3-18-18 Historical Day For Alaska Tax History – CANADIAN PIPELINE SHOWDOWN!

Saskatchewan would support Alberta's decision to turn off oil taps CBC.ca.  "If the fuel tanks start to run dry because Premier Notley has turned the tap off, it won't be Saskatchewan filling them up," the premier told CBC Radio's The ... Though Saskatchewan isn't connected to Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline, the delays in getting the $7.4 billion expansion completed are ... Analyst warns British Columbia gas prices could soon hit a record high Calgary Herald (3-20-18 Update) Q. WHAT IS A FAIR SHARE OF OIL TAXATION: THE ETERNAL QUESTION A. fair share of oil taxation is whatever the [...]

3-21-17 Economist Roger Marks Fact Checks Lawyer’s “Fair Share” Cliché (UPDATE)

Calgary Herald by Javier Blax.   Exxon Mobil Corp., Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Chevron Corp., are jumping into American shale with gusto, planning to spend a combined $10 billion this year, up from next to nothing only a few years ago.  (Many Alaskan and Alberta elected officials -- obviously -- have no concept of the principle of worldwide competition for attracting natural resource investment dollars.  -dh) Critical Thinking The end of the Alaska Legislature's 2017, third trimester approaches.  The socialist-leaning House majority has cut off debate on their [...]

3-17-17 State Owes Industry Investors Stability

More coming.... Resource Development Council for Alaska BREAKFAST FORUM SERIES Yesterday's Presentation Breakfast: March 16, 2017 - Dena'ina Center "Fix the Fiscal Problem Now and Don’t Destroy Our Resource Industries" Jim Jansen. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour Jim Jansen, Chairman, Lynden and Co-Chair, KEEP Alaska Competitive Coalition (Video coming) Here is last week's presentation, 3/2/17:    What's Next For Caelus? by Pat Foley, Senior Vice President Alaska Operations, Caelus Energy Alaska LLC Breakfast Packet (pdf) • PowerPoint Slides (pdf)   RDC Breakfast 03-02-17 from Resource Development Council [...]

2-27-17 Politicians attacking taxpayers is nothing new!

Breaking GOOD news HERE:  tax settlement improves investment climate!  North Slope Borough and ExxonMobil Alaska Production Inc. Settle Pt. Thomson Tax Appeals   Wealth takers justify their appetite for tax increases by criticizing wealth producers by Dave Harbour Just last week... ...we reported on how a hostile legislator mistreated a representative of Alaska's largest group of taxpayers.  Here's another take on the politician's hostility and her bias in favor of oil tax increase advocates. Actually, that's no surprise.   History in Alaska and throughout the U.S. and Canada is [...]

2-16-17 Teamster Leader Sets Oil Tax Advocate Straight!

BREAKING NEWS, 2:40 EDT:  TRANS CANADA REFILES FOR KEYSTONE XL ROUTE Posted By RICK BOYLES FOR THE JUNEAU EMPIRE Keeping the oil industry healthy     An observation from educator/philosopher William James came to mind as I watched Robin Brena lecture the House Resources Committee a few days ago on his version of reality. “There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it,” James wrote. Well, Brena repeated the words “fair share” 40 times during his two-hour, 71-slide presentation. In Brena’s mind, “fair share” [...]

2-3-17 Overtaxing Is As Bad As Overfishing – Also Alaska/Alberta Fiscal Crises

Overtaxing Is As Bad As Overfishing Alaska Journal of Commerce by Andrew Jensen Dating back to before statehood, Alaskans know that overfishing is a bad thing. Stopping overfishing of salmon and regaining control of the resource was in fact one of the driving forces in the effort to become a state. What we know about sustainability of our vast fisheries resources is worth applying to yet another debate over another immense asset — our oil — and the means by which that resource is taxed. Get ready for more [...]

11-26-16 Trump’s Interior Department Appointments = Pluses & Minuses

Choosing An Interior Secretary Parnell Sullivan       Cronin Two potential Alaskan picks for Interior Secretary offer both advantages and disadvantages.  Bob Gilliam, below, has used his wealth to support anti-development activism that injures the constitutional guarantee of 'due process'.  Sarah Palin created a predatory oil tax and applied it retroactively, injuring Alaska's investment climate for nearly a decade.  We doubt either has the management capacity to 'drain the swamp' of eco-extremism in the Interior Department.  If an Alaskan is to be chosen, a better choice [...]

10-27-16 Economist Roger Marks Fact Checks Lawyer’s “Fair Share” Cliché

Beware of False Oil Tax Prophets by Dave Harbour Roger Marks, Senior Oil & Gas Economist. Northern Gas Pipelines file photo by Dave Harbour (Scroll down to Ak-Headlamp report for Marks' reference.) Regarding our piece yesterday about one lawyer's advocacy for higher oil industry taxes, we provide (BELOW)  Ak-headlamp's comment today.  We would only add that the lawyer proposes a "fair share" oil tax policy without definition or rational.  He simply opines an assumption that a "fair share" of oil wealth for the bureaucracy should be "one-third of gross"... not one-third [...]

10-25-16 Attorney Joins Lawyer/Governor Bill Walker In Advocating Oil Tax Increase. Fair Or Hypocritical?

Calling for a "fair share" could be -- and in Alaska usually is -- a sign of political hypocrisy This morning's Alaska Dispatch News features another clever Opinion-Editorial by an Alaska lawyer (i.e. for more, see Ak-Headlamp analysis, column right.) who has become one of the largest individual contributors to democrat tax & spend candidates for the Alaska state legislature this election cycle. Recently, in a Neil Cavuto interview, Las Vegas developer Steve Wynn provided an articulate response to the wealth distribution crowd (See video) using the term "fair share" to [...]

6-8-16 Repsol Left Argentina For Alaska — Now Closes Alaska Office!

Another Supreme Court victory by our Pacific Legal Foundation friends -- for private landowners and natural resource developers everywhere.  Congratulations!  -dh An oil and gas tax credit report from Alaska State Senate Natural Resources Committee Chairman, Senator Cathy Giessel June 7, 2016 June 6, 1944 was the turning point in World War II - the D Day offensive, on the beaches of Normandy, against Hitler's German forces in Europe. Alaska State Senate Resources Committee Chairman, Cathy Giessel. NGP file photo by Dave Harbour. Yesterday, June [...]

5-12-16 How The Federal Government Stole Alaska’s Statehood Birthright

Even if the federal government were to restore the natural resource birthright it has stolen from the 49th State, Alaskans would STILL remain challenged.  For when its citizens enjoyed what seemed to be unlimited oil wealth 3-4 decades ago, it taxed more and spent more and more -- until it had developed an unsustainable lifestyle.  So, we do hope that great leadership can free Alaska of the federal overreaching jurisdiction and violations of due process described below.  But then, equally great leadership -- with disciplined citizen support -- must establish sustainable government services [...]

10-18-14 Journal of Commerce’s Andrew Jensen Fact Checks State Senator Bill Wielechowski

Journal of Commerce, 8-7-14, by Andrew Jensen.  If there is one thing Anchorage Democrat Sen. Bill Wielechowski (NGP Photo) is good for, it is providing column material with his reactions to ConocoPhillips earnings reports. This quarter is no different, and he definitely isn’t making the task any more difficult. • “Yesterday ConocoPhillips announced $627 million in 2nd quarter profits from their Alaska operations or nearly $7 million per day from Alaska alone. On an hourly basis that equates to almost $300,000 in profits each and every hour.” So? Here Wielechowski is simply [...]

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4-13-11 Monday, The State Senate President Argued For An Unsustainable Economy, Subsidized By Predatory Taxes…. Tuesday, Senators Agreed On An Unsustainable $3 billion in Capital Spending. Now, Legislators Want A New Building For Themselves

Three Comments: Alaska's Unsustainable Economy Is Based On Predatory Taxes And Wasteful Spending by Dave Harbour (See TransCanada's Newest Edition of "Update Magazine") Comment 1 of 3:  Here's a concept: a gasline can only materialize when the markets call for construction and when investors believe they will make a reasonable return on and of their investments.  Since the three major Alaska North Slope producers are the major potential gas pipeline investors, they must believe that their Alaskan assets are safe from unpredictable expropriation by Alaska through imposition of future, predatory tax policies. [...]

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2-5-10 Thursday in Anchorage was another big day for discussion of taxes and economics 101. Steve Hites and the investment-repelling cruise ship tax for breakfast. Dan Fagan and a blue ribbon panel debate petroleum tax policy over lunch.

  First, See Our Alaska Petroleum Tax Commentary From Yesterday Opinion: Two Tax Events Today Underscore Need for Legislative Action THIS YEAR! By Dave Harbour Yesterday's tax discussions kicked off with a 7:30 a.m. presentation at the Resource Development Council for Alaska (RDC) meeting by Steve Hites (NGP Photo), owner of the Skagway Streetcar Company.  Hites could easily qualify for the national speakers' circuit with his humorous and sardonic touches on history, current events and public policy.  (See speech text and video here.)   Hites recited the history of the Alaska [...]

2-4-2010 “I don’t do vision statements very well.” (Gas Pipeline Federal Coordinator) – We Comment on Legislators’ Criticism of Alliance Effort to Save Alaska

1.  ADN.  On Tuesday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski asked Larry Persily (NGP Photo), the president's nominee to be federal coordinator of the Alaska gas line project, how he would apply his knowledge of oil and gas through a "federal lens." "I just deal in reality," Persily said. "I don't do vision statements very well."  (Commentary:  Good answer, Larry.  Too many are speculating; too few are speaking with restraint based on facts. - dh) Representative Les Gara, Anchorage, Alaska. Northern Gas Pipelines File Photo by Dave Harbour (Added post-publication of story) [...]

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