  Investment climates are not hurt when criminal acts are identified and prosecuted.  But when politicians make allegations, stimulating investigations based on a 'desire' for lower prices, honest investors can be hurt and the investment climate is not helped.  -dh     

Bill Wielechowski, Senator, Refinery Prices, investigation, Flint Hills, Tesoro, Photo by Dave HarbourToday (From September 9, 2015), Senator Bill Wielechowski (NGP Photo) sent a letter to Alaska Governor Bill Walker and Attorney General Craig Richards requesting an update of the Attorney General’s report on Alaska Petroleum Products Pricing Investigation to examine the reasons behind the high gas prices in Alaska as compared to the lower 48 states.

“One of the benefits of low oil prices should be a decrease in prices for gasoline and heating fuel. That’s the case around the country,” said Sen. Wielechowski. “With the closing of the Flint Hills refinery, we’ve been seeing a narrowing of the players in the refinery industry in Alaska allowing for less and less competition. Alaskans deserve to know if the near-monopoly in the refining business in Alaska is the cause for their pain at the pump.”

Currently, Alaska has the highest gas prices in the country. These high prices coupled with the high cost of living in Alaska is hampering economic development and taking money out of the pockets of hard-working Alaskans.

Governor Bill Walker's Response To Tesoro Alaska's Announcement


Governor Bill Walker, Tesoro, Refinery, Investigation, Pricing, Photo by Dave Harbour“I congratulate Tesoro on its announcement that the company will be acquiring a portion of Flint Hills Resources’ Alaska-based assets. Tesoro has had a long and successful history working in our state, and this acquisition will allow them to better serve their customers and communities across Alaska. This news further proves that business is alive and well in Alaska, and investors are optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead in our state.” – Governor Bill Walker

 Here is our archive reference to the Resource Development Council for Alaska's 36th Annual

November 18-19, 2015
Dena'ina Civic & Convention Center

Conference Program (pdf)



Eye-Opener Breakfast in Exhibit Area – Sponsored by Wells Fargo

Opening Remarks 
Ralph Samuels, RDC President, Vice President, Government and Community Relations – Alaska, Holland America Group

State of Alaska Update: From Alaska LNG Project to State Fiscal Plan 
Governor Bill Walker (video forthcoming)

Alaska Economic Trends: 2016 Outlook 
Neal Fried, Economist, Alaska Department of Labor video

Alaska Industry 2015 Year in Review and 2016 Outlook 
Oil & Gas: Kara Moriarty, President and CEO, Alaska Oil and Gas Association video
Fisheries: Ricky Gease, Executive Director, Kenai Sportfishing Association pdf video
Forestry: John Sturgeon, President, Koncor Forest Products video
Mining: Karen Matthias, Managing Consultant, Council of Alaska Producers pdf video
Tourism: Scott Habberstad, Director of Sales and Community Marketing, Alaska Airlines pdf video

Gourmet Break – Sponsored by ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. ConocoPhillips Alaska: Positioning for the Future 
Joe Marushack, President, ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. pdf video

Global LNG Market Update and Framing the Opportunity for Alaska 
Damian Bilbao, Director, Business Development, Alaska LNG, BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. pdf video

Networking Break

Keynote Luncheon: Sponsored by Northrim Bank
It’s Still North to the Future: Moving Ahead in the Arctic

Wayne Westlake, President and CEO, NANA Regional Corporation pdf video
Rex Rock Sr., Chairman and President, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation video

Alaska Can’t Quit Now: Why the Arctic Still Matters 
Randall Luthi, President, National Ocean Industries Association video

Marine Freight Transportation: Safety and Environmental Stewardship 
Lynn Muench, Senior Vice President for Regional Advocacy Pacific Region, American Waterways Operators pdf

What Alaskans Need to Know About Federal Overreach 
William Kovacs, Senior Vice President, Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce pdf video

Gourmet Break – Sponsored by Colville, Inc. 

Pebble vs. EPA: Finally Some Real Progress 
Tom Collier, CEO, Pebble Partnership video

Point Thomson: Dawn of a New Era 
Gina Dickerson, Point Thomson Project Manager, ExxonMobil pdf video


Eye-Opener Breakfast in Exhibit Area – Sponsored by BP

Real Solutions to Alaska’s Budget Crunch 
Moderator: Ralph Samuels, RDC President, Vice President, Government and Community Relations – Alaska, Holland America Group 
Cheryl Frasca, Former Director State of Alaska Office of Management and Budget, 2002-2006 pdf video
Mike Navarre, Mayor, Kenai Peninsula Borough pdf video

Give the State Some Credit: How Oil Tax Credits Are Changing Alaska’s Investment Game 
Moderator: Kara Moriarty, RDC Executive Committee, President and CEO, Alaska Oil and Gas Association Benjamin Johnson, President, BlueCrest Energy, Inc. pdf video
Casey Sullivan, Director, State Public Affairs, Caelus Energy Alaska, LLC pdf video 

Hilcorp: Boosting Efficiency and Production in Alaska 
Greg Lalicker, President, Hilcorp pdf video

Gourmet Break – Sponsored by Stoel Rives LLP 

10:30 Communities and Mining: Why it Works 
Moderator: Lorna Shaw, RDC Vice President, External Affairs Manager, Sumitomo Metal Mining Pogo LLC 
Eric Hill, General Manager, Kinross – Fort Knox Mine pdf video
Jan Trigg, Manager, Community Relations and Government Affairs, Coeur Alaska – Kensington Gold Minepdf video
Wayne Hall, Manager, Community and Public Relations, Teck pdf video
Rosie Barr, Vice President, Lands, NANA Regional Corporation pdf video

11:30 Networking Break 

Noon Keynote Luncheon: Sponsored by Holland America Line Navigating Alaska’s Inside Passage and Policy 
Moderator: Ralph Samuels, RDC President, Vice President, Government and Community Relations – Alaska, Holland America Group 
Linda Springmann, Vice President, Deployment and Tour Marketing, Holland America Line pdf video

1:30 p.m. Progress Report on the Alaska LNG Project 
Moderator: Jeanine St. John, RDC Executive Committee, Vice President, Lynden 
Steve Butt, Senior Project Manager, Alaska LNG Project pdf video
Dan Fauske, President, Alaska Gasline Development Corporation pdf video
Mike Navarre, Mayor, Kenai Peninsula Borough video forthcoming

3:00 Grand Raffle Drawing Send-off Champagne Toast – Sponsored by CLIA Alaska