Open Letter To Alaska’s U.S. Senators

Is this what Alaska’s U.S. Senators want for their state and country? If so, we believe they will be joining the Dems to support porky infrastructure and socialized reconciliation.  This is not like past times when pork was routinely incorporated into legislation, but not mortally injurious to the Nation’s future.  This time could come to be known as, “The End Game”.  And maybe that outcome will be determined by Alaska’s two Senators. -dh

(Note: We believe that wasteful spending and rising socialism resulting in debilitating federal totalitarianism could totally defeat the robust U.S. economy built during the four-year period ending last January.  This week or soon, the U.S. Senate will likely make final decisions regarding two dangerous bills (i.e. Infrastructure Pork Bill and Reconciliation Socialism Bill).    The two could forever injure and perhaps mortally wound the great American Constitutional Experiment that has resulted in what has long been known as the “American Dream”.  Increased taxes on energy and inflationary prices impacting every citizen as energy consumers will inevitably and immediately result from the passage of the two bills like the lava that this week flows from the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano.  While we count on two Senators from Alaska, a “red” state, to vote against both measures, both have expressed support of the infrastructure bill (i.e. that is more pork than infrastructure) based on the tempting $ millions it contains for their own special interest constituencies. Since the national debt, now approaching $30 trillion would grow from the passage of either or both bills, we hope Alaskans will convey their support to Senators for ignoring a tempting pork dinner their constituents will devour at the expense of our non-voting children.  -dh)

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Dear Senator Murkowski and Senator Sullivan:

You may find my editorial on Intergenerational Inequity useful as you contemplate your position on reconciliation and so-called infrastructure legislation issues facing you this week.  
Passage of these pork-heavy bills are misnamed and lead to national socialism, debilitating inflation, a crippled economy, incentivized illegal immigration, weakened national defense, greater federal control over sovereign states, and this Congress’ legacy to your and my children of an eradicated American Dream.

U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski

I have seen both of your rationales for supporting the mostly non-infrastructure, infrastructure bill and find your positions benefit constituents at the expense of our country’s survival.  (A pure infrastructure bill, under other circumstances, might be justified. Your decision to support democrats in support of the porky infrastructure bill gives dem strategists the ability to use that bill to tempt moderate Dems and liberal republicans to also support the totally indefensible reconciliation bill–particularly if, as Speaker Pelosi demands, the one is tied to the other.)

Please reconsider, do what I know you believe, deep down, to be right, and join fellow Republican Senators in the noble quest to save our nation from the Socialists’ “final solution” threatening this and future generations.
My friends and colleagues appreciate Senator Sullivan’s brilliant performance in this week’s hearings. But oversight of DoD’s and Biden’s miserable Afghanistan performance does not compare with the disastrous magnitude of the Infrastructure and reconciliation Trojan Horses.
Yours Sincerely,
Dave Harbour
Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines
Commissioner Emeritus, NARUC
Chaireman Emeritus, Alaska Oil & Gas Congress

Commentary: Will Might Make Right?

by Dave Harbour

Congressional action in the adjacent column, by itself, is reason enough to predict the end of freedom in the United States. 

But on top of the Democrat-controlled Congress and President Biden’s other initiatives, this week’s infrastructure and reconciliation bills, as written, would pound final nails into the American republic’s coffin.

  1. Encouragement of illegal immigration will overload national, state, and local health, welfare, law enforcement, cultural and economic systems.
  2. Irrational and dumbfounding foreign policy is emboldening our adversaries and rejecting long-time allied relationships.
  3. Anti-free-enterprise Executive Orders have eliminated America’s energy independence and erased hundreds of thousands of current and future energy jobs and wealth-producing private and public revenues.
  4. Anti-free-market policies rationalized by incoherent pandemic policies have impoverished conservative wealth and tax-producing constituencies.
  5. Divisive racial policies are corrupting American companies, educational institutions, military doctrine, and other foundations of a free country’s culture.
  6. Unequal treatment under the law in which liberals in power protect their own law-breakers while intimidating taxpayers and political enemies.
  7. And so much more…

Naive fellow citizens question, “How can our leaders enact such negative policies?”

Critical thinkers have followed the money and powerful incentives for such dangerous activities and have found those trails leading to community organizers like George Soros, Barak Obama, the Euro-American Climate Change Cabal, crony capitalists, election disruptors, and the ever dedicated minority of communist and socialist coalitions led by puppet masters and enabled by millions of useful idiots who have traded critical thinking and freedom for prospects of power and lifelong government employment and support systems.  Needless to say, the CCP has moral and possible blackmail control over the White House along with ubiquitous influence over U.S. college students, corporate supply chains, and even vital pharmaceutical and critical mineral sources.

So here we are, wondering if, in this modern era, it will be found that, “Right Makes Might or Might Makes Right”.