11-17-19 Another Oil Tax Debate?!

Another oil tax debate: With a ballot measure effort advancing, the Legislature needs to hold hearings

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Alaskans might be in for another epic debate about … Frank Murkowski as part of his effort to get a North Slope natural gas pipeline built. … A new governor arrived in Sarah Palin at the end of 2006 and oil taxes …

Ultimate Adventure Heads to Alaska for the 20th Anniversary of the Legendary Event

This 800-mile-long pipeline transports crude oil from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez. … bridge crosses the river on the eastern edge of Denali National Park.

Opinion: Green energy will gut more than the oil market


Oil workers are not the only people who will lose their jobs if we try to replace fossil fuels with so-called “green energy.” Coal miners, pipe layers, natural gas workers and people in related industries will also suffer. But it will go much deeper than that.

American blue-collar workers in manufacturing jobs, who have been enjoying a historic boom under President Trump, will likely lose their jobs due to higher energy prices and manufacturing costs. Manufacturing is energy intensive. That means low-cost, reliable energy is essential to manufacturing and blue-collar jobs.


Glen Biegel

We encourage readers to keep track of a devastating voter initiative now underway in Alaska.  A selfish special interest group is sponsoring an oil tax increase petition.  Somewhat aggressive “dollar per signature” activists are standing in front of grocery storses and malls around Alaska, easily identified by the clipboards they are holding.  Like snake oil salesmen of old, they’ll shout at shoppers pleas like,  “sign here to make taxes fair and protect our schools”.   Most well intended citizens walking by are busy and tend to sign without reading the petition language that would, indeed, sccare many investors away from Alaska and kill Alaska’s economy.  As you might guess, one of the major, well-heeled special interests sponsoring the confusing change in state tax law — lawyers — would benefit from the resulting litigation and potential ‘big money” settlements.  We’ve dubbed this selfish attack on Alaska’s economy, “BOTAX”.  Read this earlier commentary on the subject by your author and highly respected radio talk show host, Glen Biegel.    -dh

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