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News Wrap: Alaska lucks out with ConocoPhillips; ExxonMobil’s Point Thomson production rising; HEX inks KLU deal; Alaska North Slope oil price disconnects

Petroleum News

The April 19 issue of Petroleum News includes coverage of ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil. Furie, HEX, XCD Energy, Oil Search, Cook Inlet Energy, Glacier Oil and Gas and Hilcorp, all active in Alaska’s oil and gas industry.

Petroleum News

Alaska Gasline Development Corp.

“AGDC: goal private sponsor by year-end” reports that the state entity which is the project sponsor for the Alaska LNG Project, got the final environmental impact statement for the project in March, and is scheduled to receive final approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in June. AGDC’s goal now is to move the project to a private sponsor as Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy made it clear after the final EIS was issued March 6 that the state did not intend to continue as project sponsor.

On the other hand, all news is not happy, either!

Nova Scotia LNG project decision delayed due to market conditions, COVID-19

… about 10 million tonnes of super-cooled liquefied natural gas per year. … s Keystone XL pipeline, which was approved to be built last month after the …

Trudeau announces aid for struggling energy sector, including $1.7B to clean up orphan wells

Orphan oil and gas wells are those abandoned by developers who can’t be … Watch: Scheer says the government has been slow to help oil sector … Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer takes questions from the CBC’s Julie … and to scrap measures the party says are delaying pipeline infrastructure.