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Dave Harbour, publisher of Northern Gas Pipelines, is a former Chairman of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, a Commissioner Emeritus of NARUC, NARUC's Official Representative to IOGCC and Vice Chairman of NARUC's Gas Committee. He served as Gas Committee Chairman of the Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners. He also served as commissioner of the Anchorage Bicentennial Commission and the Anchorage Heritage Land Bank Commission.He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree: English, at Colorado State University,p a Master of Science Degree: Communications-Journalism at Murray State University and graduated from Utility Regulatory School for Commissioners at Michigan State University. He served as a Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs at Alaska Pacific University, taught bank marketing classes at the University of Alaska and was an English teacher at Los Alamos High School.Harbour served in ranks of Private - Captain during a 4-year assignment with the Army in Korea, Idaho, Georgia and Fort Meade and received the Meritorious Service Medal among other commendations.Harbour is also a past Chairman of the Alaska Council on Economic Education, the Alaska Oil & Gas Association Government Affairs Committee and the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. He is a past President of the American Bald Eagle Foundation, Consumer Energy Alliance-Alaska and Common Sense for Alaska.He was instrumental in founding the American Bald Eagle Research Foundation, the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, the Downtown Anchorage Association, and Arctic Power.He also served as CEO of several small Alaska organizations, including the Anchorage Parking Authority and Action Security, Inc. Harbour is also Chairman Emeritus of the Alaska Oil & Gas Congress and past President of the Alaska Press Club. His wife, Nancy, is a professional, performing arts administrator and his three boys, Todd, Benjamin and William work in the fields of environmental management, energy marketing and medicine.
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10-18-17 Sage Grouse Alert – Good Carbon, Biofuels, Heads Up Re: Proppant!

Latest Drilling Equipment For Sale! Washington, D.C. – On Wednesday , October 25, 2017 at 10:00 AM in 1324 Longworth House Office Building, the Committee on Natural Resources will hold an oversight hearing titled, “Empowering State Based Management Solutions for Greater Sage Grouse Recovery.” WHAT: Full Committee oversight hearing “Empowering State Based Management Solutions for Greater Sage Grouse Recovery” WHEN: Wednesday, October 25 10:00 AM WHERE: 1324 Longworth House Office Building National It seems the biodiesel bandits have convinced Senator Grassley to hold EPA nominees hostage to protect their mandate. Des Moines [...]

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10-17-17 Let’s Help EPA Right A Wrong, TODAY!

TODAY IS THE DEADLINE FOR COMMENT AND WE SHALL MAKE COMMENTING EASY FOR OUR READERS RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!  -DH Dear Friends: This is about the State of Alaska's right to lease land to the Pebble Partnership for exploration of minerals.  The federal EPA in an unprecedented move, "jumped the gun on the legal process", and acted to deny the lessor of state land an opportunity to present its case -- BEFORE IT HAD EVEN FILED THE FIRST PERMIT TO DEVELOP THE PROJECT!  Regardless of your position of the [...]

10-16-17 Finally, DOI Supports Reasonable Energy (i.e. “wealth”) Development

BSEE director highlights Arctic importance - 10/15/2017 (Login to read Full story) During a visit to Alaska at the beginning of October, Scott Angelle, director of the federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, stressed the importance of the Arctic in the Trump administration's strategy to achieve U.S. energy dominance, according to a press release issued by BSEE. BSE....  

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10-15-17 Normally we don’t….

Normally We Don't... This UN leader's objective: kill capitalism ...promote solicitations.  Today is an exception. We have reported and editorialized extensively on the highly organized socialized movement to destroy capitalism and, in the United States and Canada, our principal economic foundation: fossil fuel exploration, production, transportation, refining, power generation and manufacturing. So today we bring you, below, an unaffiliated advertisement of a good American dedicated to identifying and challenging the socialist onslaught.  As supporters of reasonable resource development, focused on the oil & gas and mining sectors, [...]

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10-14-17 Consumer Energy Alliance Weekend Energy Links

Michael Whatley, Consumer Energy Alliance. Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour. The Grand Island Independent: KXL is a must-have for Nebraska — and its farmers, by Michael Whatley There’s not a lot of options for transporting energy to those who need it, especially farmers. And among the options, only one has a near-perfect safety record and doesn’t divert infrastructure or resources from another industry. That option: pipelines. KOAA-TV – Colorado Springs, CO: Black Hills Energy proposing rate adjustments for customers *Emily  We heard another heated public hearing Wednesday night, as the [...]

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10-13-17 Unhappy Case Histories: Canadians and Americans Can Learn From Each Other

Representative Rob Bishop, courtesy Civil Services. Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced the nomination of Kathleen Hartnett White to chair the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). Chairman Rob Bishop released the following statement: “Kathleen Hartnett White is a great choice to help the administration realign priorities at CEQ. Over the past eight years, this executive office has attempted to use the National Environmental Policy Act as a tool to stonewall any project with a federal nexus. I look forward to working with her on a long overdue streamlining of [...]

10-12-17 Your Northern Energy Update

Warning: Alaska treads troubled economic waters in the middle of a fiscal storm.  Politicians are making the financial crisis worse by creating state subsidies and ratepayer risks.  The story below again reminds us of the Administration's payoff to Interior Alaska supporters via a subsidized Fairbanks gas utility (i.e. when South Central's Enstar customers paid for their own).   Not to mention the otherwise uneconomic Fire Island wind generation project and an infeasible Alaska LNG\pipeline scheme.   Note how two local politicians in the story below are discussing a strategy for squeezing [...]

10-11-17 Chairman Bishop Moves to Reform Antiquities Act Abuse – and – Oh Canada!

Representative Rob Bishop, courtesy Civil Services. Yesterday, we provided a commentary by U.S. House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop on the subject of, "Antiquities Act is a Menace to Constitutional Government, Part I."   Today, we provide his Part II, follow-up commentary along with committee action to cure the Act from future abuse.  Please scroll down.   This commentary also appeared earlier this morning in the Washington Examiner.  -dh Subcommittee Chairmen Respond to Antiquities Act Reform Legislation  TODAY, the Committee will markup H.R. 3990, [...]

10-10-17 STAR DIES … Today, Chairman Bishop Speaks Out On Misuse of Antiquities Act

Star and Albert Whitehead at Fur Rendezvous, Anchorage, 3-3-12. Northern Gas Pipelines photo by Dave Harbour  Hilcorp’s proposed Arctic Ocean oil development gets public review Tuesday. Conservation groups and industry supporters will face off in Anchorage Tuesday night as federal regulators wrap up hearings…. Today, EPA announces, the war on coal is over! Alaska's popular reindeer, Star, dies in owner's arms Antiquities Act is a Menace to Constitutional Government Rep. Rob Bishop, Chairman, U.S. House of Representatives Resources Committee October 10, 2017 Please see our related commentary, [...]


We welcome good news! Liberty oil project bodes well for Alaska It's no secret that Alaska is struggling through an economic recession. Pebble shows first glance at its new mine plans A visual depiction of where Pebble will file a permit for 20 year mining permit to operate. EPA chief says he’ll sign proposed rule on Clean Power Plan withdrawal The head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Monday he would sign a proposed rule on Tuesdaywithdrawing from the Clean Power Plan… TODAY, U.S. House Natural Resoources Committee Chairman [...]

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10-6-17 Friday’s Much Ado About Energy … And Politics!

The Energy World Under President Trump For the energy scholars among us, this Reuters article has it all: from oil & gas to coal, Paris climate change accord, and alternative energy.  While we respect the research and statistics, we could call into question some of the journalism that leans leftward.  With that caveat, it is a piece worth maintaining in our archives and a ready reference for those of you who will be giving speeches in the near future.  We say, "near future" because the energy landscape is constantly [...]


Thought of the day: "Alaska's government-sponsored LNG project need not contend (directly) with Panama Canal issues.  But Alaska faces similar project risks.  Do Alaskan citizens want their government's 'go it alone LNG project' to be subject to enormous project risks?  Do Alaskans want, as their government LNG project proposes, to commit 25% cash/royalty gas equity to a risky, $40-60 billion venture?  Is the risk worth the reward?  Do citizens even know how much the reward will be?"  -dh Gulf of Mexico LNG Shippers Have a $45000-a-Day Problem, Oil & Gas [...]

11-4-17 The importance of commenting

Dear Friends: After nearly a week on a special assignment I now come up for air with a message we often forget. The message is, "Don't forget to offer public comment whether you be Alaskan, Canadian or Lower 48 citizen concerned about national security, prosperity and the Left's focus on socializing North America." With that gentle but firm reminder in place, we heed this message (below) from our friends at the Resource Development Council for Alaska. Alaskans should provide comment or testify at tonight's hearing.  Why?  [...]

9-25-17 (We will be involved in special projects until October 4 but will do our best to post relevant news for the archives and you, until then. -dh)

Gov. Walker proposes head tax to boost state revenue Gov. Bill Walker’s latest proposal for closing the gap between state revenue and spending is a limited tax on payroll wages and self-employment income. State works to formalize method for assessing oil and gas properties Some of the affected parties are raising concerns as state tax assessors are finalizing a methodology for valuing oil and gas properties… If upheld, could these enviro-attacks on American energy signal the end of economic prosperity?  -dh http://euanmearns.com/blowout-week-195/ We actually have two “favorites” this week. [...]

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9-24-17 Good News, Alaska North Slope

Excited over Badami - 09/24/2017 (Full story) Glacier Oil and Gas is excited about the potential of its Badami field on Alaska's North Slope, both in terms of the location of the field and its facilities, and in terms of the Starfish well that the company plans to drill during the coming winter, Carl Giesler, company CEO, told the Alaska Suppor.... Nanushuk, Liberty comment periods extended - 09/24/2017 (Login to read Full story) The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has extended the public comment periods for both the Liberty and Nanushuk projects. The public comment [...]

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