Let History Remind Us


Dave Harbour 

Whether we be employed by the oil, mining, transportation, retail, agriculture, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, manufacturing, or ocean industry, we in the free world have one thing in common: freedom.

Freedom enables each of us to explore our talents and dreams with initiative, creativity, dedication, or … not at all.  

Without freedom, a political vacuum invites raw power struggles for control of wealth and sovereignty and even our individual destinies.

Today’s freedom is at risk.  We have borrowed vast trillions via our local, state, and federal governments at the expense of our children who in future years will be expected to pay for our current excesses.  This “transfer of debt” is theft and the name for it is intergenerational inequity.  Our generation votes to accrue benefits at the expense of our children.

Before the children find out how horribly their guardians have treated them, the older generation needs to make sure their children are not in a position to successfully accuse and hold them responsible.


One way for the older generation to control the desire of their children for revenge is to socialize and thoroughly brainwash the populace.  They can achieve this as dictators before them have done: with propaganda, race bating, class warfare.  Today, we are seeing political leaders using some of these techniques in an attempt to retain and further accrue power — with the help of wealthy and influential political organizers.

To be successful, they must restrict our various freedoms:   They must demonize religion and depopulate churches whose role in America has been to protect the ethical, God-given foundations of our republic.  They must create an atmosphere of civil war, with families, communities, and different geographies in conflict.  They must train the young to reject the wisdom and ethic of their elders.  They must transfer some of the overspendings to the young generation in order to seduce them into supporting intergenerational inequity, at their own peril.  They must enact tax, regulatory and faux-environmental policies that favor beneficiaries of government spending at the expense of a shrinking taxpaying majority, that, of course, is easily outvoted.  Gradually, they then begin — faster and faster — to achieve control of k-University education; government agencies;  media, technology, and telecommunications monopolies; large industries dependent on government decisions; the most “flexible” religious denominations and an overall “woke”, politically correct, cancel culture that causes citizens to cower in silence to avoid criticism, intimidation or violence that can have an effect on employment, reputation and community acceptance…and life itself.  To best understand their evil intent, critical thinkers will note that they create names for the patriotic remnant of the United States that more correctly define their own cleaver actions, names like “traitor”,” insurrectionist”, “terrorist”.

Indeed, these are the times that again “try the souls” of Americans as we experienced in the Revolutionary and Civil wars.  

And nothing tries the soul of a parent who sees organized, unpatriotic mobs attacking the very foundations of their nation’s freedoms, at the expense of their children and grandchildren.

For we have seen how in a generation, socialism can take complete control of nations with the support of that nation’s young.  Examples of socialist takeovers are legend, from Germany and the USSR to Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and China.  

Only a year ago, before the current China Virus captured the attention of the world and justified the creation of “lockdown societies”, most Americans thought, “It could never happen here.”

Later in this first month of January 2021, they may well see their fears for freedom’s loss realized.

Their saving grace, however, may well be the intervention of a Loving Creator and the rebirth of ancient souls who risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to defend a young, constitutional republic while rejecting the temptation to silently slip into the shadows of safety as, sunshine soldiers and summertime patriots.