TransCanada: frustrated by Energy East and Keystone XL Progress, Takes On Columbia

Today, Mrs. Nancy Reagan joins her husband, President Ronald Reagan, at the Presidential Library — that "Shining City On The Hill" Overlooking Simi Valley — after arriving to rest in repose yesterday.

Fox News: SIMI VALLEY, Calif. –  Nancy Reagan called her husband's presidential library "the shining city on the hill," using a phrase that President Reagan had borrowed from history to describe his aspirations for the nation.

Alaska Journal of Commerce, by James Brooks.  “If you look back at the supplementals, we’re going to go from a $4.9 billion budget coming out of session last year to $5.6 billion,” (State OMB Director Pat Pitney).  So much for frugal Alaska decisively confronting its fiscal crisis.  -dh

Alaska Governor Bill Walker, Fiscal Crisis, glass half full, Dave Harbour PhotoEnergy Wire by Margaret Kriz, E&E — Alaska Gov. Bill Walker (NGP Photo) is an optimist with a "glass-half-full" perspective on life. And that might be exactly what Alaska needs right now as the nation's most petroleum-dependent state copes with rock-bottom oil prices.

Inseparable in life, they will be reunited again on that hilltop, side by side.

The former first lady will be buried beside her "Ronnie" Friday at the library they loved, after being mourned and celebrated by family and hundreds of friends from Hollywood, Washington and beyond in a private service.


TransCanada: frustrated by Energy East and Keystone XL Progress, Takes On Columbia

CBC.  TransCanada is in talks to take over a U.S. pipeline firm, Columbia Pipeline Group Inc., for as much as $10 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.

TransCanada shares were off about three per cent and Columbia shares jumped by 15 per cent after the newspaper — citing unnamed sources familiar with the negotiations — said a deal could be announced in the coming weeks.

Shares in both companies were then briefly halted on their respective stock exchanges once the report came out.

In a statement, Calgary-based TransCanada said, "While we are in discussions regarding a potential transaction with a third party, no agreement has been reached and….  (More)