1010, 2020

10-10-20 We love EVs, but let’s be realistic!

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I love electric battery power. You couldn’t separate me from my electric lawn mower, leaf blower, grass trimmer and drills! But I caution my friends about big “alternate energy” schemes designed to benefit the promoter, not the consumer. The article below lays out some often neglected disadvantages of EV ownership. One might also consider that an electric vehicle could routinely [...]

6-9-20 Industry Promotes LNG Professional Accomplishment

TWITTER STRING: Exxon Natural Gas Develops Creative Program to Advance Excellence In LNG Operations ExxonMobil Nat Gas,  @XOM_NatGas.  Nominations for the second-annual Power Play Awards close on June 19! Promote diversity and inclusion in [...]

3-10-20 Obesity A National Security Threat?

The good General says obesity was a national security problem in this 2012 video. His words undoubtedly apply to first responders and new energy industry employees as well.  Note: imagine the challenge today's employers have [...]