I love electric battery power. You couldn’t separate me from my electric lawn mower, leaf blower, grass trimmer and drills!

But I caution my friends about big “alternate energy” schemes designed to benefit the promoter, not the consumer.

The article below lays out some often neglected disadvantages of EV ownership.

One might also consider that an electric vehicle could routinely use as much electricity as a home. It usually charges at night when everyone is home washing, cleaning, cooking & heating/cooling the home.

If the local utility (California, for example) depends on solar power during this high use, night time, where’s the juice to come from? What if a utility depends on wind energy—even when wind generators malfunction or the wind dies down? Wyoming used to provide plenty of reliable, back up electricity from coal fired plants. But Cali doesn’t want electricity even from “clean coal” plants. It doesn’t want more dependable nuclear energy. And it doesn’t want ‘too much” from natural gas-fired generators. Enter BLACKOUTS.

And now #Amazon is spending millions on TV commercials bragging about converting its trucks to battery power that it claims will minimize carbon emissions. (I don’t mind converting to electric in principle, but don’t virtuously claim it will “help” the environment). That claim is questionable when the likelihood of having sufficient future electric supplies for homeowners, businesses and industries WITHOUT MUCH MORE FOSSIL FUEL BACKUP is challenging enough without adding enough electric demand to power great new fleets of private and commercial cars and trucks.

I would support our having all the battery powered toys, trucks, cars, airplanes, drones, boats and tools we could ever want. But let’s avoid hypocracy and also embrace continually improving fossil fuel technology that can ALWAYS be there for us — especially when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

And for heaven’s sake, let’s discourage extremist efforts to shut down off-shore production, ANWR, and fracking. America is the gold standard for environmentally sound natural resource management and we should be courageous and knowledgeable enough to defend it.