Dedicated pioneer of Alaska resource education and information, Carl Portman, announces retirement.

Carl Portman, Pioneer Communicator, Alaska Natural Resource Education and InformationPetroleum News Alaska, by Kay Cashman.  The Resource Development Council for Alaska will lose one of its most valuable employees at the end of June, Deputy Director Carl Portman.

Among many other duties, Portman has been responsible for the impressive list of presenters at the association’s conference every November.

Set to retire June 30 after what will be 39 years with RDC, Portman said he will be leaving after the association’s annual meeting.

“I still plan to help out RDC on a volunteer basis, working on the conference and other … issues. I would also like to get involved in other organizations, including Food Bank of Alaska. It’s going to be a challenging adjustment, but I’m ready to give it a shot,” he said.

Here’s how to register for this week’s big RDC conference (Space Permitting)!

Here’s the RDC Conference  Agenda.  The Wednesday oil tax panel at 1:30 p.m., covers the issue we address in our adjacent, right column.  -dh

From Consumer Energy Alliance;

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Glen Biegel

We encourage readers to keep track of a devastating voter initiative now underway in Alaska. 

A selfish special interest group is sponsoring an oil tax increase petition.  Somewhat aggressive “dollar per signature” activists are standing in front of grocery storses and malls around Alaska, easily identified by the clipboards they are holding. 

Like snake oil salesmen of old, the petition peddlers shout at shoppers pleas like,  “sign here to make taxes fair and protect our schools”.   Most well intended citizens walking by are busy and tend to sign without reading the petition language that would, indeed, scare many investors away from Alaska and kill Alaska’s economy. 

As you might guess, one of the major, well-heeled special interests sponsoring the confusing change in state tax law — a lawyer — could benefit from the resulting litigation and potential ‘big money” settlements. 

We’ve dubbed this selfish attack on Alaska’s economy, “BOTAX”.  Read this earlier commentary on the subject by your author and highly respected radio talk show host, Glen Biegel.    -dh

From Must Read Alaska Monday Newsletter


Robin Brena, law partner with former Gov. Bill Walker, has hired Texas Petition Strategies for over $43,000 to collect signatures for his oil tax hike initiative (“Vote Yes for Our Fair Share”) his group wants to put on the ballot this year. The out-of-state signature collectors need more than 28,500 valid signatures by Jan. 21….  More on that later….