America Continues To Evolve Into An Appeasement Country

“I want it now at someone else’s expense”


Dave Harbour

The disturbing trend continues.  Modern generations, particularly this one, want what they want when they want it and they want it NOW.  But only if someone else pays for it.  And who would that be?  It would be someone who cannot vote who can be involuntarily indebted and who would ONLY have to pay interest and not the principle for decades to come. 

In short, politicians can appease constituents by giving them things that will cause greater indebtedness for their non-voting children and grandchildren.  Trouble is, for the first time in history, this generation is gambling with trillion dollar numbers, numbers that truly can never be repaid and which will certainly cause an the financial default of a faultless, future generation.

In an October 6, 2021 Fox Business Network interview, GM CEO Mary Barra sought Congressional support in the proposed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, for charging stations, and EV tax credits in the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, “…so we have a level playing field”… with traditional gas engine autos.  “GM is transitioning from an auto manufacturer to a platform innovator.”  (But, obviously, not without taxpayer subsidies to transfer auto costs from wealthy car purchasers to hapless, future, non-voting taxpayers…because, oh my gosh, “we mean well, we want it now and Congress must appease us!”)

Using this logic, Barra would have supported the federal government, early in the last century, providing taxpayer funded gas stations for Henry Ford’s new vehicles and a tax credit for their purchase, and a national highway system in the pre-WWI America so that, “Congress would provide cars with a level playing field so that cars could successfully compete against horses and horse drawn carriages.”

We hope that the Business Roundtable, U.S. and local chambers of commerce, trade organizations and citizens of faith and principle will recognize the national risk, rise up and begin to vigorously oppose such federal government intervention and appeasement for one at the expense of another.

True Cost Of Electric Vehicle Fuel

Why don’t fossil fuel companies help educate consumers to the true realities of the misleaading green movement?


Edmunds asks, “What if a gallon of gasoline cost $3 at breakfast, was free at lunch, bumped up to $8 in the afternoon but was only $2 in the middle of the night”  Welcome to the world of charging up plug-in vehicles.”

Maybe buyers remorse would follow E-Car purchases when one considers the limited range, lack of fueling stations, cost of home electricity bills, decreased electric grid certainty, and the reality that the E-car is created mostly from fossil fuel mining, manufacture, transportation, distribution, and marketing.

We would encourage fellow citizens to carefully study this webpage, especially: scientists, consumers who evaluate costs against benefits, taxpayers who depend upon the government to act reasonably — and green proponents who seek the truth about their advocacy.