China: “Danger Stranger”

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s socialist (i.e. communist) dictator.

Today as we watch an effort by the Venezuelan people to restore freedom and democracy pursuant to their Constitution, we see China, Russia and Cuba supporting dictator Maduro.  In particular, China is effectively achieving economic control over many developing countries by providing money for projects that cannot be repaid … approved by politicians who benefit today by approving the debt their children must pay.

We know our friends in Ecuador must be both outraged and fearful of the Chinese assault on marine wealth adjacent to the Galapagos Island (i.e. story below).

We are glad the dangerous effort by Alaska’s previous Governor to invite China into Alaska’s energy business appears to be discredited and discarded.

In this light, we urge young Americans who seem so attracted to socialism to réalise that socialism is communism, is Nazism, is dictatorship, is freedom lost, is enslavement of nations.

As parents of our younger generation we warn them now about China’s “socialism” as we once cautioned them about accepting rides from strangers.  “Beware” we said then and repeat now, “DANGER-STRANGER”… as we also pray for Venezuelan freedom!  -dh

Ecuador lodges formal complaint against Chinese fishing fleet near the Galapagos 

President Lenin Moreno met with Chinese Ambassador Chen Guoyou Monday to lodge an official complaint about a large Chinese fishing fleet moored just miles from Galapagos Islands protected waters. Last week, the Ecuadorian navy confirmed the presence of a 245-ship Chinese fleet including fishing, cargo, refrigeration, and processing vessels near the Galapagos marine reserve.

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